Q. Why did the blonde throw butter out the window? A. She wanted to see butterfly.   PainfulPuns.com - Animal Puns, Wildlie Humor, Beary Funny Jokes!

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Q. How do
know where
to find the
best nectar?

A. They
just wing it!

Q. Why did a blonde toss butter out the window? A. To see butter fly, duh!

Q. What do
you call a
female moth's private parts?

A. Her
Butterfly Bush.



Moth Jokes, Butterfly Puns, Larva Laughs
Flit along with mothball puns, butterfly net laughs, hungry hornworm humor and caterpillar jokes.

Butterfly Jokes, Moth Puns, Caterpillar Humor
(Because Monarch Jokes and Viceroy Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream If You Can't Find Your Buterfly Net!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Rare butterfly jokes, milkweed humor, larvae laughs and mothballed puns ahead.
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Q. What really frightens a caterpillar? a. a Dog-erpillar!
Q. Why couldn't the butterfly go to the dance? a. Because it was a mothball.
Q. What is a caterpillar's favorite weapon? A. The Cater-Polt.

Q. How did the caterpillar's metamorphosis go?
A. Everything went smooth as silk.

Q. Which holiday is a butterfly's favorite?
A.Moth-ers Day.

Q. How do avid collectors search for butterfilies online?
A. They use the Butterfly Net.

Q. Which butterfly wears way too much makeup?
A. The Painted Lady.

Q. Which caterpillar plays in the insect band?
A. The tomato hornworm.

Q. Which insect's larvae destroyed tomato plants in ancient Egypt?
A. The Sphinx Moth.

Q. What do moths study at night school? A. Mothematics.
Q. How do caterpillars get the latest fashions? A. They use a caterlog!
Q. what is the biggest type of moth? A. The Mammoth!

Q. What do you get if you cross a firefly and a moth?
A. An insect that can navigate inside a dark closet.

Q. Which extinct insect was the biggest of them all?
A. The Woolly Mam Moth.

Q. What is a caterpillar's best swimming style?
A. The butterfly stroke.

Customer: There's a caterpillar in my salad!
Waiter: Sorry madam, I didn't realize you were a vegetarian.

Q. What is the scariest Japanese insect of all time?
A. Mothra.

Mothra Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, you're a bright light and I'm a bug, because I am so darned attracted to you.

Q. What do you get if ;you cross a telephone and a night crawler? A. Ringworm!

Q. Which
fancy winged insect has
the biggest

A. The
Butt 'Er Fly.

Q. Why was the crocery store always out of butter? A. Because butter flies!

Q. Which large winged insect is actually from he moon?
A. The Luna Moth.

Q. What did the spring robin say to the early worm?
A. I'll catch cha later...

Q. Which insect is not low fat?
A. The butter fly.

Q. When is the hardest time to buy a fly swatter in Colorado?
A. During Miller Moth season.


Entomology Point to Ponder: Is it any surprise that Monarch Butterflly caterpilars eat Milkweed?

Q. What is a sweet summer butterfly's favorite fruit?
A. Nectarines.

Q. Who is the ruler of
the butterfly

A. The

Q. What's worse than finidin half a worm in an apple? A. Spitting out the ohter half!

Q. Which butterfly has
the biggest appetite?

A. The

Q. Who is second in command of the butterfly kingdom?
A. The Viceroy.

Q. Which big scary insect gives Bigfoot a run for the money?
A. Mothman.

Q. What's inside an apple that is an avid reader?
A. A bookworm.

Q. What do you call it when worms take over the world?
A. Global Worming.

Q. Which butterfly is the fiercest in the garden?
A. The Tiger Swallowtail.

Q. Where do caterpillars come from?
A. Mother Nature.

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