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Q Where do the Borg eat fast food? A. At their local Borger King!
Are you a Cyberman? Because I can't get you out of my mind!
Q. What's the difference between an Atat and a Stormtrooper? A. One's an Imperial Walker and the other is a Walking Imperial!
Q. Why did the Borg cross the road? A. To assimilate the chicken!

Q. Why did the Cyberman cross the road? A. To upgrade the person on the other side!
Q. Why did the Borg cross the road? A. Because it assimilated the chicken!


Borg Jokes, Mr. Data Humor, Sentient Robot Puns
Upgrade to Cybermen laughs, cyborg humor, implant puns and tech-enhanced alien jokes.

Cyborg Jokes, Android Puns, Cybernetics Humor
(Because Super Cyborg Jokes and Bionic Implant Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream For Android Commedians!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Borg jokes, Cyberman humor, Stormtrooper clones, and C-3PO puns ahead.
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The Borg assimilated my henhouse and all I got was this lousy occular implant!Data Asks: Have you rea the book, The Positronic Brain? It's by Anne Droid!Are you a Cyberman? Because I can't get you out of my mind!

Q. What do you get when engineers very quickly make an exact copy of a cybernetic robot?
A. A cyclone.

Q. Why was the shy cyborg so embarassed?
A. Because it had hardware and software, but no underwear!

Cybernetics PC Point to Ponder: If humans make jokes about off-world robots, cyborgs, droids and AI, is that considered spacist?

Q. What do you call a teen with cybernetic implants who's full of attitude and angst?
A. A Sigh Borg.

Pick-Up a Sexy Cyborg Line: Hello. Nice bolts. Wanna screw?

Q. What happens if you pull on Mr. Data's index finger?
A. He expels hydraulic pressure through a usually unnoticed orifice of his anatomy.

Poiniant and Puzzling Point to Ponder Posed by Mr. Data: Why don't Android users use emojis?

Q. How did Commander Data describe the Borg?
A. Cool, calm, and collective.

Q. What did Data say during the Borg attack?
A. Resistance is NOT futile. It is voltage divided by current!

Two droids ran into the bar. OUCH! But, Mr. Data was tall enough to sit on a barstool.

Q. Why are there so few good Doctor Who puns?
A. Because Cybermen keep deleting the jokes with good timing.

Cyberneiic Point to Ponder: Does a pregnant Cyberman say "processing" for nine months?

Q. What does a Whovian say when he's got a chance to snuff out a Cyberman?
A. It's my golden moment!

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Hey there big guy, are you a Cyberman? Because I might want you to take me out tonight!

Q. Which unemployed and homeless cyborg used to work in law enforcement?
A. HoboCop.

Blonde Borgs Have Same Fu!Q. What do you call Stormtroopers playing Monopoly? A. Game of Clones!Q. Why don't the Borg go to prison? A. Because they obey the Lore!

Q. What might you expect if you order a Borg starter kit?
A. Some assimilation required.

Cyborg Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, are those real, or were you upgraded in Silicone Valley?

Blonde Borg Point to Ponder: Are breast implants the most crucial Borg technology innovation?

Q. Which author wrote the sex bot tell- all best-seller?
A. Cy Borgg.

Q. Which kind of robot reads minds?
A. A psy-borg.

Obi Wan Kenobi: Those aren't the droids you're looking for.
Stormtrooper: They R2!

Q. Why did the Stormtrooper buy an iPhone?
A. Because he couldn't find the droid he was looking for.

Q. What's the difference between an ATAT and a Stormtrooper?
A. One's an Imperial walker and the other is a walking Imperial.

Q. Which Star Wars cyborg smells the worst?
A. C-3BO.

C-3PO Chat Up Line: Hello princess, I am the droid you were looking for.

Lore: I was the first Android with unlimited Data!

Q. Which cell phone plan does Dr. Noonien Soong use?
A. The one with unlimited Data.

Q. Which musical instrument do technology-enhanced humanoids play best?
A. Cyborgans.

Q. Where do cyborgs in space like to go phishing?
A. In the Galax Sea!

Sexy Cyborg Pick-Up Line: Hello baby. Would you like a demo of my multi-touch capability upgrade?

Q. What do software developers say to Cyberman and everybody else? A. Upgrade, or you will be deleted!Why did the chicken cross the road? Why is a barnyard fowl crossing a thoroughfare humorous? – Mr. DataQ. What do you call a Stormtrooper in an ice cream truck? A. A Snow Clone!

Q. Why do Cybermen detest autocorreect?
A. Because they prefer deleting mistakes themself.

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Hey honey, you're so perfect, even a Cyberman couldn't upgrade you.

Q. What do Cybermen keep as pets?
A. Metallic silverfish called cyber mats. And, never goldfish!

Q. When did a cyborg man try to get even?
A. In the novel, Revenge of The Cybermen.

Mr. Data Pick Up Line: Do you beleive in love at first optical recognition, or should I ambulate past your present coordinates again?

Q. Why did the chewing gum cross the road in TOS Episode 29?
A. Because it was stuck on Data's boot.

Q. Why did Data's cat cross the road?
A. Spot wanted to chase the chickens on the other side.

Mr. Data Hookup Line: I have no emotions, but I do cuddle afterward.

Q. Why was the Stormtrooper frantically jumping up and down?
A. He stepped on Ant-hillies!

Q. How do senior citizen Stormtroopers get around?
A. Imperial walkers!

Q. Which cyborg do you go to when you need an answer to a galactic question?
A. See-Threepio.

Q. What do you call a sci-fi cyborg that is always angry and in a snit?
A. C-3PO-ed.

Q. How many Sith lords does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. they prefer it a bit on the dark side!7 of 9 Borg Jokes Are Not Funny!Q. What did a Cyberman searh for online? A. Dalek symbols!

Q. What is it called when a group of Stormtroopers plays poker?
A. A Game of Clones.

Q. Which sci-fi cyborg model isn't a he or a she, or is both, or is more than two genders?
A. Cyborg 3 Protocol.

Q. For C-3PO, what is even better than AI?
A. BJ.

Q. What does cyborg model 3PO sport on its feet?
A. Robotoes.

Q. Why did the cyborg go to the doctor?
A. Because it suffered some robo-tics.

Q. How does an android drink beer at the Space Bar?
A. Out of a robottle.

Borg Hookup Line: Red is irrelevant, and so is blue. So, how 'bout you let me assimilate you?

Pick-Up a Hot Cybernetic Date Line: Are you a sex bot? 'Cause I'd like to void your warranty.

Q. What is a Cyberman's favorite computer key?
A. Delete!

A Cyber Doctor Who Point to Ponder: When Cybermen have sex, do they say, "Input, input, input?"

Q. What might a chemist Whovian say to scare a Cyberman away?
A. AU!

Q. How does Cupid deal with a Cyberman on Valentine's Day?
A. He just shoots him with a golden arrow.

Raw data is meaningless, so always cook the results!Q. Wht is the best way to see a Cyberman? A. On television!Did you hear the crew of the Enterprise is getting married? They've engaged the Borg!

Mr. Data: Perhaps this meme was not funny? Perhaps this is why robots should not make up jokes?

Q. What is the favorite poem aboard Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701-D?
A. An Ode to Spot.

Q. What did the Star Trek TNG crew say about Mr. Data's poem, An Ode to Spot?
A. MeWow?

Q. Who was Mr. Data's secret lover?
A. Ayn Droyd.

Cyborg Chat Up Line: My external sensors detected an unusual amount of sexiness in this quadrant.

Q. How does the android who's been programmed with good grammar refer to itself?
A. A droid.

Q. How did the android feel about the idea of having its positronic brain replaced?
A. It was close-minded.

Q. What is Mr. Data's favorite Earth TV series?
A. I Robot.

Galactic Empire News Byte: Did you hear about the new Star Wars movie with an invisible cyborg? It's called C-Thru-PO.

Q. What is C-3PO's favorite Earth television program?
A. Robot Wars.

Q. What is R2-D2's favorite Hollywood cybernetic movie?
A. RoboCop.

Cyborg Factory Point to Ponder: Does a pregnant Cyberman say "processing" for nine months?

Q. Where do lost UFOs and their cyborg occupants end up?
A. Area 52. (Not a joke!)

Q. Ironically, what happens to old Cybermen?
A. They are deleted!

Q. What did Flatulence of Borg say before assimilating his victims?
A. Prepare to pull my finger.

Q. How fast can a Klingon flee when being chased by the Borg?
A. At Worf Speed.

Cyborg Pick-Up Line: Hello baby, yes, I am fully functional and largely anatomically correct.

Q. Which ingredient do robots like in their salad?
A. Ice-borg lettuce.

Q. What is the name of the Borg spreadsheet program?
A. Locutus 1-2-3.

Pick-Up a Russian Cyber-naut Line: Hey baby, how'd you like to be debugged?

Q. How many sci-fi doctors does it take to change a light bulb?
A. None. That's what cyborgs are for.

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