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Q. Where are bigfoots found? A. they're so big, they're hardly ever lost!
You might be from Colorado if this guy was your last Uber driver!
You might be from Colorado if you've seen this guy skiing on Peak Nine!
You might be from Colorado if you scene Sasquatch!
You might be from Colorado if you've seen this exhibit at the Natural History Museum!
Bigfoot says: You might be from Colorado if you've met the current hide and seek champion!


Sasquatch Jokes, Bigfoot Puns, Yeti Humor
4 Out of 5 squatchers have seen our Bigfoot jokes, Sasquatch puns, Yeti howls and hairy humor.

Bigfoot Jokes, Squatch Humor, Abominable Puns
(Because Funny Bigfoot Sightings Are NOT Mainstream Enough for Squatchers, Yetters, or Abominees!)
Warning: Proceed With Caution! Killer knock jokes, hairy Sasquatch howls, and shadowy Bigfoot puns lurk ahead.
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Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either!Q. How did the yeti feel when he had the flu? A. Abominable!Denver asks: What steps should you take if you think you've seen sasquatch? A. Very large ones!

Q. How does Bigfoot tell time?
A. He looks at his wrist-squatch.

Q. What does Bigfoot do for exercise?
A. Sas-squats!

Q. Why aren't there more Bigfoot jokes?
A. There are, but they're really hard to find!

Q. Which kind of jokes do TV Bigfoot hunters with night vision cameras like best?
A. Knock Knock Jokes!

Q. What did Bigfoot do after he retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department?
A. He became a Night Squatchman.

Q. Why does Bigfoot only leave footprints behind?
A. Sasquatch doesn't leave litter in the great outdoors.

Bigfoot rarely makes an appearance, Yeti showed up to joke around here!

Q. Why do Bigfoots like to tell jokes?
A. Because they're killer comedians.

Q. What is the mating ground of the Abominable Snowman?
A. Loveland Pass, Colorado.

Did you know Bigfoot works as a cop in Denver? Of course not, he's undercover!

Q. Why did the grizzly bear marathon runner quit the race with Bigfoot?
A. 'Cause he couldn't face da feet!

Q. Why doesn't Bigfoot wear clown shoes?
A. Because that would make Sasquatch the most frightening creature on Earth!

Q. How can you tell Sasquatch has a great sense of humor?
A. These Bigfoot jokes are really dumb, Yeti laughs anyway!

Q. If a Sasquatch falls in the woods, does it make a sound?
A. Yes, but only hipsters can hear it, at this time!

Q. Why does Bigfoot prefer being referred to as Sasquatch?
A. Because his big squatch is more remarkable than his big foot is!

Q. Which side of a North American Wood Ape has the most fur?
A. The outside.

Q. Who babysits young Bigfoots?
A. A Sasq-watcher.

You might be from Colorado if you vaguely remember this guy from college!You might be from Colorado if you met this guy at a LoDo bar last weekend!Q. Have you seen Bigfoot? A. Not Yeti!

Q. Where does Bigfoot go for drug or alchohol rehab?
A. To the Yeti Ford Center.

Sasquatch Point to Ponder: Why do most Colorado Bigfoot sightings occur in the High Country?

Q. Why are there so many Bigfoot sightings on Mt. Elbert in Colorado?
A. Because it's in the Sawatch Range.

Q. What is Sasquatch's favorite sport?
A. Bigfootball. Go Broncos!

Q. Why does Sasquatch like to dance?
A. Because he's big footloose and fancy free.

Q. Where does Sasquatch store his stuff while he's out on a hike?
A. In a big footlocker.

Q. When does Bigfoot go all out?
A. Fur special occasions.

Sasquatch Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, I hear you like beards.

Q. What is a Sasquatch's favorite Colorado festival?
A. Frozen Dead Guy Day in Nederland.

Q. What kind of aftershave does Bigfoot wear?
A. Brute!

Q. Why doesn't Bigfoot just wear clown shoes?
A. Because Sasquatch is afraid of clowns!

Q. How does Sasquatch travel so far in one day?
A. He takes big footsteps.

Q. What did Denver CBS 4 News call their story about Bigfoot sightings?
A. Eye Scene Sasquatch.

Q. What does Bigfoot say when he sees campers in sleeping bags?
A. Yum, Hot Pockets!

Q. Why doesn't Bigfoot ever write love poetry?
A. Because nothing rhymes with Sasquatch.

Q. What is a baby sasquatch's favorite toy?
A. His Yeti Bear!

Q. Where does a Sasquatch go to party?
A. Only Bigfoots and hispters know.

Q. How does Sasquatch find his way through the remote woods?
A. He sticks to the big footpath.

You night be from Colorado if you've seen Sasquatch from Lookout Mountain!You might be from Colorado if you'd rather run with the squatch, than run away!You might be from Colorado if you've seen Bigfoot in a driverless beer truck on I25!

Q. Why won't you ever catch sight of a sasquatch on Lookout Mountain?
A. Jeffco Sheriff's Office is looking into that.

Q. What happens when Bigfoot gets lost in the fog?
A. He is mist!

Q. What does Bigfoot do to ensure good luck?
A. He knocks on wood!

Q. What does Bigfoot do to relax in his spare time?
A. He goes bird squatching!

Q. Who is Bigfoot's favorite Star Trek character?
A. B'Elanna Torres. And, he finds all Klingon babes really hot, too!

Q. Where do Yetis go to dance?
A. To a snow ball.

Q. What is Bigfoot's favorite pop song?
A. Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando.

Q. Why are Sasquatches Hairy?
A. Because they're not Tom or Dick.

Q. What is the origin of the language of the Sasquatch?
A. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Q. Why do Bigfoots hide in Colorado?
A. Because all the tourists freak them out.

Q. Who is gay Bigfoot's favorite Star Trek character?
A. Worf. And, he finds all Star Wars Wookiees hot, too!

Q. What excuse did Bigfoot have for abducting a pretty girl?
A. She brought out the beast in me!

Q. Why does Sasquatch always step out on Saturday nights?
A. Because he has big feet.

Q. What do Sasquatches keep as pets?
A. Tribbles.

Bigfoot Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, I hear you like big guys with a hairy chest.

Q. Are sasquatches superstitious?
A. Yes, they always knock on wood!

Q. Why don't Bigfoots celebrate Xmas?
A. Because they don't like to give away their presence.

Q. What do you get when Bigfoot walks in your garden? A. Squash!You might be from Colorado if you've actuallyy seen Bigfoot, in South Partk of all places!You might be from Colorado if you missed this exhibit at the Denver Zoo!

Q. Why did Bigfoot squeeze the lost girl scout to death?
A. Because he had a crush on her!

Q. What is a Yeti's favorite vegetable?
A. Winter squatsh.

Q. Is it possible to scare a squatch out of your yard by tossing eggs at him?
A. Only if you egg-sterminate him.

Q. What is the plural of Sasquatch?
A. They are so rare, even Google doesn't know!

Q. What is Bigfoot's favorite 1990s TV show starring Pamela Anderson?
A. Bay Squatch!

Colorado Point to Ponder: Bigfoot and the moniker Front Range Foothills. Coincidence or not?

Rocky Mountains Point to Ponder: Do native sasquatches resent all of the big new foot paths in Colorado parks?

Local Little-Known Fact of the Day: Did you know Bigfoot works as a cop in Park County? Of course not. He's undercover in the town of South Park!

Q. Whay are Bigfoot sightings so rare in South Park, Colorado?
A. Because the aliens erase your memory there.

Q. How do you know Bigfoot isn't a Denver Broncos' fan?
A. He has not been seen anywhere near Empower Stadium.

Q. Why doesn't Bigfoot play for the Denver Broncos?
A. Because Sasquatch is afraid of clowns!

Q. Why isn't Sasquatch a Denver Broncos fan this year?
A. 'Cause he can't face big da feet!

Q. Where does the Eastern Sasquatch go on vacation?
A. Lake Eerie.

Q. Why do Bigfoots have big nostrils?
A. Because they have big fingers!

Q. Why did the podiatrist relocate to the Pikes Peak region?
A. He heard there were a lot of Bigfoots there.

Q. Which tree monster grows in the forest along with Bigfoot?
A. Frankenpine.

Q. Why did the sasquatch like to hear these jokes?
A. Because Bigfoot doesn't want to myth out on the punch lines.

Q. Where is the best place to find Bigfoot in Colorado?
A. Wherever you left him.

Q. What music do Bigfoots listen to?
A. Rap.

Colorado Point to Ponder: Is it possible that my standoffish nextdoor neighbor is actually a clean-shaven Sasquatch?

Q.Why aren't Bigfoots sighted in Georgetown, Colorado?
A. Too much competition with Big Horn Sheep.

Q. Why did Bigfoot run around Colorado with a piece of raw meat on his head?
A. Some tourist called him a Big Grill-a!

Q. Where do Colorado Bigfoots shop for stylish men's clothing?
A. Kaufman's Big and Tall in Englewood.

Q. Which music genre do Sasquatches like best?
A. Knock 'n Roll.

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