Q. Why do poicemen have bigger balls than firemen? A. they sell more tickets!   PainfulPuns.com - Cheesy Pick Up Line, Sharp Come-Ons, Punny!

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Relax. The handcuffs are tight because thy're new. They'll stretch out after you wear them for awhile!
Q. Why do poicemen have bigger balls than firemen? A. they sell more tickets!
The police want to interview me? Strange, I didn't even apply for a job there!


Police Pick-Up Lines, Cop Come Ons, Chat-Up Lines
Pick up on police pull-over lines, cop chat-ups, flirtation citations, and police come-on jokes.

Hot Cop Humor, Police Pick Ups, Undercover Jokes
(Because Legal Laughs and Cop Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When a Cop is Patrolling for a Date!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Peril! Horny cop humor, barely legal come-ons, and cops on the make ahead.
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Barely legal police pick-up line: I'm a police officer and I'm ready to enforce the laws of attraction!Barely legal police pick-up line: If being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged!Barely legal police pick-up line: I always turn on my siren when I spot a siren!

Police Pick Up Line: Is your name LAW? 'Cause I'd like to lay you down.

Police Chat Up Line: You're so fine that I forgot my pick-up line.

Police Hookup Line: Let's go to my place for some under cover work.

Police Chat Up Line: Please step out of the vehicle and walk a straight line into my life.

Undercover Cop Come-On: Hey Babe, you look cold. Wanna share my blanket?

Criminal Hookup Line: Let's commit the perfect crime. You steal my heart, and I'll steal yours.

Police Pick Up Line: Hey Babe, wanna play good cop, bad cop?

Police Chat Up Line: Anything you say can and will be used against you, so just say my name.

Criminal Come-On Line: You're just as beautiful as your mugshot photo.

Barely legal police pick-up line: Stop! Don't you know it's illegal to look that fine?Police pick-up lines for blondes: Do you work under cover? Want to plant something on me?Barely legal police pick-up line: Do you know how fast you were going when you fell from heaven?

Police Pick Up Line: I'm writing you a ticket 'cause you have fine written all over you.

Police Pick Up Line: If being fine was a felony, you'd be on death row.

Criminal Chat Up Line: Is your father a drug dealer? 'Cause you sure are dope.

Police Hookup Line: Let's go back to my place for some further undercover work.

Police Pick Up Line: Don't you just love a man in uniform?

Criminal Chat Up Line: Babe, I was arrested the other night, for having two guns and a six pack.

Cop Come-On: Can I see your license? 'Cause I didn't know angels could fly.

Police Chat Up Line: Officer, is there an airport nearby, or is that my heart taking off?

Police Pick Up Line: Officer, I must be a snowflake 'cause I've fallen for you.

Police pick-up line for blondes: Officer, that's a mighty big flashlight you have there!Q. How do beat cops greet people? A. Policed to meet you!Q. How are women like the police? A. They have all the evidence, but they still want a confession!

Policewoman Pick Up Line: Are you carrying a concealed weapon, or are you just happy to see me?

Police Pick Up Line: Drop 'em!

Police Come-On Line: What do you do with those handcuffs after hours?

Police Hookup Line: My cuffs or your cuffs tonight?

Police Pick Up Line: You, me, handcuffs, whipped cream. You interested?

Police Chat Up Line: Cops do it with handcuffs.

Police Chat Up Line: Cops do it by the book.

Criminal Come-On: Hey Police Woman, make me an offer I can't refuse.

Police Hookup Line: I'd love you to frisk me and then shake me down.

Police pick-up lines for blondes: Did I tell you that I live next door to Dunkin' Donuts?Q. What do you call a female police officer who plays guitar? A. She Riff!Barely legal police pick-up line: Ever seen a baton this big? How about you cock my gun?

Police Chat Up Line: Babe, you're just like my donut, half sweet and half nuts.

Police Pick Up Line: Hey Babe, did you know you are on my Most Wanted List?

Q. Why does the legal society prohibit lawyers from sleeping with their clients?
A. To prevent clients from being billed twice for essentially the same service.

Police Hookup Line: I'm not here to bust you, but I am after your bust.

Criminal Come-On Line: I'm a thief, so I'm here to steal your heart.

Law Enforcement Point to Ponder: Is a policeman's favorite tool his night stick?

Police Chat Up Line: I hear cops like a big bust.

Police Pick Up Line: Girl, if you cock my revolver, it's likely to go off.

Q. Why are undercover male cops more sexy than female cops?
A. Because you can't be sexy without the XY.

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