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Q. What does a gorilla eat when he goes to Paris? A. Ape Suzettes!
Q. Why are some gorillas so noisy? A. They were raised in a zoo!

Q. Why do gorillas tell such bad stories? A. Because they don't have any tales!
Q. What's the first thing gorillas learn in school? A. The Ape-B-Cs!


Big Ape Jokes, Gorilla Puns, King Kong Laughs
Hang out with girl-illa your dreams puns, hybrid primate humor, and gorilla jokes ape-plenty.

Gorilla Jokes, Primate Puns, Great Ape Humor
('Cause Sas-Gorilla Puns and King Kong Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream If You've Fallen for for Miss Ape-ril!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Apes of wrath jokes, griller grins, ape-normal laughs and gorill-friend puns ahead.
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Q. Which city holds the record for suicidal gorillas jumping off buildings? A. Fall-adelphia!Q. what does an amorous ape say on a date? A. You're the gorilla my dreams!Q. What do you get if you cross a gorilla and a prisoner? A. A kong-vict!

Q. What do you call a big baboon that's stuck in an air shaft?
A. Duct-ape.

Q. How do you fix a broken big ape?
A. Use Gorilla Glue.

Q. What do you call a big glob of Gorilla Glue?
A. Ape-plenty.

Q. What does the audience do when the gorilla comedian leaves the stage?
A. They ape-plaud!

Q. How does the gorilla bachelor feel about his hot new gorill-friend?
A. He ape-preciates her.

Q. Where do fashionable girl-illas shop for stylish clothing?
A. Banana Republic.

Big Ape Pick-Up Line: Hey Jane, are you a gorilla enclosure? 'Cause I'd drop my baby in you.

Q. What does a big gorilla say about his small penis?
A. Objects are larger than they ape-pear.

Q. Which famous gorilla is a master at martial arts?
A. King Kong Fu.

Q. What do you hand a big ape who's repairing your automobiles?
A. A monkey wrench.

Q. Why did King Kong climb to the top of the Empire State Building?
A. He had a plane to catch.

Q. How does a repentful gorilla say he's sorry for all these Painful Puns?
A. He ape-ologizes.

Q. How does a dog warn his master that a gorilla is near? a. He arks: "Brr-illa!"Q. Where do she gorillas go for some beefcake? A. Chimp-pendales!Q. What is a chimpanzee's favorite soft drink? A. Sas-Gorilla!

Q. Why aren't gorillas afraid of zombies?
A. Because the ape-ocalypse doesn't frighten them.

Q. What do zoologists call the group of animals that monkeys and apes evolved from?
A. Pre mates.

Q. Which large primate is the most naughty?
A. The Big Badboon.

Q. What do you call it when a deranged gorilla does really weird stuff?
A. Ape-errant behavior

Q. Why was the lady baboon so atrracted to the big gorilla?
A. 'Cause he had sex ape-peal.

Q. What does the alpha gorilla call his first wife?
A. His prime mate.

Q. Which kind of female great ape has the biggest boobies?
A. The Pair mate.

Q. What does a gorilla say when he's gung ho about an invitation?
A. Ape-solutely yes!

Q. Which kind of vodka do drunken gorillas drink?
A. Ape-solut.

Q. What do gorilla chefs wear while they're cooking?
A. Ape-rons.

Q. What does a gorilla eat when he visits Paris?
A. Ape Suzettes.

Q. What do gorilla chefs in Paris say when it's time to eat?
A. Bon ape-tit.

Did you hear about the gorilla in Playboy Magazine? She was Miss Ape-ril!Q. Where does a monkey cook his toast? A. Under a hot gorilla!Q. Did you hear about the gorilla beauty pageant winner? A. She won beast in show!

Q. What is a gorilla's favorite holiday?
A. Ape-ril Fools Day!

Q. What was the orangutan gardener's favorite saying?
A. Ape-ril showers bring May flowers.

Q. What was the gorilla doing at the museum?
A. Viewing the ape-stract art.

Q. What did Nostradamus foresee pertaining to the future of gorillas?
A. The Ape-pocalypse.

Q. What do you call a busty primate who works at Hooters?
A. A monkey wench.

Q. What kind of underwear do sexy gorillas wear?
A. Chim-pant-zies.

Q. What is a gorilla's favorite fruit?
A. Ape-ricots.

Q. What do you call a group of gorillas that go hunting together?
A. Prey mates.

Q. How do you know a goriilla is giving you a nod to go ahead?
A. You'll get his ape-proval.

Q. Which high primate body part serves a purpose in gorillas, but not in humans?
A. The ape-pendix.

Q. What can you do to make a demanding gorilla happy?
A. Ape-pease him.

Q. How does a shrink describe a deviant gorilla that doesn't behave like most others?
A. Ape-normal.

Q. Which band is a chinpanzee's favorite? A. The Gorillaz!Q. What do you get if you cross shellfish and an ape? A. A Shrimpanzee!Q. Why did the gorilla fail at algebra? A. He had little ape-titude!

Q. What do you call a Girl-illa who works in a bar?
A. A monkey wench.

Q. What is the missing link between the bass and an ape?
A. The baritone.

Q. What do you call the homeless ape in the orchestra's woodwind section?
A. Oboe Bonobo Hobo.

Q. Which type of great ape plays the drums?
A. The Bamboom.

Q. What does a cultured gorilla enjoy before a gourmet meal?
A. An ape-ritif.

Q. What do you get when you cross an ape chef with a cougar baker?
A. A kitchen ape-lion-ce.

Q. What do you call a hungry ape that prays for nacho flavor Doritos?
A. A chimpmonk.

Q. What did the gorilla order at the bar?
A. Ape-ricot Brandy.

Q. Why do educated gorillas like the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 13?
A. 'Cause they're prime apes.

Q. Which kind of highly intelligent mammal knows the circumference of any circle?
A. The Pi-mate.

Q. Which kind of primate works in a call center?
A. The Who-rang-u-tan.

Q. Which kind of horse can a gorilla ride?
A. An Ape-paloosa.

Q. Why did the ape run around with meat on his head? A. He thought he was a griller!Q. Why did the ad firm hire a bunch of primates? A. For a gorilla marketing campagn!Q. What is a gorilla's favorite novel? A. The Apes Of Wrath!

Q. How does a stud gorilla describe his male anatomy?
A. Prime meat.

Q. What do you call a big gorilla bartender?
A. A Pour mate.

Q. Why did the gorilla cross the road?
A. To get to the monkey biz on the other side.

Q. How does a gorilla find a new gig?
A. First, he has to ape-ply for the job...

Q. What do you call someone who loves studying large primates and has great grades?
A. Ape lust student.

Q. Why do big gorillas make great computer programmers?
A. 'Cause they have a knack for coding ape-plications.

Q. Why did King Kong scale to the top of the Empire State Building?
A. He wanted to climb to the top of the business world.

Q. Which book makes virgin gorillas blush?
A. The Naked Ape.

Q. What is every gorilla's favorite punctuation mark?
A. The ape-ostrophe.

Q. Which kind of primate enjoys sun bathing?
A. The Orangutan.

Q. What is it called when two troops of great apes battle each other?
A. Gorilla warfare.

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