Q. How does a bovid win the lottery? A. By hitting the Yak-Pot!   PainfulPuns.com - Animal Puns, Wildlie Humor, Beary Funny Jokes!

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Q. What do You call an animal that knows it all? A. Brain-I-Yak!
Q. Did you hear about the animals on Tinder? A. They're nympho-manii-yaks!
Q. What is a bovid's favorite mursery rhyme? A. Yak And Jill1
Q. What's more amazing than a talking Yak? A. A spelling bee!


Yak Jokes, Ox Puns, Himalayan Cattle Humor
Horn in on brainy yak puns, long-haired cattle LOLs, ego mani-yak humor and grunting ox jokes.

Tibetan Yak Jokes, Horny Ox Humor, Urus Puns
(Because Cattle Yak Puns and Yak Hammer Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for a Yak of All Trades in Yakima!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Bos mutus jokes, domesticated ox laughs, shaggy humor and humped up puns ahead.
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Q. What do you get if you cross a yak and a donkey? A. A Yak-ass!
Q. Did you hear about the zoo animal that went berserk? A. He was a mani-yak!
Q. How did the bovid almost die? A. Cardi-Yak Arrest!

Q. What is it called when a domestic ox gets hit by a semi truck on the highway?
A. A yak-cident.

Q. What do you call a female domesticated ox that just gave birth?
A. Yak-i-ma.

Q. Where do yaks go to gamble?
A. Tibet.

Q. What should you never do when you're startled by a hairy Tibetan bull?
A. Panic a yak.

Q. What is the name of the Abominable Snowman's pet hairy ox?
A. Yak Frost.

Q. What do you get if you cross an Alaskan bruin with a Siberian ox?
A. A kodi-yak bear.

Q. What do you call a grunting Himalayan ox that thinks it's sick all the time?
A. Hypocondri-yak.

Q. What do you call a hairy ox with a blood clotting disorder?
A. Hemophili-yak.

Q. Which kind of coat does a long-haired Siberian ox wear?
A. An anor-yak.

Q. Which animal can predict the weather a year in advance? A. An Alman-Yak!
Q. What do you call a bovid that's ful of himself? A. An Ego Mani-Yak!
Q. What do you call a bovid fortune teller? A. Zodi-Yak!

Q. What do you get when you cross an ox with a rabbit in Jackson, Wyoming?
A. A yak-alope.

Q. What do you get when you cross a hairy Tibetan ox with a hare?
A. A yak rabbit.

Q. Which Himalayan beasts of burden went up the hill to fetch water?
A. Yak and Jill.

Q. What do you call a smelly Tibetan yak that's covered in fecal matter?
A. Yuk.

Q. What kind of dog does a Himalayan Yeti keep as a pet?
A. A Yak Russell Terrier.

Q. Which long-haired Himalayan bull really knows how to party?
A. The Yak of Clubs.

Q. Which card game do Tibetan beasts of burden play at night?
A. Black Yak.

Q. Which kind of cheese was originally made in Tibet using long-haired cattle milk?
A. Monterey Yak.

Q. Which Tibetan ox is smart enough to be a member of Mensa?
A.The Brain-i-yak.

Q. What kind of car does a bovid drive? A. a Cadill-Yak!
Q. How do you get a bovid drunk? A. With a bottle of Cogn-Yak!
Q. What kind of beast do you need in the Himalayas? A. A yak of all trades!

Q. What kind of car does a horny ox drive?
A. A Ponti-yak GTO.

Q. Which Tibetan ox gets a sherpa to the mountain time the fastest?
A. Yak be quick

Q. Which notorious grunting ox terrorized street walkers in London?
A. Yak the Ripper.

Q. Where do Tibetan beasts of burden relax after a tiring day?
A. In a yak-uzzi.

Q. What happens when a water buffalo collides with an iron ox hide?
A. A chemical re-yak-tion.

Q. How does the hairy Himalyan bull refer to his wife who argues with him all the time?
A. The old battle yak.

Q. What do you call a female grunting ox movie star?
A. Yak-tress.

Q. What do you call the ox that won a gold medal running in the Olympics?
A. The yak star.

Q. Which Himalayan beast of burden really digs working for miners?
A. The Yak of Spades.

Q. What's the best exercis for bovids? A. Jumping Yaks!
Q. What happens to a yak during puberty? A. He gets horny.
Q. What do you call a yak that can chisel concrete? A. Yak Hammer!

Q. How do you get a wild Tibetan ox used to its new zoo habitat?
A. You yak-limate it.

Q. What are kids given to play with in the Himalayas?
A. A Yak-In-The-Box.

Q. Which popcorn treat do oxen like to snack on?
A. Cracker Yak.

Q. What kind of love potion works the best for a horny ox in Tibet?
A. An aphrodisi-yak.

Q. Which kind of Himalayan grunting ox is the horniest?
A. The nymphomani-yak.

Q. Where do vacationing oxen go to visit apple orchards and wineries?
A. Yakima, Washington.

Q. What is a Tibetan ox carpenter's favorite tool?
A. A yak saw.

Q. What does a Tibetan pack annimal suffer from after carrying too much gear?
A. Yak pain.

Q. Which kind of Tibetan beast of burden always carries an ax?
A. Lumber yak.

Q What do you call a bovid that won't shut up? A. A Yakkety Yak!
Q. Did you hear about the bovid in a car accident? A. He wrecked his cadill-yak!
Q. How do you make sense of a water buffalo? A. With buffalo nickles!

Q. Why do Tibetan yaks prefer yurts instead of rectangular tents?
A. Little Yak Horner sat in the corner.

Q. Which Himalayan beast of burden is the most flexible and spry?
A. Yak be nible.

Q. Why does the sherpa in Nepal now live on Easy Street at base camp?
A. 'Cause he hit the yak-pot.

Q. What do you call it when a semi rounds a corner into the path of an on-coming ox?
A. Yak knife.

Q. Where are deceased Himalyan oxen buried?
A. On Mt. Everest.

Q. How does a sherpa get around in comfort at the base camp?
A. He drives his cattle yak.

Q. What sort of over coat does a hairy ox wear?
A. A yak-et.

Q. What decorates porches in Tibet on Halloween?
A. Yak-o-lanterns.

Q. Which Himalayan grunting ox is a big spender?
A. The Yak of Diamonds.

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