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Chimp asks: Where does a monkey go to grab a beer? A. The monkey bars!
Q. Which day of the week do monkeys look forward to? A. Friday! Because they can spell it!
Q. What did the chimp say when his sis got pregnant? A. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!
Q. What do you call a monkey with a wizard's hat and wand? A. Hairy Potter!
Q. Why do waiters like gorillas better than flies? A. Customers never say: "Waiter, there's a gorilla in my soup!"


Monkeying Around Jokes and Big Baboon Humor
Swing along with barrel-ly funny puns, Banana Republic humor, and monkey shines jokes.

Cheeky Monkey Jokes, Primate Puns, Banana LOLs
(Because Bad Baboon Jokes and Simian Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream When You Need to Spank the Monkey!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Clunky monkey jokes, speak no evil humor, and ape peeling banana puns ahead.
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Q. Which band is a chinpanzee's favorite? A. The Gorillaz!Q. What happens to monkeys that are insane? A. They go bananas!Q. Why did chipanzees picket a bakery? A. They were making animal crackers!

Q. What do you call a bar full of monkeys?
A. A beer-hall of fun.

Q. What do you call it when a bad babboon comedian gets booed off the stage at the simian night club?
A. A bore-all of monkeys.

Q. What do you call a nude beach when unexpected monkeys arrive?
A. A bare-all of fun.

Q. What do you call the ridiculous outfit the monkey tried on at Banana Republic?
A. Apparel of laughs.

Q. What did the chic monkey say when her stylist suggested highlights for her hair?
A. Streak no evil.

Simple Simian Pick-Up Line: Hey there Bobo, let's go monkey around.

Q. What do you call a nosey monkey that butts into everybody else's monkey businss?
A. Pry mate.

Q. What is it called when a baboon goes for a spin in a tornado?
A. Monkeying around.

Q. What does Satan call it when bad baboons perish in a brewery explosion?
A. A beer-hell of laughs.

Q. What do you feed a 600-pound gorilla? a. Anything it wants, but not monkey bread!Q. Why don't monkeys play cards in the jungle? A. There are too many cheetahs there!Q. Why did the ad firm hire a bunch of primates? A. For a gorilla marketing campagn!

Q. Why do simians enjoy spinning in circles?
A. 'Cause they like to mankey around.

Q. Why shouldn't you get into a battle with monkeys?
A. They use gorilla warfare.

Q. What is he first rule of monkey hide 'n go seek?
A. Peek no evil.

Q. Why did big baboons ride the carousel at the amusement park?
A. They just wanted to monkey around.

Q. Which kind of big apes share an Amazon account?
A. Prime-Mates.

Q. Why don't male baboons ever visit a dominatrix?
A. 'Cause she can't spank the monkey.

Q. What happens if you toss one banana to two hungry apes? A. A banana split!Q. What do you get if you cross a parrot and a gorilla? A. dunno, but if it talks, you'd better listen!Q. Why did the monkey go to the doctor? A. Because his banana wasn't peeling well!

Q. Which country was founded by wild monkeys?
A. The Banana Republic.

Q. Why did the swinging primate cross the road?
A. To get to the Monkey Bar on the other side.

Q. What do you get when you cross a tucan with a monkey?
A. Beak no evil.

Q. Which area at the zoo showcases baboons and bees?
A. The ape-iary.

Q. What do you call an entertaining gorilla eating a banana?
A. Ape peeling.

Q. What does a balding monkey exclaim?
A. Hair no evil!

Did you hear about the awful jungle party?? They forgot the chips and dip!Q. Where does a monkey cook his toast? A. Under a hot gorilla!Q. What do you call six green gorillas? A. A bunch of cr-apes!

Q. Which cheeky rock band is still the favorite of baboons and orangutans?
A. The Monkees.

Q. What did the hooker monkey say to the John?
A. Whore no evil.

Q. What is it called when gibbons fall out of the sky?
A. Ape-ril Showers.

Q. What do you call a baboon with a smug smile on his conceited face?
A. Smirk-key.

Q. What do bewitched monkeys teach their young?
A. Tweak no evil.

Q. Where do gorillas pick up rumors?
A. Over the ape-vine.

Q. How does a baboon use the phone? A. He just monkeys around on the line!Q. What do you call a monkey with a banana in each ear? A. Anything you want. He can't hear you anyway!Q. What did the banana say to the monkey? A. Nothing. bananas don't talk much!

Q. Which primate prefers awkward, heavy, and outdated tech gadgets?
A. The Clunky monkey.

Q. What is the first thing monkeys learn in school?
A. The Ape B Cs.

Q. Which primate smells the worst during hot, humid weather?
A. The Funky monkey.

Q. What does a mischeivous baboon do with a bottle of shoe polish?
A. Monkey shines.

Q. What do you call a criminal monkey in a jail cell?
A. A bar-all of laughs.

Q. What do you call a small primate that's really full of crap?
A. Bunk-key monkey.

Q. What do monkeys enjoy at Christmas time?
A. A carol of laughs.

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