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Q. What do you call a singing elf with sideburns? A. Elfis!
Q. What do you learn at Santa's helper school? A. The Elf-a-bet!
Q. What do you call an elf wearing ear muffs? A. Anything you want. He can't hear you!
Q. Who is Santa's all-time favorite singer? A. Elf-is Presley!


Elf Puns, Jokes, Elfin Humor, Funny Xmas Elves
Laugh along with little elf humor, elf 'n funny puns, elf-a male grins and Santa's helper jokes.

Elf Jokes, Santa's Little Helper Humor, Short Puns
(Because Little Christmas Jokes and Impish Xmas Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream For An Elf On the Shelf!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! North Pole jokes, little LOLs, elfish holiday humor and elF-ing funny puns ahead.
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Q. Why was Santa's little helper depressed? A. He had low elf esteem!Q. Why doesn't Sant let the elvs cook? A. the steaks are too high!Q. What does an elf cook use in the kitchen? A. A U-Tinsel!

Q. What do nuclear elfin engineers fear most at the North Pole?
A Meltdown.

Q. What did the elves call Santa after he ate a brrr-ito and a chilly dog for lunch?
A. Farter Christmas.

Q. Why didn't Santa launch his sleigh from the North Pole on time?
A. There were small elf and safety concerns.

Q. Can you help a little fellow who has lost the Christmas spirit?
A. Yes, just nurse them back to elf.

Q. What is a mischevious elf's favorite seafood dish?
A. Shrimp scamp-i.

Q. What do elves order for breakfast at the North Pole iHop?
A. The short stack.

Q. What do elves like to cook on the BBQ grill during their off season?
A. Short ribs.

Q. Which kind of bread do elves prefer to use when they make sandwiches?
A. Short bread!

Q. Which condition did the elf suffer from after he ate Christmas decorations?
A. Tinsel-itis!

Q. What is a jolly little elf's favorite breakfast cereal?
A. Lucky Charms.

Q. What do elves call the Lucky Charms leprechaun's evil twin?
A. Tragically malicious.

Q. What do elf chefs serve leprechauns on St. Patrick's Day?
A. Unicorned beef.

Q. What do you call a frozen elf hanging from the roof? A. An Elf-cicle!Q. How does an elf get to Santa's workshop? A. By Icicle!Q. Did Rudolph the reindeer go to school? A. No, he was elf-taught!

Q. Which kind of car do elves prefer to drive?
A. Toy-ota.

Q. Why did Santa Claus have to go to his doctor?
A. Due to bad elf.

Q. What do you call Santa's helpers if you don't want to use the elF-world?
A. Subordinant clauses.

Q. Which exercise do elves at Santa's candy factory do to stay fit?
A. Peppermint twists.

Q. What do you call a musically gifted elf?
A. A Christmas Rap Artist!

Q. Which of Santa's little helpers has side burns and sings?
A. Elfis.

Q. Who is the king of Santa's rocking helpers?
A. Elfis, thank you very much.

Q. What do you call an Xmas elf that likes hip hop and speaks to the beat?
A. Wrapper.

Q. Why didn't reindeers launch Santa's sleigh on time?
A. There were a few elf and safety concerns.

Q. Who is the disco elf's favorite reindeer?

Q. What do elves in training do when they get home from school?
A. Gnome work.

Q. What is the first thing little elves learn at school?
A. The elf-a-bet.

Q. What do elves eat for breakfast? A. Frosted Flakes!Q. Where do elves go to dance? A. Christmas balls!Q. What do lawn ornaments do over winter break? A. Go gnome for the holidays!

Q. How can you tell that an elf has been eating your holiday gingerbread men?
A. They've been nibbled only from the knees down.

Q. Why were the elf's feet cold?
A. The cute little she elf knocked his socks off!

Q. What do you call a greedy little gnome at Christmas time?
A. Elfish.

Q. What is it so easy for elves to cook up Christmas cookies in the kitchen?
A. Because they know where every kitchen u-tinsel is.

Q. Where do elves throw when they want to party?
A. Christmas balls.

Q. What do North Pole elves call cutting down a tree for the holidays?
A. Christmas Chopping.

Q. Which Christmas decor do Santa's little helpers absolutely despise?
A. Elf On The Shelf!

Q. What summer job did the elf get at the North Pole Restaurant?
A. Short order cook.

North Pole Pick-Up Line: Girl, I am quite the elf-a-male.

Q. Where did Santa's little helpers go to be educated?
A. They are gnome-schooled.

Q. What is a young elf's favorite class at North Pole Elementary School?
A. Snow and Tell.

Q. What do trainees learn at Santa's Helper School?
A. The elf-a-bet.

Q. Why are Santa's helpers lacking in musical discipline?
A. They're all elf taught!

North Pole Pick-Up Line: Hey elfman, I'm a rebel without a Claus.

Q. Why was Santa's little helper depressed? A. He had low elf esteem!Why did Santa have to see the doctor? A. Because of his bad elf!Q. What is a gnome's favorite Xmas carol? A. Freeze A Jolly Good Fellow!

Q. Why weren't the garden gnomes sad when the headless snowman melted?
A. Because he was snowbody.

Q. Why are elves on summer vacation such great house guests?
A. Because they only stay a short time.

Q. How does the little elf get to his job at Santa's Winter Workshop?
A. He rides his icicle.

Q. What happens if you cross an elf and a worgen?
A. You get a tiny new life-form called a micro-worgnomism.

Q. Why do elves like Halloween?
A. Because there are so many other little gremlins out in the neighborhood.

Q. What do little elves at the North Pole like to snack on?
A. Frosted Flakes.

Q. Why did the dyslexic elf hang out in Satan's garden?
A. Because he'll have one hell of a good time there.

Q. Why was Santa's little helper so depressed over the holidays?
A. Because he had low elf esteem.

Q. Why are elves so cold at Christmas time?
A. Because it's Decem-brrrr.

Q. What do you call a frozen elf hanging off the roof?
A. An elf-cicle.

Q. What do you call an elf wearing earmuffs?
A. Whatever. He can't hear you anyway!

Q. Do reindeers go to school?
A. No, they're elf-taught.

Q. What do gnomes call the last Christmas carol pun here that just isn't funny?
A. The First No-LOL!

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