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Vampire Says: Happy Foe Day!
Two blood cells met and fell in love, but it was all in vein!
Motto of the Ghoul's Convention: The Morgue, the Merrier
Q. Who delivers Christmas presents to dogs? A. Santa Paws!


Werewolf Jokes, Howling Humor, Wolfman Puns
Howl along with scary werewolf jokes, hairy funny wolfman puns, and lycanthrope laughs.

Lycan Jokes, Werewolf Puns, Full Moon Humor
(Because Wolfman Jokes and Lycanthrope Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream During a Full Moon in London!)
Warning: Proceed with Do Do Caution! Flea-bitten werewolf jokes, howling humor, and furry funny puns ahead.
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Eddy Munster Says: Mommy, everybody says I look like a werewolf? Oh, sit down and comb your face!Q. Which kind of dog does every vampire own? A. A Bloodhound!Eddie Munster Says: Happy Were's-Day!

Q. How did the werewolf's standup comedy show go?
A. He had the audience howling all night.

Q. Where are the best werewolf movies produced?
A. Howly-Wood.

Q. Which werewolf could escape any trap?
A. Hairy Howldini.

Q. How do you make a werewolf laugh?
A. Tell him some Painful Puns, then give him a funny bone.

Q. What did the werewolf's receptionist say?
A. Howl may I help you?

Q. Why are werewolves scarier than vampires during the full moon?
A. Werewolves have no problem with steaks.

Q. What did the vampire say about the werewolf that ate garlic?
A. His bark is worse than his bite!

Hairy Scary Pick-Up Line: Dang girl, are you a werewolf? 'Cause I'm lycan what I see.

Q. Why did the werewolf chase after the skeleton?
A. 'Cause he had a bone to pick with him.

Q. What do you call a hairy beast in a raincoat?
A. An outre wear-wolf.

Q. Which scary, hairy monster lives by the local dam?
A. The Weir Wolf.

Q. Why did the guy need aspirin after he heard a werewolf howling?
A. Because he got an eerie ache.

Q. What did the witch conjur up when she crossed a werewolf and a sheep?
A. A were-wool.

Q. What do skeptics get when questioning the existence of the werewolf?
A. Who-wolf, what-wolf, when-wolf, how-wolf and why-wolf.

Wolf says: You might be from Colorado if you always dress in lairs!Q. What do moms dress up as on Halloween? A. Mummies!Q. Which era do pothead fossil hounds dig most? A. The Stone Age!

Q. What do you call a big hairy beast that's lost in the forest?
A. A where-wolf.

Q. Why didn't the werewolf cross the road?
A. Because he wasn't a there-wolf.

Q. What does one werewolf bro say to another?
A. Howl's it goin'?

Q. Why didn't the werewolf guy go to the big dance?
A. He wanted to, but the full moon gave him paws...

Q. What did the werewolf YouTuber ask his viewers to do?
A. Lycan subscribe.

Q. What do you call a sleeping werewolf?
A. Unaware-wolf.

Q. When do werewolf cubs go trick or treating?
A. On Howl-O-Ween.

Q. What do you tell a young werewolf at bedtime?
A. A hairy tale.

Q. How do you make a werewolf stew?
A. Give him some weed and leave him waiting for the munchies until the full moon.

Q. Why do werewolves howl at the moon?
A. If you stop to ask that dumb question, you are a goner!

Q. How do you know a werewolf is in your neck of the woods?
A. A little old lady got mutilated last night.

Q. Which classic rock musician is immune to werewolf attack?
A. Warren Zevon.

Chewie Says: Happy Chews Day!The Munsters Say: Wow, It's Sinister Saturday!Vampire Says: Happy Fiend Day!

Q. How is the guy who was bitten by a werewolf doing now?
A. He's lycan it so far.

Q. Why does Jupiter have such a bothersome werewolf problem?
A. Because there are at least 67 moons there.

Q. How does a werewolf sign letters?
A. Best Vicious!

Q. How did the London bobbies know the werewolf did it?
A. He was seen drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's.

Q. Which day of the week makes werewolves howl?
A. MoonDay.

Q. What happened to the wolf that fell into a washing machine?
A. He became a wash-and-wear-wolf.

Q. Why do werewolves make great fiction writers?
A. Because they always have a frightening tail to tell.

Q. Which werewolf had the best makeup and hairstyling in 1981?
A. An American Werewolf in London.

Q. What do you call a werewolf that doesn't know he's a werewolf?
A. An unaware wolf.

Q. Which army is comprised souly of werewolves?
A. The Fur-eign Legion.

Q. Which historical realm had a werewolf army?
A. The Howly Roman Empire.

Q. Why did Londoners suspect the werewolf did it?
A. 'Cause he's the hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent.

Vampire Mouth Says: Looks like another rough Saturday Night!Wolf Says: Welcome to Colorado's High Country! Dogs Welcomed!Mummy Head Says: Happy Fright Day!

Werewolf Pick-Up Line: Woo baby, howl you doin'?

Q. Where does a werewolf get a new tail?
A. At a retail store.

Q. What happened after Chuck Norris was bitten by a werewolf?
A. When the full moon came, the werewolf morphed into Chuck Norris!

Q. What happened when the witch crossed a werewolf and a frog?
A. She conjured a beast that can bite you from the other side of the road.

Q. What do the Irish call a fat werewolf?
A. O'Beast.

Q. When does a werewolf go to bed early?
A. When he's was dog tired!

Q. Why did the wolf learn to meditate?
A. To become an aware-wolf.

Q. What do you call a bunch of werewolves standing in a row outside your office?
A. A deadline.

Q. What do you call a lost werewolf that's dressed as a Wookiee on Halloween?
A. Wear-wolf where-wolf.

Q. Which horror movie was about werewolves that come out at night and tow away everybody's cars?
A. The Hauling.

Q. Why are werewolves considered quick-witted?
A. Because they always joke along with snappy comebacks.

Q. What did the werewolf eat shortly after having his teeth cleaned?
A. The dentist.

Q. What is a werewolf's favorite day of the week?
A. Blue Moonday.

Q. How does a werewolf sign his Christmas cards?
A. Best vicious this season.

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