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Q. What is a joey's favorite day of the week? A. Roos Day!
Q. What type of music do kangaroos like listening to? A. Hip Hop!


Joey Jokes, Kangaroo Puns, Boomer Roo Humor
Jump in and land down unda for pouch potato puns, marsupial humor, and gang o' roos jokes.

Kangaroo Jokes, Roo Puns, Mob Humor, Buck LOLs
(Because Jack Jokes, Jill Puns, and Joey Humor Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Marsupial Lovers Down Unda!)
Warning: Proceed Carefully! Jill doe jokes, kanga who troop humor, wallaby grins and slang-a-roo puns ahead.
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Q. How do sick kangaroos get bettr? A. They have an hoperation!
Q. What kind of music do sophisticated kangaroos listen to? A. Hopera!
Q. What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo? A. A pouch potato!

Q. What do Aussies say about the Unknown Roo Comc?
A. Kanga who?

Q. What did the roo comedian hate to hear from the audience?
A. Kanga boos.

Q. What do you call down unda speak about mobs of boomers and flyers?
A. Slang A Roo.

Q. What is a group of boomer kangaroos called?
A. Gang O' Roos.

Q. Which Aussie buck throws the best beer parties?
A. Keg A. Roo.

Q. Which Aussie hopper likes to line dance with troop members?
A. The conga-roo.

Q. What did Jack say to Jill when he noticed how big Joey had gotten?
A. Kanga grew!

Q. How do cute little joeys describe how fast grownup roos can go?
A. Kanga zoom.

Q. What do you get when you cross a boomer roo with a willy-willy (tornado)?
A. Kanga blew.

Q. What do you call an angry kangaroo? A. Hopping mad!
Q. What do you get if you cross a Triceratops with a kangaroo? a. a Tricera-Hops!
Q. Why do mother kangaroos hat rainy days? A. Because the kids have to play indoors!

Q. What do Aussies call the buck who ratted out the mob?
A. Sang-a-roo

Q. What do you get if you cross a roo with a down unda computer programmer?
A. Kanga foo.

Q. What do Aussies call an asylum for insane roos?
A. Kanga zoo.

Q. What do Aussies call it when a mob of roos is attacked by dingoes?
A. Kanga ruin.

Q. Who was invited to Jack and Jill's menage a trois?
A. Kanga Sue.

Q. What do you get if you cross a roo with an Australian pigeon?
A. Kanga coo.

Q. What do zoologists down unda call identical twin roos?
A. Kanga twos.

Q. How many roos do you need for the group to be considered a mob or a court?
A. At least a kanga few.

Q. What do Jack and Jill call all the latest roo gossip down unda?
A. Kanga news.

Q. What did mom kangaroo say when she realized her baby was missing? A. Somebody picked my pocket!
Did you hear about the kangaroo with glasses? He had to see an hopthalmologist!
Q. What is a kangaroo's favorite type of clothing? A. A Jump suit!

Q. What do you call the dumb buck who hopped into quicksand?
A. Sank-a-roo.

Q. What do Aussies call an impolite and ill-mannered kangaroo?
A. Roo-d.

Q. What do Aussies call it when a tricky roo deceives a wallaby?
A. Kanga ruse.

Q. What do Aussie wildlife lovers call explosive roo vomit?
A. Kanga spew.

Q. How did the detective solve the Roo Murder?
A. He traced down a kanga clue.

Q. Which yearly contagious viral disease do roos dread most?
A. Kanga Flu.

Q. What do you get if you cross a roo with a ghost?
A. Kango boo.

Q. What does every boomer roo actor eagerly await?
A. His kanga cue.

Q. What does the dominant male Jack call the other bucks in his mob?
A. Kanga crew.

Q. What do you call an irate kangaroo? A. A Kangry-oo!
Q. What do you get if you cross a kangaroo and an alien? a. A Mars-upial!
Q. Why don't kangaroos make good sailors? A. Because they;re always jumping ship1

Q. Where do little joeys go when they need to poo?
A. To the kanga loo.

Q. What do Aussies call smelly balls of roo scat?
A. Kango do.

Q. What do folks down unda call smelly roo farts?
A. Kanga pew.

Q. How do Aussies know roos visited their yard at dawn?
A. There's kanga dew on the grass.

Q. How can you tell the roos in your area have a bad case of diarrhea?
A. Kanga goo is everywhere!

Q. What do you get when uou cross a Roo wth a Winnie?
A. Kanga Pooh.

Q. What do you call a bunch of Aussie marsupials waiting in line?
A. The kanga queue.

Q. What do you get if you cross a big gorilla with a kangaroo?
A. Kong A. Roo.

Q. What do roos at Uluru call the sights seen from Ayers Rock?
A. Kanga view.

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