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A day on Venus lasts 5832 hours about the same as one Monday on Earth!
Big ape says: If each day is a gift, I'd like to know where I can return Monday!
If Monday was a hair style, it would be a mullet!
Breaking News: Tuesday Sucks As Bad As Monday!


Monday Morning Humor, Luna Jokes, Mon Puns
Wake up to howling funny moon day jokes, weak day puns, and Monday sucks humor.

Monday Jokes, Moon Day Puns, Dies Lunae LOLs
(Because Moon Day Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream If Your @#$%! Alarm Didn't Go Off Monday Morning!)
Warning: Begin the Week with Caution! Day after Sunday jokes, man day humor, and meme day puns ahead.
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Monday morning coffee is just as important as Friday night beer...almost!If Monday was a movie, it would be very long and boring!Green Alien Says: I can tell how good my weekend was by how many pictures I have to untag on Monday!

Q. Which day of the week do craft beer drinkers look forward to?
A. MugDay.

Monday walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Get outta here, Mon. It's only Sunday!"

Monday Point to Ponder: If every day is a gift, why can't you return Monday for a day that fits you better?

Q. Why aren't Mondays that bad afterall?
A. Because they only comprise 1/7 of the year – unless it's an unfortunate leap year...

Q. Which day of the week do hookers really dig?
A. ManDay.

Q. How are Mondays like vampires?
A. Because they suck!

Alien says: The seven days of the Earth week: Monday...I like Tuesday because it's furthest away from next Monday!Happy Monday! More Coffee Please

Q. Which day of the week does a planet enjoy most?
A. MoonDay.

Monday Pick-Up Line: Hey there, are you a hipster? 'Cause it's not mainstream to meet the love of your life on a Monday.

Monday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Microsoft? 'Cause I'd let you crash at my place.

Non Monday Pick-Up Line: Without you, babe, every day is another Monday.

Q. Which is the thirstiest day of the week?
A. MugDay.

Monday Pick-Up Line: Hey there, is your name Monday? 'Cause I've waited all weekend to see you!

What the Who? Is it Monday again?Happy Pun Day!TARDIS Asks: Why are you so jazzed it's Friday? Monday in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Q. Which day of the week do British mothers enjoy the most?
A. MumDay.

Monday Morning Bummer: Due to budget cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off until Tuesday!

Monday Point to Ponder: If Monday was a hair style, would it be a mullet?

Batman Says: The Sunday comic do not belong in your birdcage until Monday!Happy Mon-ey-day!Happy Moon Day! From PainfulPuns!

News Flash: Tuesday sucks almost as much as Monday does!

Q. Which day of the week do bill collectors like the most?
A. MONeyDay.

Monday Thought of the Day: I've heard about history repeating itself, but I wish the vicious cycle of Monday mornings would stop!

Happy Moon Day!Enjoy Fun Day before Monday gets here!Happy Meme Day! From PainfulPuns

Q. Which day of the week do jumping cows get excited about?
A. MoonDay.

Monday Point to Ponder: We all love those Monday holidays and short work week. You still have to get a full week's work done and you do it, so why can't every week be a 4-day work week?

Q. Which day of the week do visual jokesters enjoy the most?
A. MemeDay.

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