Q. What did a banana do when it saw the monkey? A. The banana split!   PainfulPuns.com - Animal Puns, Wildlie Humor, Beary Funny Jokes!

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Q. What do you call an angry monkey? A. Furious George!
Q. Where should a monkey go if he loses his tail? A. To a retail store!
Q. What's worse than a monkey eating a banana? A. A monkey going bananas!
Cheeky monkey says: Happy Friday, You Animal!
Q. How do you prepare a gorilla sundae? A. You have to start on Fridae or Saturdae!


Monkey See, Monkey Do Jokes and Playful Imp Puns
Play around with imp-promtu primate puns, cheeky chimp humor, and monkey's uncle jokes.

Monkey Jokes, Baboon Puns, Hear No Evil Humor
(Because Simian-Tic Jokes and Monkey Biz Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for a Chimp Off the Old Block!)
Warning: Proceed Carefully! Spunky monkey jokes, simian humor, lemur LOLs and swinging primate puns ahead.
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Monkey see, monkey do, monkey pee, monkey poo!Q. Where do monkeys get their gossip? A. On the ape vine!Q. What do you call a baby monkey? A. A chimp off the old block!

Q. What was the cheeky simian up to in the men's restroom?
A. Minding his own monkey whiz.

Q. What did the monkey say to the baboon that suffered from urinary incontinence?
A. Leak no evil.

Q. What happens when a baboon uses the men's room?
A. Monkey seat, monkey poo.

Q. Why were Jane and a monkey arguing over Tarzan?
A. Word was, Tarzan swings both ways.

Q. Why did Jane leave Tarzan?
A.'Cause she saw him spank the monkey.

Q. What did the monkey tell her mate when she found out she was pregnant?
A. Heir no evil.

Momma Monkey: What did you do at school today?
Monkey Boy: Just the usual monkey quiz.

Q. What do primatologists call a cowardly monkey that avoids fights?
A. Chimp pansy.

Q. Who originally said, "Well, Iíll be a monkey's uncle?"
A. Tarzan.

Q What do you call a monkey that sells potato chips? A. A chip-monk!Q What do chimpanzes like to read? A. The morning 'aper!Q. What did the monkey say after he cut off his tail? A. It won't be long now!

Q. Why did scientists launch Ham the Chimp into orbit in 1961?
A. So he could monkey around.

Q. Which type of primate is the flim-flam artist of the jungle?
A. The Sham-panzee.

Did you hear aout the recent discovery of the missing link? Turns out it was a sham-panzee.

Q. What do you have after a community of monkeys is hit by lightning?
A. Crisp-panzees.

Q. What is it called when chimps and baboons split hairs about correct word usage?
A. A matter of simian-tics.

Q. Which primate species is courageous and determined?
A. The Spunky monkey.

Q. Why did the monkey like the banana? A. because it had a peel!Q. What do you call a monkey in a minefield? A. Baboom!Q. What do you call a chimpanzee that swims? a. A dunky monkey!

Q. Why did the baboon open a frozen banana stand on the nude beach during Decembrrr?
A. For the cheeky monkey business.

Q. Why were lemurs and baboons riding a Ferris wheel?
A. They wanted to monkey around and around...

Q. What is a big monkey's favorite toy?
A. A bab-boom-orang.

Q. Why are baboons always drinking in the park?
A. 'Cause there are monkey bars there.

Q. Which primate is both frugal and cowardly?
A. The Cheap Pansy

Q. What kind of underwear do sexy bonobos wear?
A. Chim-pant-zies.

Q. How do monkeys get down the stairs? A. They slide down the banana-ster!Q. How do you get an escaped lion back in his habitat? A. With a bargaining chinp!Q. What is a  monkey's favorite fruit? A. An Ape-ple!

Q. What starts up in the zoo's primate exhibit at sunrise?
A. Monkey shines.

Q. What do you get when you cross a simian with a basketball player?
A. A Dunk-key monkey.

Q. Which primate is both frugal and cowardly?
A. The Cheap Pansy

Q. What did Hitler say to his pet monkey?
A. Herr no evil.

Q. What is an impish whirling dervish?
A. A big baboon that's monkeying abound.

Q. Which cheeky chimp movie put the audience to sleep in 1951?
A. Bedtime For Bonzo.

Q. Why shouldn't you get in a fight with a monkey? A. they use gorilla warfare!Q. Why don't monkeys eat british food? A. They don't like fish and chimps!Q. What is a monkey's favorite cookie? A. Chocolate Chimp!

Q. What do you say to a monkey that slights you an hurts your pride?
A. Pique no evil!

Q. What did the monkey say when he walked through the pearly gates?
A. Here no evil.

Q. What do you get when you cross a werewolf with a babbon?
A. A howler monkey.

Q. Why did the baboon actor become a theater entrepreneur?
A. 'Cause there's no business like monkey business.

Q. Which kind of primate is prone to eating too many candy bars?
A. The Chunk-key monkey.

Q. What is the specialty of the baboon bartender?
A. Sloe Gin Monkey fizz.

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