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Aliens in Flying Saucer Say: We're here because it High Day!
How do you organize a galactic party? You Planet!

Green Alien Says: I'm not as think as you stoned I am!


Sci-Fi Bar Jokes and Space Cantina Humor
Toast drunken alien humor, Space Bar jokes, E.T. drinking puns, and spaced out bartender LOLs.

Alien Bar Humor, ET Party Jokes, Space Bar Puns
(Because High Flying Extraterrestrials and Spaced Aliens Could Never Be TOO Mainstream Drunken Enough?)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Alien party animal jokes and baked Time Lord puns ahead at the Space Bar.
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How do you throw a party for an alien? You have to planet!Bartender says: "We don't serve time lords here." Time lord walks into a bar.What does Chewie call Han when he uses weed? A. Han So-High!

Q. Why don't many aliens party at the Mars Bar?
A. They're not feeling much of an atmosphere there.

Q. Which kind of beer do Star Trek TOS and TNG fans prefer?
A. Dos Trekkies.

Q. How do you know you're a true Trekkie?
A. After drinking Romulan ale, you can belch in Vulcan, Klingon, and Romulan without using a universal translator.

E.T. walks into a bar. The bartender serves him and says, "That'll be $3." E.T. puts two dollar bills on the bar and starts walking away. The barkeep shouts, "You're a little short!"

An alien, an astronaut, and a comet walk into a bar. Bartender says, "You're out of this world."

Space Bar Laugh of the Day: Two astronauts walked into a bar, but the little green man behind them missed it.

Q. How do you know you're a true Trekker?
A. You fully appreciate the effects of synthehol, and you've tried to replicate some along with your home brewing.

Q. How can spacemen tell they're traveling at light speed?
A. They can take a bottle of beer out of the refrigerator before the light comes on.

Q. What does a spaced alien say to a bartender when he's ready to take off?
A. Let's Roll! And, I mean Scotch!

Q. What is Darth's stage name when he plays his electric piano at the space bar?
A. The Synth Lord.

R2D2 walks into a bar and says, "!@#$%^&*()*&^%$#@!" The bartender is a Trekkie, so he phasered him.

Sci-Fi Bar Trivia: Captain Kirk seldoms laughs, but when he does, it involves Romulan ale.

Q. How do you know you're a true Trekkie?
A. You can order a drink in Klingon, Ferengi, Klingon and Vulcan.

If the Doctor uses a sonci screw driver, does Jack use a sonic mimosa?Where do Martian drink beer? At a Mars Bar!Q. What does a Dalek say when it's drunk? A. In-tox-ic-ate!

Q. Why do they only serve Stoli in a Jedi bar?
A. Only a Sith deals in Absolut.

Q. Why does Darth Vader like to drink Kahlua while watching Film Noir?
A. It's rather on the dark side.

Q. Which Star Wars character always got sick after imbibing at the Space Bar?
A. Barf Vader.

A sonic screwdriver walks into a bar. The bartender remarks, "Hey we have a drink named after you." The screwdriver replies, "You have a drink named 'Phillip'?"

Q. What is Locutus' favorite Pilsner style beer from Denmark?
A. Carlsborg.

Q. What did Locutus of Borg say at the bar?
A. The name is Borg, James Borg. Gin and vodka martini, shaken; the olive is irrelevant!

When Dr. McCoy finished his examination of Scotty, he said, "I can't find any reason for your stomach pains. Frankly, I think it's due to drinking." Mr. Scott replied, "In that case, I'll come back when you're sober."

Out of This World Sentiment of the Day: Save the Earth! It's the only planet with beer!

Mr. Spock, a rabbit, and a corn stalk walk into a bar. Bartender asks, "You guys want to hear a joke?" They replied, "We're all ears."

Q. Where does an alien aboard a USO go to drown his sorrows?
A. The space bar.

Q. What is the beer limit while watching Star Wars?
A. Only one Peroni.

Short Sci-Fi Laugh of the Day: A little green man walks into a bar hoping to meet someone out of this world...

Q. Where does an alien go for a few drinks? A. The Space Bar!Q. Why didn't the face of Boe go to the party? A. Because he had no body to go with!What did the alien say to the grower? Take me to your weeder!

Q. Why do little space men always turn green when they land on Earth?
A. Turbulence, and beer on St. Patrick's Day!

Spaceman: I'm hungry and thirsty.
Second spaceman: So am I. It must be launch time?

Q. What is Darth Vader's least favorite ale temperature?
A. Luke warm.

Roll of duct tape walks into the space bar. Bartender asks, "What can I get you?" Duct tape says, "I'll just stick to my usual."

Q. What do you get if you cross a weightless space alien and an alcoholic drink popular on Long Island?
A. Gravi-Tea.

Spaced Alien Tip of the Day, Earthman: Alcohol not only expands blood vessels, but also communications.

Q. How can you tell if a Klingon warrior has true honor?
A. After the blood wine is rolled out, he's always the designated driver.

An Ancient Aliens angel walks into a bar hoping to meet someone heavenly.

Q. What should you do if you come across an olive green alien?
A. Wait until it's ripe, unless you're making martinis.

Duct tape rolls into a spacey bar. Bartender asks, "What would you like?" The tape says, "Make it a Scotch."

Q. What time do spaced aliens walk into a tavern?
A. At Launch Time!

Q. What were the spaced aliens doing at the bar until closing time?
A. Preparing for Lift Off.

Two time lords walked into a bar... You'd think they would have seen it?Q. How did ET know he was high? A. He was too phone to stone home!Ain't no party like a time lord party because a time lord party is not bound by typical temporal parameters, so it never stops!

Today's Sci-Fi FYI: Time Lords only drink on days that begin with T. Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow...

A pile of trash walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Hey, didn't I throw you out yesterday?"

Q. How do you know you're a true Trekker?
A. When you find yourself facing a bar fight, you say, "Scotty, Beam Me Up!"

Q. What does Han Solo use to sneak drinks out of the bar?
A. His Cantina.

Q. What happened to the short E.T. after he got baked?
A. He could finally hold his head up high.

Q. What do you call a space alien who never touches alcohol?
A. High and Dry.

Q. Why do little spacemen turn green when they land on planet Earth?
A. Turbulence, and creme de menthe in the drink the grasshopper bartended served him!

Q. What's the difference between E.T. and a man at a sports bar?
A. E.T. phoned home!

Q. How do we know Scotty liked margaritas?
A. 'Cause Jimmy Buffet sang, "Could you beam me somewhere, Mister Scott."

R2D2 walks into a bar and says, "!@#$%^&*()*&^%$#@!"

Two Martians walked into a bar on the moon, but they left after a few minutes because there just wasn't any atmosphere.

A superconductor walks into a bar. Bartender says, "We don't serve superconductors here." The superconductor leaves without putting up any resistance.

Three space alien conspiracy theorists walk into a bar. Don't tell me that's just a coincidence!

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