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Happy Pundae!
Dog wearing wig and sunglasses says: Blondes Love Sundays!
Hot Dog! It's Sunday!
Gold Medal Asks: Which days of the week are the strongest? A. Saturday & Sunday. The rest are week days!


Super Sunday Humor, Sol Day Jokes, Sunny Puns
Wake up to Sunday morning humor, sweet Sundae puns, the Funnies and warm Fun Day jokes.

Sunday Jokes, Fun Day Puns, Weekend Humor
(Because Super Sunday Fun Day Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream Since the Weekend Isn't Over Yet!)
Warning: Sun Daze at Your Own Risk! Lazy weekend humor, relaxing jokes, and bunny Sunday puns ahead.
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Enjoy the weekend and have a super souper Sunday!Sol What? It's Sunday!Q. Which day of the week warms the heart of a snake? A. Sunday!

Q. How is Sunday like a superhero?
A. It swoops in to save you from two wicked nights of partying to begin a fresh new week.

Q. On which day of the week do superheroes usually get to take a break?
A. Super Sunday.

Q. What does Sunday say about the rest of the week's drama?
A. Sol What!

Q. Which musical day of the week knows what solmization means?
A. Singing Sunday.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, Is your name Sunday? 'Cause I want to sleep in your arms and wake up late.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hi girl, is you name Sunday? 'Cause I'd like to relax with you today.

Space Alien Says: Saturday was going so well until I realized it was Sunday!PainfulPuns Says: Happy Punday!Hula Dancer Says: Happy Fun in the Sunday!

Sunday Point to Ponder: Why is Sunday called Funday? What's so fun about realizing the next day is Monday?

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, is your name Sunnandaeg? 'Cause my dog really digs you!

Q. Why is Sunday called a day of rest?
A. Because you're doing the rest of the laundry, rest of the lawn mowing, and the rest of everything else that didn't get done on Saturday.

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Funday Sunday.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey hottie, is your name Sunnon? 'Cause you really have a warm smile!

Enjoy Sunday because it'll be Monday soon!Happy Sunday!Starburst Says: Happy Sol Day!

Hooray, it's Sunday! If you're still wearing pants, you're doing it wrong.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Sunny? 'Cause you just lit up my day.

Sunday Morning Rules of Etiquette: Shhhh! Please be quiet. I'm busy doing Sunday.

Sunflower Says: Happy Sunday!Penguin Asks: Did somebody say it's Nun Day?Sparkling Wine Says: Happy Funday!

Q. Why do we get such a warm feeling on Sundays?
A. Because the core of the sun is about 27,000,000 Fahrenheit.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, are you religious? 'Cause you're the answer to all my prayers.

Q. Why is Sunday called Funday?
A. Because it's Happy Hour all day long.

Tired dog with fleas says It's Sunday, so we're sleeping in!Dark Sun Says: Happy Gone Day!Enjoy Your Sundae!

Q. How can you tell you had a truly terrific Saturday night?
A. By the number of pics you have to un-tag on Sunday morning!

Lazy Sunday Point to Ponder: If you slack off on Sunday, are you wasting the day or just really doing it right?

Sunday Smile of the Day: I haven't been this excited about Sundae, since last Sunday!

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You've made it through Sun Daze, so here's more hot humor, sunny smiles,
shady jokes and Sol-ful painful puns to keep you laughing all week long:

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