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Q. What
is an owl's

A. Owl-oween.


Q. Which
kind of owl
in armor?

A. A
Knight Owl.


Q. What kind
of soda pop
do thirsty
owls prefer?

A. Hoot beer.


Owlet Jokes, Hoot Puns, Strigiformes Humor
Swoop in for owl-ful puns, hoo-larious humor, and wise old raptor jokes that are real hoot.

Owl Jokes, Hooter Humor, Wise Owl Puns
(Because Great Horny Owl Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When You're Enjoying the Night at Hooters!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Wise old owl jokes, wide-eyed humor, Great Horned LOLs and owlet puns ahead.
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Q. What Do You Get If You Cross a Donkey with an Owl? A. A Smart Ass That Knows It All!

Q. Which kind
of books
do sleuth
owls enjoy
the most?


Wild Animal Pun: Old owls never die, they just don't give a hoot!

Q. Why don't owls bother to read instruction manuals?
A. 'Cause they just prefer to wing it.

Q. What is it called when a hooter in flight craps on your windshield?
A. A bowl movement.

Q. What do you call a fugitive owl that's about to be apprehended?
A. A Spotted Owl.

Hooting Hookup Line: Hey baby, I've been thinking about you – owl night long...

Great Horned Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, owl you doin'?

Q. What is the most common type of urban owl violence?
A. Drive by hooting.

Q. Why is it hard to trust an owl?
A. 'Cause they tell a lot of false hoots.

Q. Where do owls on a budget like to go shopping?
A. The owlet mall.

Q. Why are owls gregarious birds?
A.'Cause the don't like to be owl alone.

Q. How does a Great Horned bird say goodbye?
A. Owl see you later.

Q. Why didn't the night owl go to the old owl's funeral?
A. 'Cause he wasn't a mourning person.

Q. Why are owl parties always so popular?
A. 'Cause they're a real hoot.

Q. How long do owl parties go on?
A. Owl night long.

Q. What is an owl party called?
A. A hootenanny.

Q. What did the audience say about the standup owl comedian's act?
A. It was a real hoot.

Q. What do
you call
a baby owl

A. A

Q. Wht did one owl say to another? A. Happy Owl-ween!

Q. What do
you call owls
that only
hunt at night?

A. Bedtime

Q. What do they call that owl down at the gym?
A. The Stare Master.

Q. Are Great Horned Owls NFL football fans?
A. Yes. They especially enjoy watching the Superb Owl.

Q. What do Coloradans call it when a new mother Great Horned Owl tries to feed the wrong babies?
A. An on-nest mistake.

Q. Why do young male owls take after their dads?
A. Like feather, like son.

Q. What do you get when you cross a ghoul and an owl?
A. Something that scares people on Halloween and doesn't give a hoot.

Q. Which Colorado craft beer do night owls enjoy?
A. Hop Around the Clock.

Q. What do you get when you cross an owl with a Neanderthal?
A. A Hoo-man.

Great Horned Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, does your daddy have a pet owl? 'Cause you are a real hoot.

Q. What do you say when an owl poops on your car in the church parking lot?
A. Owly sh*t!

Q. What happens when you cross a rooster with an owl?
A. You get a cock that stays up all night.

Q. What do you get when you cross an owl with a skunk?
A. A bird that smells bad and doesn't give a hoot.

Fair Feather Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, I heard you like owls? 'Cause you're gonna love what Owl give you.

Q. Which
kind of owl
has a
low voice?

A. A growl.


Q. What
do you call
a teenage
owl with

A. A scowl.


Q. Which type
of math are
wise old owls
best at?

A. Owl-gebra.

Q. What do you get when you cross an owl with a wolf?
A. A big howl.

Q. What did the owl say to the judge?
A. I'm talon you, I am innocent.

Q. What do you get when you cross an oyster with an owl?
A. Pearls of wisdom.

Q. What is an owl's favorite classic rock band?
A. The Hoo.

Q. Where are dangerous owl criminals incarcerated?
A. Owlcatraz.

Q. How does an owl dry itself after taking a bath?
A. With a towl.

Q. Which Beatles song do owls still dig?
A. Owl You Need Is Love.

Q. What do you call a barn owl that smells really bad?
A. Fowl.

Q. What do you call an owl that always tells everybody else what to do?
A. A know-it-owl.

Q. Why don't owlets study for tests?
A. 'Cause they're really good at winging it.

Q. Which kind of babysitter wears an owl costume?
A. A Hootin' Nanny.

Q. What do owls like for dessert on a hot day?
A. A hoot bear float.

Q. What do
you get
when you
cross an owl
with a cat?

A. Meowls.


Q. What do
you call
a magic owl?

A. HOOdini.


Q. What
happens when
an owl gets
a sore throat?

A. He doesn't
give a hoot.

Q. What do owls like to eat for dessert?
A. Mice cream.

Q. Why did the owl question the Colorado bruin?
A. To get the bear facts.

Q. Why did the barn owl say, "Moo?"
A. 'Cause it was learning a new language.

Q. How long did the owl's bachelor party go on at Hooters?
A. Owl night long.

When you're up hootin' with the owls and you need to move your bowels, is the moment magical? I stink not!

Hoot of a Point to Ponder: What did Barn Owls do before there were barns?

Q. What is the most common owl in London?
A. The TeatOwl, because everybody has a tea towel.

Q. Which British owl travels through time?
A. Doctor Hoo.

Q. What do you get when you cross a marsupial and an owl?
A. A kanga-hoo.

Q. Where do big breasted owls work?
A. Hooters.

Q. Who do you need to be an owl motiff toilet seat for?
A. A wise ass.

Q. What happened after the Great Horned Owls east of Idaho Springs, Colorado figured out the branch wouldn’t hold their nest?
A. Nothing. They weren't going to dwell on it.

Q. Which famous owl was a poetic boxer?
A. Muhammad Owli.

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