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Fox Says: You're A Cute Little Heartbreaker, Foxy Lady!
Q. What is a coyote's favorite hobby? A. Collecting fleas!

Bad Attitude Fox Says: Hey, ero Fox Given!


Vixen Jokes, Red Fox Puns, Tod LOLs, Pup Humor
Skulk around with sly fox trot puns, Kit Kat humor, out foxed LOLs and foxy Vulpes, vulpes jokes.

Sly Fox Jokes, Vixen Puns, Kit Humor, Foxy LOLs
(Because Fox Trot Jokes, Foxy Lady Pun, and Un-Earths-ly Laughs Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Fox Sake!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Dog fox jokes, skulk humor, a leash of laughs and burrow-ly funny puns ahead.
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Fox says: I hate dumb animal puns, so just stop it for fox sake!
Oh, For Fox Sake!
Fox Says: I won't Do You No Harm, Foxy Lady!

Q. What is the difference between a dog and a fox?
A. About a six pack.

Q. What do you get when you cross a snake with a vixen?
A. Ssssly like a fox.

Q. What's it called when Vulpes, vulpes has a bad case of diarrhea?
A. Fox trots.

Q. What do you get if you cross a vixen with an automobile?
A. Kit Carson.

Q. Why do gray space aliens like to abduct red foxes?
A. Because they breed in earths!

Q Which broadcast media source do chickens always avoid?
A. Fox News.

Q. Which dance will a chicken never ever do?
A. The Fox Trot.

Q. What do you call a fox that's not in the closet any more?
A. Out fox.

Q. What is a blind date for a vixen and a tod called?
A. A fox-up.

Fauna Chat Up Line: Hey Kit, it's hunting season and a fox like you shouldn't be out in the open!

Q. What do you get when you cross a Canadian loon with a vixen?
A. Crazy like a fox.

Q. Where do leashes of foxes live in New York City?
A. In any of five burrows.

Sly Fox Says: I Want To Take You Home, Foxy Lady!
The female foxes got together to make a Thanksgiving dinner with all the vixens!
Fox Says: Hey, Just Don't Fox With Me!

Q. How does a vixen always get her big dog to do what she wants?
A. She out foxes him.

Wildlife Alert Come-On: Hey girl, can I borrow your cell phone? I need to call animal control 'cause I just saw a fox!

Q. Where can you find a sly vixen hooker in the Denver area?
A. On E. Col-fox Avenue in Aurora.

Q. What do you get if you cross James Bond and a vixen?
A. Spy as a fox.

Q. Which social media site has the most vixen users?
A. Foxbook.

Q. What is it called when a vixen is looking for a suitable tod online?
A. A fox hunt.

Q. Which Internet browser do vixens prefer?
A. Firefox.

Q. Which social media site is exclusively for vixens and dogs?
A. The Fox Network.

Q. What did Mr. Spock say when red kits turned up to take care of the Tribble trouble?
A. Fox-inating.

Q. What did Joe Friday say to the vixen he was interviewing about the crime caper?
A. Just the fox, ma'am.

Q. Which guy in the group of foxes holds the title for laying low the longest?
A. The Skulk King.

Q. Which night spot has the foxiest strippers?
A. The Kit Kat Bar.

Fox Says, Hey, Just Fox Off!
Fox Says: You're Just So Foxy, Kit!
Fox Says: I'm Coming To Get You, Foxy Lady!

Q. What do you call a really old vixen?
A. 20th-Century Fox.

Q. What do you get when you cross a chameleon with a vixen or a tod?
A. Coy like a fox.

Q. Why did the coyote end up in the insane asylum?
A. 'Cause he was crazy like a fox.

Q. What do you get when you cross a vixen with a horny antelope?
A. Fox Gnus.

Q. What is every red dog's goal during spring mating season?
A. To get into a hot fox hole.

Q. Who was every vixen's favorite sitcom star in the 1970s?
A. Redd Foxx.

Q. Where will you find the most hot vixns in Colorado?
A. Foxton.

Q. What d9 you call it when a kit lies to you?
A. A fox tale.

Q. What is it called when a tod guy just can't take his eyes off a vixen?
A. Fox-inated.

Q. Where do you get tickets to the all-vixen revue on Broadway?
A. At the fox office.

Q. What is a photocopy of a vixen called?
A. A fox-simily.

Q. What do you get when you cross a fox pup with a raptor?
A. Kit-ty Hawk.

Hello Foxy! You're Raven!
Fox Says: So It's Sunday? Zero Fox Given!
Snide Fox Says: Know What? I Don't Give A Fox!

Q. What keeps an old fox's teeth in place?
A. Fox-o-dent denture adhesive.

Q. What do fox pups like to snack on?
A. Kit Kat bars.

Q. Why do foxes hunt rabbits at noon?
A. 'Cause they like fast food for lunch.

Q. Where did the CSU vixen live after her graduation?
A. Fox Grove.

Q. What do vixens wear when they're just casually hanging out in the den?
A. Comfy smocks or frox.

Q. Which kind of digitalis plant do vixens and tods like best?
A. Foxglove.

Q. Which fragrant summer flower is every fox's favorite?
A. Phlox.

Q. Which Colorado front range town has a fox pup baby boom?
A. Kittredge, Colorado

Q. Which northern Colorado communities have the least problems with rabbit over-populatin?
A. Fox View, Fox Hill, and Fox Ridge

Q. How do skulk members describe sly fox farts?
A. Silent, but deadly.

Q. What do you get when you cross a fox and an alley cat?
A. A Kit Kat.

Q. Why did the fox cross the road?
A. To raid the henhouse on the other side.

Foxy Point to Ponder: If you keep backyard chickens, why would you move to a home in Fox Ridge?

Q. How did the rooster know a fox was in the henhouse?
A. There were tell-tail signs...

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