Q. Why do bob cats like surfing the Internet? a. They like al the lynx!   PainfulPuns.com - Animal Puns, Wildlie Humor, Beary Funny Jokes!

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Q. What is a bob cat's least favorite deli meat? A. Lynx sausage!
Q. Why do ironic bob cats enjoy golfing? a. It's all about the lynx!
Bobcat says: I'm just here for the lynx! Happy Caturday!


Bobcat Jokes, Red Lynx Puns, Bob-Tail Cat Humor
Discover missing lynx laughs, wildly funny bob cut puns, Robert Cat humor and burb-cat jokes.

Lynx Jokes, Bobcat Puns, Short-Tailed Cat LOLs
(Because Beau Cat Puns and Blob-Cat Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream If You're Searching for the Missing Lynx!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! North American cat jokes, bobolinks laughs, bob humor and blob-cat puns ahead.
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Q. Why was Darwin's bob cat so excited? A. He thought he'd found the missing lynx!a lynx got a new summer hair cut and now she's known as Bob!Q. Why do bob cats on the prowl like online dating? A. Because it's fun to lynx up!

Q. Which animal is the most popular on the Internet?
A. Lynx.

Q. How did the bobcat find his lost family members online?
A. He just followed the lynx.

Q. Why do wild cats like PainfulPuns.com?
A. They're here for the lynx!

Q. Why was the Bob Cat in a bad mood?
A. Because he prefers to be called Robert.

Q. What do you get if you cross a red lynx with a ghost?
A. A boo-cat.

Q. What so you call a small, showy wild feline with a short tail?
A. A bauble cat.

Q. Which new dating site is strictly for leopards, lynxes, and cheetahs?
A. Connect the dot.

Q. What do you get when you search Google for Canadian cats?
A. A whole bunch of lynx.

Q. What do you call a female bobcat?
A. Roberta.

Some bob cats spend far too much time online searching for the right lynx.Q. Why do bob cats need clubs? a. To play the lynx!Did you hear about the lynx that got a bad hair cut? Now he's a Bobcat!

Q. Are lynx an endangered species?
A. No, they're all over the Internet.

Q. What does a lynx in Quebec call her boyfriend?
A. Beau Cat.

Q. Which kind of wild cat prefers living in towns just outside big cities?
A. Burb cat.

Q. Why did the wildlife biologist decide to become a golf pro?
A. He really enjoyed the lynx.

Q. What does a bobcat in Arkansas call his best bro pal?
A. Bubba.

Q. What do you call a bobcat on top of a mountain?
A. Up lynx.

Q. What do red lynxes call a really dumb bobcat?
A. Boob.

Q. What do you call a red lynx that has been run over by an 18-wheeler?
A. Blob cat.

Q. What do you call red bobcats with persistent facial tics?
A. Blinks.

Q. How does a lynx describe herself? A. Purr-fect!Q. How can you help a bob cat confined? A. With a chain lynx fence!QQ. What do you call a lost bob cat? A. The Missing Lynx!

Q. What is the most popular baby name for girl bobcats born in 2021?
A. Lynn.

Q. What do you call a very vocal lynx that can't keep a secret?
A. Blab cat.

Q. Which kind of North American wild cat is the messiest eater?
A. The bib cat.

Q. What do you get if you cross a wire fence in Wyoming with a lynx?
A. A barb cat.

Q. What do you call a North American wild cat sentenced to prison work duty?
A. Chained lynx.

Q. Whiat do you call Canadian short-tailed cats working as claw enforcement in London?
A. Bobbies.

Q. What do you get when you cross songbirds with North American wild cats?
A. Bob-o-lynx.

Q. Why do bobolinks hate their name?
A. 'Cause birds don't like being associated with two kinds of wild cats.

Q. Where does animal control lock up misbehaving bobcats?
A. In clinks.

q. Why do bob cats like prowling around Twitter? A. because it's mice to lynx up!Q. Why do bobcats dislike cheesy humor? A. Because they pre-furr clever jokes!qQ. Why do bob cats like pancakes for breakfast? A. Because they go great with lynx!

Q. What do you call a dating site for bobcats and lynxes?
A. A social petwork.

Did you hear about the new bobcat dating service? It's called: Trying to Meat You!

Q. Where are a bobcat's vocal chords located?
A. In the larynx.

Q. What did the bartender ask the short-tailed lynx that strutted up to the bar?
A. What'll it be, Bub?

Q. What kind of wild feline makes a great advertising copy writer?
A. Blurb cat.

Q. What so you call the evolutionary step between the lion and the manx cat?
A. The missing lynx

Q. What do you call a lynx wearing socks?
A. Bobby.

Q. What do you call a North American wild cat with bony toes?
A. Phalanx.

Q. What is the most disgusting meat product sold at the butcher shop?
A. Lynx sausage.

Q. What do you call a sick lynx that's foaming at the mouth?
A. Bubble cat.

Q. What do you call a formation of felines policing the forest?
A. A phalanx.

Q. Which Chritmas carol lyrics about animal cruelty do lynxes hate?
A. Bells on bobtails ring.

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