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Q. What did one wolf say to another: A. Let's go catch some food, fast!
Wolf says: You might be from Colorado if you always dress in lairs!
Being unable to get help with refinancing made me a loan wolf!
Q. What did the pig say when a wolf grabbed his tail? A. That's the end of me!

Eddy Munster Says: Mommy, everybody says I look like a werewolf? Oh, sit down and comb your face!


Timber Wolf Jokes, Pack Puns, Canis Lupus Humor
Prey around with hi-lair-ious puns, big bad wolf humor, howl-o-graphic grins and Wolfman jokes.

Gray Wolf Jokes, Howl Puns, Werewolf Humor
('Cause Lycanthrope Jokes and Howl-arious Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream In An Underground Lair In Scat-Mandu!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Wild canine jokes, Wolfgang humor, loan wolves LOLs and wolf pack puns ahead.
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Q What happened to the wolf that fell into a washing machine? a He became a wash and wear-wolf!
Did you hear about the comedian who entertained wolves? He had them howling all night!
Q. What did one wolf say to another? A. Howl's it going!

Q. Which scary, hairy wild canine creature lives by the local dam?
A. The Weir Wolf.

Q. Why did the gray wolf learn to meditate?
A. To become an aware-wolf.

Q. What did the werewolf YouTuber ask his viewers to do?
A. Lycan subscribe.

Q. What do zoologists call it when a wolf has bad breath?
A. Howl-itosis.

Q. What does a wild canine use to scents where the best food is?
A. His w-olfactory organ.

Q. Why do Arctic Wolves like to mate with Alaskan Malamutes?
A. 'Cause they're in it for the long howl.

Q. What did the shepherd say to his collie when he saw a wolf?
A. Yikes! Let's get the flock otta here!

Q. What do you get if you cross a wolf with an owl?
A. A wooo-t howl.

Q. What should you say when you meet a gentleman wolf?
A. Howl do you do.

Q. Which kind of wolf is a mere projection of light?
A. A howl-o-gram.

Q. Are Painful wolf Puns funny?
A. Yes, they're howl-arious!

Q. Which motorcycle gang did the pack of wolves ride with?
A. Howl's Angels.

Q How does a wolf like to eat his dinner? A. He woofs it down!
Q. Why did a guy take aspirin after hearing a wolf howl? A. because it gave him an eerie ache!
Q. What do you call a lost wolf? A. A Where Wolf?

Q. Which secret ingredient does a wolf chef put into his Eggs Benedict dish?
A. Howl-and-daze sauce.

Q. What do you get if you cross a wolf with Gordon Ramsay?
A. Howl's Kitchen.

Q. What do you call a group of wolves hunting deep in the wilderness?
A. A back pack.

Q. What is the most common male wolf name?
A. Lair-y.

Q. Why did Little Red Riding Hood finally stop running from the Big Bad Wolf?
A. 'Cause she was tired of being chaste.

Q. Which pain reliever does a wolf take in the morning after alter a howling good party the night before?
A. Bayer Aspirin.

Q. Where in the world will you find the most wolf turds?
A. Scat-mandu, Nepal. .

Q. What does the pack do when one wolf has diarrhea?
A. They all scatter.

Q. Which kind of wolf curses and uses foul language all the time?
A. A swear-wolf.

Q. Where in the world are the scariet werewolf movies filmed?
A. Howly-Wood.

Q. What happened after Chuck Norris was bitten by a werewolf?
A. When the full moon came, the werewolf morphed into Chuck Norris!

Q. Where does a Wolfman hoarder store all his excess stuff?
A. In a were-house.

q. Why was the wolf arrested at the butcher shop? a. For chop lifting!
Q. Why was a wolf upset with a skeleton? a. The wolf had a bone to pick with him!
Q. what do you say if you meet a talking wolf? a. Howl about that!

Q. Where do wolves go to get a rental truck when they're moving to a new lair?
A. U-Howl.

Q. Where can a wolf get a fair trial?
A. At the Howl of Justice.

Q. Why did zookeepers name the new arctic wolf "Frost?"
A. 'Cause Frost bites.

Q. What do you call a wolf driving a Furrari through Montana at 90 MPH?
A. Howl on wheels.

Q. How do you make a wolf skeleton howl at your jokes?
A. Toss him him a funny bone.

Q. Which kind of lycanthrope lives outside of Wilmington??
A. A Dela-werewolf.

Q. What do you call a large wild canine wearing a wool coat?
A. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Q. Whic tall floweris are a wolf's favorite?
A. Howly-hocks.

Q. What is the name of the best player on the wolf hockey team?
A. Wolfgang Puck.

Q. What's the third most common name for a male wolf?
A. Howlward.

Q. What did the receptionist at the wolf's dentist office ask him?
A. Howl may I help yo tooth-day?

Q. Which 1970s band's music do wolves still like to sing along to?
A. Howl and Oates.

q. What does a wolf say if you step on his foot? a. Ow-ooooooow!
Q. What do you get if you cross Fred Astaire with a wolf? A. Dances With Wolves!
Q.. Why don't wolves make great dancers? A. Because they have two left feet!

Q. Whiy did the gray wolf decide to join the military?
A. 'Cause it was the Fur-eign Legion.

Q. Which god-forsaken historical realm had a werewolf army?
A. The Howly Roman Empire.

Q. Which European country has the most grey wolves?
A. Howl-land.

Q. Where could you find wolves aboard the starship Enterprise NcC-1701-D?
A. On the howl-o-deck.

Q. Which horror movie was about werewolves that come out at night and tow away everybody's cars?
A. The Hauling.

Q. Which American actress do wolves honor with a standing ovation?
A. Howly Berry.

Q. When does a packs of wolves celebrate and throw wild parties?
A. On howl-o-days.

Q. Whick '90s TV show do lone wolves like to binge watch?
A. Bay Watch.

Q. What do you call a dancing wolf wearing a tutu?
A. Wolf-erina.

Q. What did a zombie say when he heard a howl? a. Wolf Where?
Q. Why do wolf parties always start at midnight? A. So they'll have a howling good time!
Q. what did the cow say to the wolf? a. I've got no beef with you!

Q. What ddid they call a bunch of werewolves standing in a row outside a Jerry Garcia concert at Red Rocks in the '70s?
A. A deadline.

Q. What do you call a sleeping werewolf?
A. Unaware-wolf.

Q. What do skeptics get when questioning the existence of the werewolf?
A. Who-wolf, what-wolf, when-wolf, how-wolf and why-wolf.

Q. Which retro band do wolves in Arizona and New Mexico still listen to?
A. Los Lobos.

Q. Which superhero is every lobo's favorite?
A. Wolverine.

Q. What do you get when you cross the big bad wolf with a bison?
A. Huff 'n puff-alo.

Q. What is a story about when a cow cries, "Wolf!" called?
A. Fake moos.

Q. What did the wolf cough up after he ate a jackrabbit?
A. A hare ball.

Q. How much do wolves like Painful canis lupus Puns?
A. A howl lot.

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