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Tarantula Says: Wow, It's Webs-Day!
Funny Arachnid Riddle: Q. What do you call young married spiders? A. Newly Webs
Black Widow Spider Says: Happy SpunDay!


Arachnid Jokes, Scary Spider Puns, Cobweb Humor
Hang out with ate-legged puns, Brown Recluse humor, spiderweb LOLs and Black Widow jokes.

Spider Jokes, Tarantula Humor, Eight-Legged LOLs
(Because Spied Her Puns and Spy-Der Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for an Undercover Arachnophobe!)
Warning: Proceed with Due Caution! Hairy tarantula jokes, scary spider humor, and very dark web puns ahead.
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My pet tarantula escaped, and everybody bugged out!
Q. How did the spider destroy the Inter Web? A. It gave it a bug!
Q. Why did the spider buy a car? A. So he could take her out for a spi!

Q. What's it called when you have a whole lot of spiders in your house?
A. A No Fly Zone!

Q. Why was the tarantula wearing a disguise?
A 'Cause he was a spy-der.

Q. How tall are Daddy Long Legs spiders?
A. They're all 8-footers.

Q. Wat was the spider doing online all night long?
A. Using the web cam!

Q. What was the spy spider doing online?
A. Crawling the Web.

Q. Why did the black Widow decide to take swimming lessons?
A. She wanted to surf the web!

Q. Where does a young black widow spider go online for spinning tips?
A. To WebMD.

Q. Where do killer spiders get their deadly weapons?
A. The Dark Web.

A Brown Recluse drops into the bar. Bartender asks, "What's your poison?"

A tarantula found a date online. He spider on the web!
Q. Why are spiders great tennis players? A. Because they have great topspin!
Q. When do spiders go on their honeymoon? A After their webbing day!

Q. Which kind of spider always has the newest tech gadgets and trendy gizmos?
A. Faddy Long Legs.

Q. Why do spiders hate search engines?
A. 'Cause their websites are always being taken down.

Q. How can you tell when a Black Widow spider is angry?
A. She goes right up the wall!

Q. Which kind of spider likes to hang around your backyard trampoline?
A. The Jumping Spider.

Q. Why do spiders like living in haunted houses?
A. 'Cause ghosts can't knock down their webs.

Q. Why did the Russian spider crawl under the bedspread?
A. He was working under cover.

Q. What is a complicated arachnid love triangle called?
A. A tangled web.

Q. What did the Black Widow say to her new hubby before the honeymoon was over?
A. Time's fun when you're having flies.

Q. How does a hipster spider refer to another spider hipster?
A. Webster.

Tarantula says: The only day worse than Friday the 13th is Spun-Day the 13th!
Q. What do you call housefly and spider pals? A. Pest Friends.
Tarantula Says: Happy SpunDay!

Q. Where should you take a sick spider in Washington, DC?
A. To a spin doctor.

Q. Which kind of arachnid likes to scare childeen playng hopscotch?
A. The Jumping Spider.

Q. What did the spider say to his mate after hail stones damagd their web?
A. Darn it!

Q. Which day of the week do spiders look forward to?
A. Fly-day.

Q. Which game do spiders enjoy playing at parties?
A. Spin the Bottle.

Q. When does a big scary spider poop?
A. Web-ever it wants.

Q. What is it called when big scary arachnids drop down out of the sky?
A. A tarantula rain storm!

Q. What did the spider in the haunted house say to the ghost?
A. Please stop scaring all the flies away!

Q. Why was the arachnid howling during the full moon?
A. 'Cause he was a wolf spider.

Q. What type of bugs live in clocks? A. Ticks!
Black Widow Spider Says: Happy Webs-Day!
Q. What do you call a bug on the moon? A. A luna tick!

Q. How is a big hairy tarantula like a street prostitutes?
A. Both leave you with a nasty itch.

Q. Which kind of arachnid do sheep fear the most?
A. The wolf spider.

Q. Which kind of Middle Eastern spider explodes when you find its web?
A. Jihaddy Long Legs.

Q. Which deadly poisonous spider sneaks up behind her mate to kill him?
A. The Back Widow.

Q. Why was the black widow spending so much time online?
A. She was beta testing her new dating website for spinsters.

Eight-Legged Point to Ponder: Do deadly funny spider puns really bite?

Q. What do you call a tarantula that works for the CIA?
A. A Spy-der.

Q. Why did the little tick want to be reincarnated as a tarantua?
A. So that when women see him, they'll scream, "OMG! It's so BIG!"

Q. Why shouldn't you wear spider silk pants?
A. 'Cause the flies always get stuck.

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