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Q. Which day of the week do chickens hate? A. Fry-Day!
Cow flying over the moon  says: Happy Friday, from the Universe!
Big fish says: Happy Fries Day!
Why do chickens hate Friday? Seriously?


Finally Friday Jokes, Fry-Day Humor, Fire Day Puns
Get ready for the weekend with Fried Day puns, Free Day humor, and Fright Day the 13th jokes.

TGIF Jokes, Happy Friday LOLs, Flight Day Humor
('Cause Feeling Fine Day Jokes and Horsy Fly Day Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream On Fabulous Friday Night!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Finally Free Day jokes, Bye Day humor, and buggy Fly Day puns ahead.
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Cheeky monkey says: Happy Friday, You Animal!Bulldog wearing a bow tie says: My name is TGIF, and I can pronounce it!Q. What is an eagle's favorite day of the week? A. Flight Day!

Q. Why did the girl-illa just roll her eyes when the big ape hit on her?
A. 'Cause it was Sigh-Day night.

Q. What were the loud partying donkeys doing on Friday night?
A. Cele-bray-ting.

Q. Why was the dog so glad when it was finally Friday?
A. 'Cause it was a really ruff week at at the sandpaper factory

Q. At a Friday happy hour singles party, what is the difference between a dog and a fox?
A. About a six pack.

Q. When do a lot of people get to join the Mile High Club?
A. On Flight Day.

Q. Why are Friday night owl parties always so popular?
A. 'Cause they're a real hoot.

Q. What is a wolf's favorite day of the week? A. Free-Day!Q. which day of the week freaks out chickens? A. Fry Day!Housefly with red eyes says: Happy Fly Day!

Q. Which day of the week do lone wolves always howl about?
A. Guy Day.

Q. Why do drunken wolf parties always start at midnight on Friday night?
A. So they'll have a howling good weekend.

Q. Why don't farm chickens celebrate Flight Day along with the lams?
A. Because they can't fly.

Q. How long did the great horned bird's Friday partying go on at Hooters?
A. Owl night long.

Q. Which day of the week do radioactive insects dread the most?
A. Freaky Fly Day.

Q. How was the frog's Friday night kegger party?
A. It was a hopsy occasion.

Tarantula says: The only day worse than Friday the 13th is Spun-Day the 13th!Cheeky chimp says: A rainy Friday is still better than a sunny Monday!Q. Which day of the week do monkeys look forward to? A. Friday! Because they can spell it!

Q. Why was the spider smiling in her web on Thursday night?
A. 'Cause tomorrow is finally Fly-Day!

Q. What is a spider's favorite Friday party game?
A. Spin the Bottle.

Q. Where does a Sasquatch go to party on Friday night?
A. Only Bigfoots and hispters know.

Q. What do you call an Abominable Snowman with a six-pack on Friday night?
A. Yeti to party.

Q. Why was the jungle animals' Friday night party such a snoozer?
A. Because they forgot the chimps and dip.

Q. What is an owl's TGIF party called?
A. A hootenanny.

Q. How did a cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay for three days, and ride out on Friday? A. His Horse's name is Friday!Black cat says: The only day worse than Friday the 13th is Monday the 13th!Q. What do chickens say about Friday? A. Buck Wuck Chuck Muck F'ck!

Q. Why do race horses like Friday afternoon?
A. 'Cause for them, the work week just flies right by.

Q. Which kind of social gatherings do pigs like the most?
A. Sow-prise parties on Friday nights!

Q. Why do black cats look forward to Friday the 13th?
A. 'Cause Fright-Day gets them feline fine.

Q. What did the puma say to the jaguar at the Friday night poker game?
A. I'd be lion if I said I was a cheetah.

Q. Why do chickens despise Fridays?
A. 'Cause in the language of chickens, Fry and Die mean the same thing.

Q. What do chickens serve at Friday afternoon parties?
A. Coop cakes!

Smokey The Bear Says: Happy Fire Day!Baby Chick Says: Mondays Are Great! Fridays Are BrutalQQ. What is a killa gorilla's favorite day of the week? A. Bye Day!

Q. Why did the cops give the red hot blonde a ticket?
A. 'Cause it was Fine-Day.

Q. Why do walruses like Tupperware parties on Friday nights?
A. They're always on the lookout for a tight seal.

Q. Which day did the egotistical narcissist go on and on about all week long?

Q. How do cows a-moos themselves at Friday after-moon parties
A. They play Moo-sical Chairs.

Q. What's a drunken gorilla's favorite day of the week?
A. Rye Day.

Q. What did the over-enthusiastic party animal say to the host at midnight on Friday night?
A. Mind if I hang over at your place in the morning?

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