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Cheetah says: Happy Caturday!
Grinning Cat Says: Yesterday Was Caturday, So I'm Just Chillin' In the Sun!

q. What did the cat say after eating two robins ying in the sun? A. I just love Baskin Robins!


Saturday Cat Jokes and Wild Caturday Night Humor
Purr along with meow-valous Saturday puns, feline fine humor, and purr-fect weekend jokes.

Happy Caturday Jokes and Sat All Day Cat Puns
(Because Saturday Mane Event Jokes and A-Mew-Sing Weekend Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for Your Cat!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Roar-some Saturday night jokes, fun catnip LOLs, and party cat puns ahead.
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Black cat under the moon says: Me-Wow! It's Another Wild Caturday Night!Wolf jumping over kitten: It's Another Wuff Caturday Night!Laughing cat says: Happy Daturday, and I do mean Happy!

Q. What is a prowling Tom cat's goal on Caturday night?
A. Puss 'N Bootie.

Q. How do cats keep their alley crime free on a wild Caturday night?
A. They use claw enforcement.

Q. When do comedian cats tell the funniest jokes?
A. Kidder Day.

Q. Which day of the week does your dog dream about the most?
A. Caturday!

Q. How do you know it was an expecially brutal Caturday night?
A. Even your dog said it was "ruff!"

Q. Which day of the week is the most infamous for fatal car accidents?
A. Splatterr-Day. MEOW-CH!

Q. Which day of the weekend do felines think is absolutely purr-fect?
A. Caturday.

Q. Which song does a Tom cat on the prowl sing on Caturday night?
A. What's New Pussycat.

Q. What is a pampered kitty cat's favorite day of the week?
A. Cat-Her-Day.

Sheep Says to a Leopard: Caturday is not for the meek!Cute little kitten says: Me-Wow! It's Caturday!Cat says: Happy? Caturday!

Q. Which day of the week is the most fur-ocious?
A. Caturday.

Q. What did the puma say to the jaguar at the Caturday night poker party?
A. I'd be lion if I said I was a cheetah.

Q. Why did the little leopard always lose at Hide 'N Go Seek on Caturday afternoons?
A. 'Cause he was aloways spotted.

Q. What is a kitten's favorite Caturday party game?
A. Mewsical Chairs.

Q. What do you call a cat in a convertible cruising around on Caturday afternoon?
A. A car-pet.

Q. What happened after the cat swallowed a coin at the Caturday night poker game?
A. There was finally some money in the kitty!

Q. Why does Caturday stink?
A. Beause there's a turd smack dab in the middle of it!

Q. How do big lazy cats spend their spare time on Caturdays?
A. Just lion around!

Feline Fine Caturday Night Pick-Up Line: Hey Kitty, an evening with me is like catnip 'cause I can make a cougar like you go wild.

Lion Says: Caturday is the Mane Event!Tiger Says: Caturday is a real snoozer!Cute kitten says: Happy Caturday To Mew!

Q. What do you call a Caturday night comedian?
A. A punch lion.

Q. What do you call a big cat wearing a dapper hat on Caturday night?
A. Dandy lion!

Saturday Point to Ponder: If Caturday is the mane event, what was the opening act on FursDay?

Weekend Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, is your name Caturday? 'Cause I find you very relaxing.

Q. What did one alley cat say to another after the Caturday night fight was over?
A. Sir, you were quite a fur-midable opponent.

Caturday Night Pick-Up Line: Hey Kit, they call me the cat whisperer, 'cause I know exactly what a pussy needs.

Q. What snack do cats like on a really hot Caturday afternoon?
A. Mice cream.

Q. What does a cat use to make sure she has fresh breath for a big Caturday night date?
A. Mouse wash.

Feline Fine Caturday Night Pick-Up Line: Hey bae, my cat is dead, so can I play with your pussy instead?

Hypnotic leopard says: Happy CXaturdaze!Kitty cat says: Hello Caturday, So glad you're here again!Smiling male lion says: Happy Caturday!

Q. What is a cougar's favorite Caturday evening kill?
A. A stag with a nice rack.

Q. When is the easiest to shoo gangs of alley cats away?
A. Scatter-Day.

Caturday Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, is your name Cat? 'Cause you're purr-fect.

Q. What is purranoia?
A. The nagging fear that your cat is up to something on Caturday night.

Caturday Night Pick-Up Line: Hey Kitty, an evening with me is like catnip 'cause I can make a cougar like you go wild.

Q. On which day of the week are the most vases knocked over by house cats?
A. Shatterr-Day.

Q. What do you call a teen-aged big cat with acne who can't get a date for Caturday night?
A. The dotted lion.

Q. Which day of the week is the favorite of cat chefs?
A. Cat-Herb-Day.

Caturday Pick-Up Line: Hey Dude, is your name Lion? 'Cause you are the mane event!

Are you just here for the lynx? Happy Caturday!Caturday Trivia: Which side of a tiger has the most stripes? A. The Outside!Tiger Says: Caturday was going so well until I realized it was Sunday?

Q. What can you get online on Caturday that you can't get on any other day of the week?
A. Lots of lynx!

Q. Why was the Bob Cat in a bad mood at the Caturday speed dating event?
A. Because he prefers to be called Robert.

Q. When will you find the most inner city cats on the prowl downtown?
A. Cat-Urb-Day.

Q. Which day of the week features the most catty gossip online?
A. Chater-Day.

Q. Why couldn't the tired tiger get to sleep on Caturday night?
A. He had nothing to lion.

Saturday Point to Ponder: Do rats fear Caturdays, or do they party hearty and act as if there is no tomorrow, just like we do?

Q. When do cats shed the most hair all over the house?
A. Cat-Fur-Day.

Casual Caturday Chat Up Line: Is your daddy Tony, the Tiger? 'Cause you look grrreat!

Q. How can tigers just freely prowl around on Caturday without being spotted?
A. 'Cause they're striped.

Q. which day of the week ends with the most drunken female felines?
A. Cat-Her-Sway.

Q. Why do cats like Painful Caturday Puns all week long?
A. 'Cause they're claw-fully funny!

Caturday Night Hookup Lion: Hey Kitty, wanna play lion? Okay, you just kneel right there, and I'll throw you my meat.

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