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Q. How can you tell a Brachiosaurus is in bed with you? A. By the dinosnores!
q. Who makes authentic prehistoric reptile clothes? A. A Dino-Sewer!

Q. What were prehistoric sailing disasters called? A. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks.
Q. What do you call a dinosaur with a foul mouth? A. Bronto-swore-us!


Jurassic Jokes, Dinosaur Puns, Brontosaurus Humor
Discover cosmic dino-seer puns, veloci-rapper LOLs, dino-whore humor and Jeer-assic jokes.

Dinosaur Jokes, Jurassic Humor, Pterodactyl Puns
(Because Jur-Ass-Sick Jokes and Pleasey-O-Saur Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream During a Meteor Shower!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Dino soar jokes, Jurass kicking LOLs, dino-might humor and saur-ious puns ahead.
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Q. Why did an apatusaurus devour the fatory? A. He was a plant eater!
T-Rex says: Dinsaurs do not like Sundays or other cosmic days!
q. What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A. A Thesaurus!

Q. Which kind of dinosaur was the first creature to use cannabis?
A. Weed-Rex.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur habitually tore up hardwood trees?
A. Teak Rex.

Q. When did T-Rex snicker and boo at bad dinosaur puns?
A. During the Jeer-assic era.

Dinosaur Cuisine Point to Ponder: Why is the Paleo Diet so popular in this current era, condisering how it wotked out for the dinosaurs?

Q. What do you call the psychic stegosaurus that predicted the fatal asteroid strike?
A. The dino seer.

Q. What is a a silent, but deadly, dinosaur fart called?
A. An ex-stinck-tion event.

Q. When was diarrhea common in carnivorous dinosaurs?
A. During the Jur-ass-sick period.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur was a real hot head?
A. Steam-Rex.

Q. How did tech savvy dinosaurs message each other?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Texts.

Q. When did the most violdent dinosaur bullying occur?
A. At afternoon recess during the Jur-ass-kicked era.

Q. Which dinosaurs were the first break dancers?
A. Veloci-Rappers.

Q. Which dinosaur species thrived in any environment?
A. Teem-Rex.

q. What do you get if you cross a pig and a dinosaur? A. Jurassic Pork!
Q. Why does a Brontosaurus have a long neck? A. because its feet stink!
Q. Why can't you hear a Pterodactyl using the bathroon? A. Because the P is silent!

Q. Why should you never mess with a paleontologist?
A. 'Cause you'll get Jurass kicked.

Q. When did dinosaur chefs prosper in France?
A. During the late Jour Aspic Era.

Q. What would you get if you crossed a triceratops with a pig?
A. A dino-boar.

Q. Which prehistoric animal like to tell wry jokes?
A. The dino-satire.

Q. Why didn't feathered dinosaurs take baths?
A. They didn't want to be ex-stinked.

Q. What do paleontologists call a Triceratops with a stye?
A. An Eye-saur.

Q. When were dinosaurs first plagued by rodent-borne illnesses?
A. During the early Germ-assic period.

Paleontology Hookup Line: Letís go back to my place so you can play with my bonersaurus.

Q. What do you call a Pterodactyl that flies off the handle when he doesn't win?
A. A saur loser.

Q. What is a pterodactyl called when it's aloft in the air currents?
A. Dino soar.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur always pissed everybody off?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Vex.

Q. Which Jurassic animal could fly with ease?
A. The dino-soar.

Q. What vehicle does interstellar T-Rex use? A. A Dino-Saucer!
Q. What do you call the Triceratops that made a goal? A. Dino-Score!
Q. What do you call a dinosaur that's a noisy sleeper? A. Bronto-snorus!

Q. Which kind of dinosaurs were religious cult leaders?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Sects.

Q. Which dinosaur species had the best vision?
A. See-Rex.

Q. What do you call an apatosaurus that never nibbled on marijuana leaves?
A. A high-NO-saur.

Dig Site Chat Up Line: Hey doc, I want to be like a palaeontologist and explore your body.

Pick Up a Paleontologist Line: Hey Rex, is that a dino bone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Jurassic Period Pick-Up Line: Bae, you are dino-mite!

Q. Which type of dinosaur was merely imaginary?
A. Dream-Rex.

Jurassic Chat Up Line: Hey Dinah, I'd be a tyrannosaurus wreck if I was a dinosaur living without you in my era.

Q. Which dinosaur always kissed butt?
A. The Pleasey-osaur.

Q. Which dinosaur was a famous porn star back in the day?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Sex.

Q. What did He-Rex call the slutty She-Rex?
A. Dino whore.

Q. Which kind of dinosaurs never consumed coffee?
A. Tea-Rex.

Q. What kind of dinosaur can you take to a rodeo? A. Bronco-saurus!
T0Rex says: Dinosaurs remain loyal Broncos fans!
Q. What do you call an exploding dinosaur? A. Dino-ite!

Q. Which kind of dinosaur played well with others?
A. Team-Rex.

Q. What do you call a dark and deadly T-Rex movie?
A. Dino Noir.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur was a big flirt that never put out?
A. Tease-Rex.

Q. Which Jurassic creature was the forefather of modern parrots?
A. The Myna-saur.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur played NFL football?
A. The Bronco-score-us.

Q. Which orange and blue dinosaur skeleton is prominately displayed at Denver Museum of Nature and Science?
A. The Bronco-saurus.

Q. When was T-Rex the biggest butt?
A. During the Jerk-ass-ic days.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur was the most playful and fun-loving?
A. Whee-Rex.

Q. Which kind of dinosaur routinely practiced voodoo?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Hex.

Q. What is another name for Jurassic era myths?
A. Dino lore.

Q. What does a dinosaur call his mate after the divorce?
A. Tyrannosaurus-Ex.

Q. Which Jurassic era animal really dug gold nuggets?
A. The miner-saur.

Q. What do you call a dinosaur that wears cowboy boots? A. tyrannosaurus Tex.
Q. What do you call large dinosaurs with tired feet? A. Sauropods.
Q. which dinosaur can't stay out in the rain? A. the Stegosaur-rust!

Inadequate Dinosaur Pick-Up Line: Sure babe, I'm a T-Rex and my arms are short, but guess what? I really make up for it elsewhere!

Q. Which kind of dinosaur was a soccer referee?
A. The Bronto-score-us.

Q. How did Jurassic era creatures get out of their cave?
A. Through the dino door.

Q. Which kind of dinosaurs invented the game of golf?
A. Tee-Rex.

Q. Which dinosaur was the branch manager?
A. Tree-Rex.

Q. When did dinosaurs develop their powerful biting power?
A. During the Jaw-assic era.

Q. Which tye of dinosaur is a physicist's favorite?
A. Velocity Raptor.

Q. When did dinosaurs discover rubies and sapphires?
A. In the Jewel-assic era

Q. How did a dinosaur feel after he was reassembled at the museum ≠ and then woke up?
A. Puzzled.

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