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Q. What was the bery 1st Ford auto called? A. The Model T-Rex.
T0Rex says: Dinosaurs remain loyal Broncos fans!

q. What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A. A Thesaurus!
Girl, if you were a dinosaur, you'd be Gorgeousaurus!


T-Rex Jokes, Dinosaur Puns, Triceratops Humor
Relive the past with dino-sore puns, ex-stinked humor, dino roars and Tyrant-o-saurus jokes.

Dinosaur Jokes, Jurassic Puns, Tyrannosaurus LOLs
(Because Mr. T Rex Jokes and Dunno-Saur Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream When It's Time To Tyrannosaurus Rest!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Die-NO-saur jokes, T.P. Rex laughs, small arms humor and Pee Rex puns ahead.
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Q. What do you call a T-Rex in a fight with an Indominus Rex?
Q. What do you get if you cross a dinosaur and TNT? A. Dino-Mite!
Q. How do you ask a dinosaur out to lunch? A. Tea Rex?

Q. What do T-Rex and a redneck have in common?
A. Both like their small arms.

Q. Which kind of dinosaurs were rated for general audiences?
A. G-Rex.

Q. Which kind of bewitching dinosaur conjured up spells?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Hex.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur had a really bad dandruff problem?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Flecks.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur suffered from incontinence?
A. Pee-Rex.

Q. What was green and gooey, and hung from prehistoic palm trees in Jurassic Park?
A. Dinosaur snot.

Q. Why are dinosaurs no longer around today?
A. 'Cause their eggs stink.

Q. Which is an oppresive dinosaur leader called?
A. Tyrant-o-saurus.

Q. Which do you call a dinosaur whose name changed when she got married?
A. Nee-Rex.

Q. what do you call a dinosaur that never gives up? A. The Try Try Again Try-ceratops!
q. What do you say when you meet a two-headed dinosaur? A Hello! Hello!
Q. which is a dinosaur's least favorite reindeer? a. Comet!

Q. What did the Triceratops sit on?
A. A cockroach, an ant hill, and his Tricera-bottom.

Q. Which kind of dinosaurs grooved to disco music?
A. Bee Gees-Rex.

Q. Who served drinks to T-Rex and his buds at the bar?
A. The dino pourer.

Q. Whch kind of prehistoric animal suffered from sleep apnea?
A. The Bronchial-snore-us.

Q. What did paleontologists mane the newly discovered dinosaur species that was always pregnant?
A. PG-Rex.

Q. What did the pterodactyl teacher call the dumb T-Rex student?
A. Dunno-saur.

Q. Which Jurassic creature survived the asteroid strike?
A. The die-NO-saur.

Q. Which dinosaur was a real party pooper?
A. T.P. Rex.

Q. Why did the dinosaur take a shower after the meteor stuck?
A. To become ex-stinked.

q. What do you call a dinosaur at a rodeo? A. Tyrannosaurus Tex.
Q. what do you get when dinosaurs crash cars? A. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!
Q. Who made clothes for dinosaurs? A. The dino-sewer!

Q. Which kind of dinosaur had a mohawk do on his head?
A. Mr. T-Rex.

Q. Which dinosaur was a famous Blackjack dealer in Las Vegas?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Decks.

Q. What are stegosaurus screams called?
A. Dino roars.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur was a big flirt that never put out?
A. Tease-Rex.

Q. What was T-Rex's pet name for his She-Rex?
A. Dinah.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur took several naps every day?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Rest.

Q. What did T-Rex use to build furniture for his new house?
A. A dino-saw.

Q. Where did the Supersaurus go shopping?
A. The dino-store.

Q. Which Jurassic era animal had glossy feathers?
A. The Shine-osaur.

Q. What do you get when a dinosaur blows its nose? A. Out of the way!
Q. What do dinosaurs put on their pizza? A. Tomato-saurus!
Q. What should you do if you find a blue Ichthyusaur? A. cheer him up!

Horny Jurassic Hookup Line: Hey girl, do you prefer triceratops or tricerabottoms?

Q. What did Tyrannosaurus call his firstborn son?
A. Wee Rex.

Q. Which Jurassic creature's bones were recently dscovered near Hong Kong?
A. The China-saur.

Q. Which species of dinosaurs populated the Baja Penninsula?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Mex.

Q. Which dinosaur species liked to hang out in the meadow all day?
A. Lea-Rex.

Q. What did apatosaurus farmers plant to grow Jurassic mushrooms?
A. Dino spores.

Q. What did paleontologists say when the fossilized egg they discovered blew up?
A. Dino-mite!

Q. What do you have if you've only got the back bones of a brontosaurus?
A. A spine-o-saur.

Dino-Mighty Dinosaur Hookup Line: Bae, did you ever wonder how T-rex make babies? By having T-sex. Want to try some?

Q. Where do dinosaurs go to bask in the sun? A. The dino-shore!
Q. What do you call a dinosaur with sharp teeth and long claws that's as tall as a house? A. Sir!
Q. Where do dinosaurs get their mail? A. At the dead letter office!

Pick Up a Dinosaur Line: Yo handsome, you're at the Tricera-top of my hot hit list.

Jurassic Hookup Line: Hey baby, StegosaurME and StegosaurYOU should go out on a date because StegosaurUS.

Q. Where did the Allosaurus go sight-seeing in Colorado and Utah?
A. Dinosaur National Monument.

Dinosaur Chat Up Line: Hey there big momma, you sure do put the All in Allosaurus!

Q. Which dinosaur species cussed out all the others?
A. The Bronto-swore-us.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur charged all of the others?
A. Fee-Rex.

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