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Q. Why did the lion spit out the clown? A beause he tasted funny!
Q. Why did the lions eat the preacher? A. because he said they need to put away their pride!

Smiling male lion says: Happy Caturday!


Cougar Jokes, Lion Puns, Mane Event Humor
Prey along with roar-ful lion puns, lioness laughs, pride humor, and wildly funny cougar jokes.

Mountain Lion Jokes, Roar Puns, Lioness Laughs
('Cause She Lion Jokes and Cou-Gore Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for the Mane-ly King of the Jungle!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Clawful cougar jokes, queen of the jungle humor, and dandy lion puns ahead.
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Q. What happened after the lion ate a comedian? a. He felt funny!Q. What did a lioness say to the cub chasing a hunter? a. Stop playing with your food!Q.  What was the lion doing in a canoe? a. Using his roar!

Q. How much do you need to know to be a lion trainer?
A. A clawful lot more than the lion does!

Q. What is a one-eyed cougar called?
A. A Mountain L on.

Q. Why did the zookeeper make such a great actor?
A. 'Cause he knows all of his lions.

Q. Where is the worst place to try to hide from a cougar?
A. Above timber lion.

Q. What do you call an insanely crazy male lion?
A. A mane-iac.

Q. Why did the lioness kill the preacher?
A. 'Cause he told her she had to swallow her pride.

Q. Which journalist covered the story about the baby lions at the zoo?
A. The cub reporter.

Q. Why couldn't the tired cougar get to sleep?
A. She had nothing to lion.

Q. What is a lioness hooker called?
A. Fee-lion.

Q. What do you call the cat that bit the lady in the butt?
A. A panty lion.

Q. What is a lion's favorite kind of cheese?
A. Roarquefort.

Q. What happened when aliens abducted the king of the jungle?
A. It caused an UProar.

King of the Jungle Hookup Line: Hey babe, are you from Narnia? 'Cause you sure make my lion roar.

Q. What is the king of the jungle's first name?
A. Rory.

Q. What do you call a guarantee from a lion?
A. A roar-anty.

Q. Why shouldn't you listen to that big cat? a. because he's lion!Q. What do you call a lion wearing a stylish hat? A. A Dandy Lion!Q. How does a lion greet other animals in the field? A. Pleased to eat you!

Q. What do you call the Frenchman who was recently mauled by a lion?
A. Claude.

Q. What do you call a young dishonest cat?
A. A lyin' cub.

Q. What do mountain lions shift when they're driving a Furrari?
A. Cou-gear.

Q. What do you call a she mountain lion that's always lyin'?
A. A foo-gar.

Q. Who manely sells hair care products to lions?
A. A roar-to-roar salesman.

Q. What do you call designer fashions for cougars?
A. A clothes lion.

Q. Where can you find the noisiest cougars in the Denver area?
A. A-roar-a.

Q. What do you call a group of homosexual lions?
A. Gay Pride.

Q. What do you call a lion in drag?
A. Queen of the jungle.

Untame Lion Pick-Up Line: Hey wild one, I'd like to domesti-CAT you!

Q. What did it take for the lion to become a cannibal?
A. He had to swallow his pride.

Wild Cat Pun Fact of the Day: Once you've witnessed a lion take down a wildebeest, you've seen a maul.

Q. What do you call the bloody scene left behind by a mountain lion?
A. Cou-gore.

Q. What is a prowling cougar's favorite prey?
A. A stag with a nice rack.

King of the Jungle Hookup Line: Hey girl, you wanna play lion tamer? Okay, you get on all fours and I'll put my head in your mouth.

Q. Why did a lion feel ill after eating a priest? A. It's had to keep a good man down!Q. What is the most breathtaking movie of al time? A. The Pink Panter!Q. How are lions religious? A. They prey often, and they prey as a fanily!

Q. What did the first-century Roman Christian say after a lion killed his wife?
A. I'm gladiator.

Q. Why did the lion eat the preacher?
A. He wanted a taste of religion.

Q. What do you get when you cross a mountain lion with a ghost?
A. A boo-gar.

Q. What do you call a female wild cat?
A. She-lion.

Pick Up a Lion Cub Line: Me-wow.

Q. How many wild cats do you need for a square?
A. Four lions.

Q. What happened after a lion and a tiger escaped the zoo with a jaguar?
A. They were captured five miles away when the Jaguar got a flat tire.

Fe-Lion Fine Pick-Up Line: Hey Kit, they call me the cougar whisperer, 'cause I know exactly what a pussy needs.

Q. What does a she lion say to the king of the jungle?
A. I am woman, hear me roar!

An arrogant elk walks up to a group of mountain lions and tells them how much better he is than they are. He was consumed by pride. OOPS!

Q. What do religious lions say while getting ready for dinner?
A. Let us prey.

Q. What do you get if you cross a mountain lion with a mourning dove?
A. A coo-gar.

Q. What do you get if you cross a lion with a horny Himalayan ox?
A. A mane-y yak.

Q. What do you call a documentary that features lions? A. The Mane Event!Q. What do you call a big cat with chicken pox? A The dotted lion!Q. What is a lion's favorite day of the week? a. Chews-Day!

Q. What is an African male lion's favorite USA state?
A. Maine.

Q. What do you get if you cross an owl with a mountain lion?
A. A who-gar.

Free Lion Fine Pick-Up Line: Hey Kitty, an evening with me is like catnip 'cause I can make a cougar like you go wild.

Q. Which kind of big cat chases camels across the dessert?
A. The cameleon.

Q. How do big lazy cats spend their spare time?
A. Just lion around!

Q. Why was the new big cat tamer fined when he showed up for his first day of work?
A. For parking on the yellow lion.

Q. What do you get if you cross a tiger with a cougar?
A. A tigar.

Q. What do you call a mountain lion that's trapped in an outhouse?
A. Poo-gar.

Q. What ?do you get if you cross a cougar with a snake
A. A lion-ssss.

Q. What is a female lion called?
A. Lynn.

Q. What is it called when lions and tigers escape from the zoo?
A. A BIG CATastrophe!

Me-Wow! Police are investigating a lion cub corpse that was found in a Xerox machine. They're calling it a copy cat killing.

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