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Sunflower Says: Happy One Day!
Parrots like Sundays, or at least that's what they say!
Hula Dancer Says: Happy Fun in the Sunday!
Pistol to Sun: Happy Gun Day?


Sunday Puns, Hot Humor, Weekend Laughs
Start a new week with Sol-id puns, hot weekend humor, bright smiles and super Sunday jokes.

Sunday Jokes, Helios Humor, Sol Day Puns
(Because Fun in the Sunday Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream at the Water Cooler on Monday Morning!)
Warning: Light Up Your Day with Caution! Shady jokes, well-rested humor, and stun day puns ahead.
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Champagne Says: Happy Fun in the Sunday!Superman Says: Please enjoy your Super Sunday!Q. What is a flower's favorite day of the week? A. Sunday!

Sunday Goal of the Day: To leave home as little as possible...

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Sabbath? 'Cause meeting you made the rest of my day!

Weekend Point to Ponder: Does it really count as the weekend if you don't do something Super pointless?

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey Bae, is your name Sol Invictus? 'Cause I'd like to conquer your heavenly body!

Q. What was the proudest event in the life of Sol?
A. The day when he had a sun.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey hottie, if your name is Sunnandaeg, does that mean you like hot dogs?

Q. Which days of the week are teh strongest? A. Saturday & Snday. The rest are week days!Do Re Me Fa, It's Sol Day!Space Alien Says: Happy Stun Day!

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, would you touch my arm so that I can tell everybody I've been touched by an angel?

Q. What does Sunday say when it doesn't give a crap about the day's drama?
A. Sol What!

Q. Why is Sunday so suspicious of the forest?
A. There are a lot of shady figures there.

Q. What is the Sunday's favorite song lyric?
A. Do Re Mi Fa SoL La Ti Do.

Q. Which day of the week does Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster really eat up?
A. Dydd Sul.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, would it be too shady to ask you out this Sunday?

Chimp Says: Enjoy Today because Monday's next!In my space, there's a day between Sunday and Monday! It's called Spaceday!Ice Cream Sundae Says: Happy Sunday!

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, do you have a tan, or do you always look that hot?

S p a c e Day Laugh: Life is short, so smile while you still have all your teeth...

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hi girl, Is your name Sunday? 'Cause you light up my life.

Hot Sunflower Says: Happy Sunday!Bottle of Beer Says: Happy Pun Day!Gold Medal Says: Happy Won-Day!

Q. Why do we get such a warm feeling on Sundays?
A. Because the surface of the sun is about 5,600 Celsius.

Q. How do self-employed people feel about Sunday?
A. Oh, Today is Sunday?

Q. Which day of the week always makes you smile, and then groan?
A. Pun Day!

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Helios? 'Cause you sure have one hot body!

Sunday Words of Wisdom: A Sunday well spent brings a week full of content.

Sunday Smile of the Day: Today is Sunday, so you deserve a medal for making it through the past week!

OMG! It's Sunday!Batman Says: The Sunday comic do not belong in your birdcage until Monday!Black Widow Spider Says: Happy SpunDay!

Sunday Point to Ponder: Does God say, "OMG! It's Sunday?"

Q. How do you become a superhero on Sunday afternoon?
A. Rescue a guy named Gallo who's been trapped inside a bottle!

Q. What is Happy Sunday the code name for?
A. Braless Wearing Pajamas Day.

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PainfulPuns Home
It's still Stun Day, so here's even more light humor, solar jokes,
and sunny painful puns to charge up your batteries for the next week:

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