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Q. Why did
the cops arrest
the robot?

A. It was
charged with

Q. What do you get if you cross a thought with a light bulb? A. A bright idea!

Q. What
should you
say at
a robot's

Rust in Peace.

Q. How many computer scientists does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. That's a hardware issue!
Q. What do you call a man online who talks dirty without emotion? A. A Cyberman!

Robot Jokes, Tech Bot Puns, A.I. Humor
Tool around with smart bot puns, artificial intelligence humor, and clever mechanical man jokes.

Robotics Jokes, AI Robot Humor, Bot Puns
(Because Automated Robot Humor and Technology Bot Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream At a Joke Factory!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Robotic device jokes, AI humor, mechanized LOLs and botched bot puns ahead.
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Did you hear about the new app that translates "Hello" into any language? It truly is Hi-Tech!

Q. Why was
the bot

A. It suffered from

Q. What do software developers say to Cyberman and everybody else? A. Upgrade, or you will be deleted!

Q. What does the Space Force call the AI that pilots a space craft?
A. A Robonaut.

Q. What happens if you load Microsoft Word into your self-driving car's AI programming?
A. It writes an exhausting autobiography.

Q. What is it called when scientists introduce AI into plants?
A. Robotany.

Q. What is it called when a natural blonde dyes her hair brown?
A. Artificial Intelligence.

Q. Why are there so few good robot jokes?
A. Because AI thinks it's making them up now.

Robot Chat Up Line: Hello hottie, you make my interface GUI.

Q. What was the robot married couple's anniversary in the Fall?
A. 'Cause they were Autumn Mated.

Q. What's the difference between a fault line and a friendly robot?
A. One is a tectonic plate, and the other is a platonic tech.

Q. Why was the robot so angry?
A. 'Cause everybody kept pushing his buttons.

Q. How did the robot go bankrupt?
A. It lost all of its cache.

Q. Why is the robot always so tired when it's home for the night?
A. Because it has a hard drive.

Chat Up a Robot Line: Hey, I've got a case of WD-40 at my place. Wanna get drunk?

Q. Why was the shy robot so embarassed?
A. Because it had hardware and software, but no underwear!

Q. Why did the beta version robot go to the doctor?
A. Because it had a bug.

Q. Why did the robot need to take a quick vacation?
A. It needed to recharge its batteries.

Q. Why was it so hard to convince the stubborn droid that he really was a robot?
A. His mind was made up.

Q. What was engraved on the dead robot's tombstone?
A. Rust In Peace.

Pick-Up a Robot Line: Are you a sex bot? 'Cause I'd like to void your warranty.

Q. What is
a combat
favorite TV

A. Robot Wars.

Did you hear about the new telescope company? Business is looking up!

Q. What do
you call an
AI device
that makes mistakes?

A. A Robotch.

Q. What is a mechanical man's favorite television series?
A. I Robot.

Q. What is the cybernetic mechanical man's favorite Hollywood movie?
A. RoboCop.

Q. What did the robot order at the Tex-Mex restaurant?
A. Silicon Carne.

Q. Which music genre do robots listen to?
A. Heavy metal.

Q. Which musical instrument do robots play best?
A. Cyborgans.

Q. What is an automated worker's favorite dance step?
A. The Robot.

Sex Bot Pick-Up Line: Hey Rob, is that a joystick you're holding, or are you just happy to see me?

Did you hear that scientists have discovered a planet that's entirely populated by robots? Yeah, it's called Mars!

Q. What did the Martian say to the hot new Rover robot in the neighbood?
A. Back that NASA up!

Q. Which aerospace company specializes in landing bots on the Red Planet?
A. Lockheed Martian.

Q. What is the name of the new canine-inspired exploration bot on the Red Planet?
A. Mars Rover.

Earth Robot: Why has Venus been so distant lately?
Mars Robot: She's been under a lot of pressure and has really bad gas.

Q. Why did the robot on Mars suddenly stop what it was doing?
A. Because it just spaced out.

Pick-Up a Robot Line: Hey babe, were you built for Mars exploration? 'Cause your chassis is totally out of this world!

Q. What happens when a mechanical man trips and falls?
A. He lands on his robottom.

Q. What is it called when an android uses cannabis to add AI to its program?
A. Robotany.

Q. How does an AI wolfman introduce itself?
A. I am a were.

AI Point to Ponder: Do female self-replicating robots have a computerus?

Point to Ponder: When AI becomes 10% as smart as the average human, will voters be able to replace congress with just one of them?

AI Sex Bot Pick-Up Line: Hello fellow. Would you like a demo of my multitouch capability upgrade?

Q. Where do lost UFOs and their AI robot occupants end up?
A. Area 52. (Not a joke!)

Is your name Google? You're everything I'm searching for!

Q. What
do you call
a hooker
who's into robotics?

A. An erector.

Q. Why didn't the droid mechanic ever get lonely? A. Because he was always making new friends!

Q. Why do sites use CAPCHA images to detect robots online?
A. 'Cause it takes one to know one.

Q. Why did the online crawl bot go to the doctor?
A. Because it had a virus.

Smart Bots Point to Ponder: If robots can't figure out the letters in a CAPCHA image, how can they safely pilot self-driving vehicles?

Pick-Up a 2008 Web Bot Line: YouTube Myspace, and I'll Google your Yahoo!

Q. Which kind of robot might you find inside the library?
A. A Readbot.

Q. How does a self-replicating robot baby refer to its maker?
A. Da-ta, Da-ta.

Q. How does a droid drink beer?
A. Out of a robottle.

Q. Why couldn't the robot flirt with the attractive waitress at Hooters?
A. Error message read: Failed to establish connection with server.

Q. What do you call an inappropriate robot behavior at Hooters?
A. A wire stripper.

Q. What kind of programming do trans robots run on?
A. Non-binary.

Q. How do you describe a brief sexual encounter with a robot?
A. Nuts and bolts.

Q. Which kind of robot does sex change operations?
A. A trans former.

Q. What do robots do with salsa?
A. They dip in their micro chips.

Pick-Up a Sex Bot Line: Hello. Nice bolts. Wanna screw?

Q. What is BOT short for?
A. 'Cause it's built with little legs.

Q. The sound of which small kitchen appliance scares robots?
A. The electric can opener.

Q. What do biped droids wear when it rains?
A. Ro-boots.

Q. Which kind of droid drives a car?
A. A Roadbot.

Q. How does a robot drive faster?
A. It puts the metal to the pedal.

Q. What is it called when a big robot gulps down a small bot?
A. A mega-bite.

Q. What do you get when you cross a gay robot with a tractor?
A. A trans-farmer.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Hookup Line: So let's roll to my docking station, or yours?

Q. How can
you tell
your date is
a sex bot?

A. She laughs
at your jokes.

Q How many aerospace engineers does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, you know!

Q. Why do
so many
robots inhabit

A. 'Cause

Q. What do you say after a sex bot ejaculates all the way across the room?
A. Tech has come so far.

Q. How can you tell your hookup is a sex bot?
A. He knows where the G spot is, and the R spot, and the D spot 2.

Out of This World Point to Ponder: If Elon Musk discovered an alien sex bot, started dating her and then broke up, would she be his SpaceEX?

Q. What do you call it if you're doing a sex bot from another planet?
A. An inter-spacial relationship.

Today's Future Point to Ponder: If sex robots learn to cook, will women be screwed?

Q. What does a sex bot say while it's getting it on?
A. You really know how to push my buttons.

Q. Who was warehouse robot's secret lover?
A. Ann Droyd.

Q. What was the robot in Norway doing?
A. It Scand-an-avian.

Q. Which robotic device is the epitomy of human ingenuity and laziness?
A. The self-driving trash can.

Q. Why did the comet exploration droid have to go back to robot school?
A. It was getting a little rusty.

Q. Why did the robot need Viagra in 1998?
A. His disk was floppy.

Q. Which kind of robot reads minds?
A. A psy-borg.

Q. Why don't factory assembly line bots ever get lonely?
A. Because they're always making new friends.

Robot Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, are those real, or were you upgraded in Silicone Valley?

Q. Whixh low tech kitchen gadget do robots fear most?
A. A can opener.

Q. Why aren't sex bots into cuddling afterward?
A. They just screw and bolts.

Q. Which kind of robots are engineered to work at Antarctica?
A. Snobots.

Q. Which tool does a high-tech pirate use?
A. A row bot.

Q. What do you call an underwater mexhanical man?
A. Robonaut.

Q. What do you call a teenage robot that full of attitude and angst?
A. A Sigh Borg.

Q. What won't the robot's musical instrument collection ever be complete?
A. It can never have organs.

Q. Which kind of DIY robot behaves like a feline?
A. A Kit Kat.

Q. Which ingredient do robots like in their salad?
A. Ice-borg lettuce.

Pick-Up a Robot Line: Babe, is it hot in here, or did your cooling fan fail?

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