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Q. Where are
pipe bombs
totally legal?

A. Colorado
pot shops.

Green ET Says: Let's zoom in on where that meteor struck. I'd like to observe it in crater detail!

Q. What do
you say to
compliment a

A. Yo da bomb!


Bomb Jokes, Explosive Puns, Hand Grenade Humor
Blow on up for dynamite puns, exploding LOLs, terrorist humor and explosives jokes that bomb.

Explosion Jokes, Big Bang Humor, Exploding Puns
(Because Explosion Jokes and Hand Grenade Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When You Are Da Bomb!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Exploding jokes, bang up terrorist humor, and egg-splosive puns that bomb ahead.
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After an exposion at a French cheese factory, all that was left was De Brie

Q. What did
the chemist
say when his
blew up?

A. Oxidants happen. Oops!

Q. What happens if you drop a hand gren-egg? A. It egg-splodes!

Q. How much damage was there after the perfume manufacturing plant expoded?
A. The olfactory blew up!

Q. What happened when the deisgner shoe factory had an explosion?
A. Many soles were lost.

Q. What happened after the explosion in the shirt department at the Gap?
A. There were many casual tees.

Q. What happened after the Nissan car factory exploded?
A. It rained Datsun cogs.

Q. What did chemists call the explosion at the potassium factory?
A. K boomer.

Q. What do drug addicts call it when a cocaine lab suddnly explodes?
A. A devasting blow.

Q. Where did the cooker go after the explosion in his meth lab?
A. Everywhere.

Chemistry Lab Pick Up Line: Hey Coatie, I bet you're like calcium bicarbonate If I get you wet, the reaction will be explosive!

Q. What do ranchers call a bull that's swallowed a grenade?
A. Abominable.

Q. What happened after a monkey exploded at a food testing lab?
A. Rhesus pieces were everywhere.

Q. How is a grenade and your wife alike?
A. When you pull off the ring and boom, your house is gone.

Q. What happened to the guy whose bag of Lays exploded when he opened it?
A. Now he's got a chip on his shoulder.

Q. Why is
dating so hard
for explosives

A. 'Cause
they're overly

A grenade in a French kitchen results in Linoleum Blown Apart.

Q. Where do
folks with
tempers go to

A. Grenada.

Q. How is the guy who lost his right right hand and right leg during the explosion?
A. He's feeling very left out.

Q. What should you say at a funural for somebody who died in an explosion?
A. Rest in pieces.

Q. What's the difference between a grenade and your wife?
A. A grenade will only blow the neighbor once.

Q. How are they doing at the new fireworks factory?
A. Business is booming.

The terrorist chef's oven was a weapon of mass convection.

Q. How does the Mafia make a chef explode?
A. They rig a Tony.

Q. What happened when the bread factory blew up?
A. Everything there was toast.

Q. Which kind of citrus fruit can explode and then come back to you?
A. Boom-orange.

Q. What happened when the Roquefort cheese factory exploded?
A. The whole area bleu up.

Q. What do you call a graphic novel character who blows up?
A. Heroshima.

Q. How many survivors of nuclear war does it take to change a light bulb?
A. None. Survivors of nuclear war glow in the dark.

Q. What do you call a muclear explosion that happens anywhere you are?
A. Here-oshima.

Q. What do you get when you cross an active volcano with a light bulb?
A. A lava lamp.

Q. What do you call the outside of a hand gren-egg? A. The bombshell!

Q. Which classical
comes out
of a musical

A. Bach lava.

Q. What do pigs call the creatoin of the universe A. The Pig Bang!

Q. What did paleontologists say when the fossilized egg they discovered blew up?
A. Dino-mite!

Q. What happened when the farmer mixed Pop Rocks into the chicken feed?
A. It caused a pop-ulation egg-splosion.

Q. How do you describe a headset made of grenades?
A. Mind blowing.

Q. Why is a dictionary a dangerous weapon?
A. 'Cause it contains dynamite and other explosive words.

Q. What is a bomb in a Catholic church called?
A. A weapon of Mass destruction.

Scientists believe that the Yellowstone super volcano is overdue for an eruption, and they're calling it Eruptile Dysfunction.

Q. Why did Grandma explode?
A. Grandpa mixed up his Viagra and nitroglycerin. OUCH!

Q. What did the insurance company tell the guy who wanted a policy in case of a volcanic eruption?
A. I ash-ure you'll be covered.

Q. How do you know a volcano is happy?
A. It erupts in laughter.

Q. What happens if a volcanic eruption drops a lava rock on your foot?
A. You Krakatoa. OUCH!

Q. What do yu get if there's an explosion at a hog farm?
A. Bacon bits.

Q. Where can you go to see a galaxy explode?
A. A Samsung store.

Q. What is a necessary nuclear explosion called?
A. The Sun.

Q. Why was the science whiz kid afaid he'd explode if he hugged his mom's sister?
A. 'Cause she's made of auntie matter.

Q. What happened when the underwear factory in Chicago exploded?
A. Nothing was left but da briefs.

Q. What do
you call a
vegan with

A. A salad

Q. Why are pirates leary of olcanoes? A. Because of the pirate-clastic flows!

Q. What is a
terrorist's preferred
kind of wine?

A. White

Q. What do you call a stick of dynamite hidden inside a piece of fruit?
A. A bangnana.

Q. What are fans saying about the new rappers called Colon Explosion?
A. Dat bomb is da shit.

Q. What do you call farts caused by eating refried beans along with onions?
A. Tear Gas!

Q. What is it called when you're asleep and the town's water tower explodes?
A. A wet dream.

Q. What is a terrorist photographer's weapon of choice?
A. A photobomb.

Q. Why did the bird lose all its feathers after the volcano eruption?
A. 'Cause it was molten.

Q. What does the volcanologist ask people to do on his outgoing voicemail recording?
A. Lava message.

Q. Why doesn't an active volcano have any money?
A. 'Cause it went bank erupt.

Q. What do volcanologists call the jerk who fell into the cone after its top blew off?
A. An ash-hole.

Q. What is an explosives expert's faborite cable TV station?

Q. Why did the terrorist blow himself up in front of a suggestion box?
A. He wanted to give it a piece of his mind.

Q. What did the terrorist say to critics who said his bomb wouldn't explode?
A. Just C4 yourself!

Q. Which kind of Middle Eastern spider explodes when you find its web?
A. Jihhaddy Long Legs.

Q. Why should you always hope a liar does blow up?
A. 'Cause he's full of shit!

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