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Q. What do you call a lumberjack wolf? A. A Timber Wolf!
Howling Wolf Says: It's Another Wild Saturday Night!
Q. Which magazine does the big bad wolf read? A. Porks Illustrated!
Wolf Says: Fine print is usually a clause of suspicion!


Howling Wolf Jokes, Werewolf Puns, Pack Humor
Bay along with woof-all howl puns, Wolfman LOLs, howl-o-day humor and timber wolf jokes.

Grey Wolf Jokes, Howl Puns, Full Moon Laughs
('Cause Big Bad Wolf Jokes and Unaware Wolf Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream On Howl-idays or Howly Daze!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Hungry wolf jokes, Canidae humor, wild canine howls and wolf scat puns ahead.
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Q. How do wolves greet one another? a. Howl You doin'?
Q. What do dogs say when they see a wolf? a. Woolf! Woolf!
Q. How do wolves eat their food? A. They wolf it down!

Q. What do you call a wolf that doesn't have the slightest clue that he's a werewolf?
A. An unaware wolf.

Q. What kind of humor do wolves really eat up?
A. Woof-all puns.

Q. When does a wolf go to church?
A. On Sundays and howly-days.

Q. What's the second most common male wolf name?
A. Hairy.

Q. Which kind of wolf works for a lunberjack?
A. The Timber Wolf.

Q. What do you call a cabin in Transylvania that turns into a wolf during the full moon?
A. A were-house.

Q. What does a wolf do before heading off to work for the day?
A. Pack a lunch.

Q. Why didn't the werewolf cross the road?
A. Because he wasn't a there-wolf.

Q. Why did the thirsty wolf cross the road?
A. There was a weir on the other side.

Q. Why are wolves thought of as quick witted? A. Because they always give snappy answers!
Q. What does a wolf receptionist say? A. Jpw; ,au O je;[ upi
Q. What happened after a wolf ate garlic? A. His bark was worse than his bite!

Q. What's a she-wolf's snappy nickname for her mate?
A. Fang.

Q. What did the big bad wolf do after he ran a marathon race to Grandmother's house?
A. He huffed and puffed.

Q. Which howling canine has clothing on?
A. The wear wolf.

Q. What does a wolf say when he answers the phone?
A. Howl-O.

Q. What do you call the tunnel to a wolf's lair?
A. The howl-way.

Q. What do you get when you cross a little lamb with a wolf?
A. A wool-f pup.

Q. Why are there so few wolf scat jokes?
A. Because they really stink.

Q. What do the little gray wolf pups call their grandfather?
A. Grand Paw.

Q. Why was the poor timber wolf chasing his tail?
A. He was trying to make both ends meet.

Q. Why do wolves howl at the moon? A Because nobody else will do it for them!
Q. What do you get if you cross a wolf and a monkey? A. a Howler Monkey!
Q. What is a coyote's favorite hobby? A. Collecting fleas!

Q. Where does the Wolfman like to vacation in the Rocky Mountains?
A. Howl-o-rado.

Q. On which day of the week will you hear the most wolves howling?
A. MoonDay.

Q. What do you call blessed wolf territory?
A. Howl-lowed grouns.

Q. What is it called when a newborn wolf pup howls for the very first time?
A. Coming into baying.

Q. What is the most popular name for a traveling Canis lupus?
A. Wolfgang.

Q. What is a Canis lupus cross dresser?
A. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Q. Why don't wolves have clocks in their dens?
A. 'Cause they really hate ticks.

Q. What do you call a lobo bookie?
A. A loan wolf.

Q. What does the big wolf do at the gym?
A. Wolf fit down.

Q. Why did the wolf cross the road? A. Duh, he was chasin the chicken!
Q What does a wolf say on All Hallows Eve? A. Happy Howloween!
Wolf Says: Woo Hoo! It's Wild Wednesday!

Q. Why did the Wolfman buy a laundromat on the Thames?
A. 'Cause he's the Wash-and-Wear-Wolf of London.

Q. Why did the old gray wolf hunt down a dentist?
A. 'Cause his canines were loose!

Q. What did the big bad wolf nibble on shortly after having a teeth cleaning?
A. The dentist.

Q. Why didn't the Wolfman go to the Howl-o-ween party?
A. He wanted to, but the full moon gave him paws...

Q. What did the witch conjur up when she crossed a werewolf and a sheep?
A. A were-wool.

Q. Which fall holiday do wolves talk about all year long?
A. Howl-o-ween.

Q. Which day of the week do wolves really sink their teeth into?
A. Chews-Day.

Q. Which children's song do wild pups sing in the lair?
A. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Q. What is a wolf's favorite salad ingredient?
A. Aroo-gula.

Wolf Howling Under the Moon Says: Happy Woos Day!
Wolf Says: Welcome to Colorado's High Country! Dogs Welcomed!
Big Sled Dog Says: Happy Woofs-Day!

Q. Who teaches both boy and gril wolf pups all about doing good deeds?
A. The den mother.

Q. Where do mature lone wolves go onine to find hot dates over 50 (iin dog years)?
A. Howl Time.

Q. What does the wolf king stamp on his coins in London?
A. A howl-mark.

Q. Where do lone he wolves like to hang out with their buds?
A. In the den.

Q. How do you make a werewolf stew?
A. Give him some weed and leave him waiting for the munchies until the full moon.

Q. Which classical composer is admired by large wild canines?
A. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Q. Which cunning wolf could escape any trap or cage?
A. Hairy Howldini.

Q. What do you call a ditzy wolf that's full of crap?
A. A scatter brain.

Q. How does a big bad wolf close his written corresondence?
A. Best Vicious!

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