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Happy Baturday!
Alaskan Malamute Says: It's Another Ruff Saturday Night!
Horse Says: Happy Saddle Day!
Wolf jumping over kitten: It's Another Wuff Caturday Night!


Saturday Jokes, Sitter Day Puns, Weekend Humor
Relax and just chill with Sat-Today puns, Setter Day humor, and ruff Saturday night jokes.

Wild Saturday Night Jokes and Sat All Day Puns
(Because Disco Fever Puns and Just Chillin' Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream If You're Doing Saturday Right!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Slithers Day jokes, Fatter Day humor, Butter Day LOLs and Ratter Day puns ahead.
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Wolf Says: It's Another WUFF Saturday Night!Bulldog says: It's Saturday night, and I'm just chillin'!Q where do cows go on Saturday nights? A. To the moo-vies!

Q. Why don't canines ever suffer from hangovers after a ruff Saturday night?
A. Hair of the dog...

Q. Which day of the week isn't nearly as happy as Sunday?
A. Sadder Day.

Q. What is a blodhound's favorite day of the week?
A. Scenter-Day.

Q. Why did the police arrest the guy who was playing pool last Saturday night?
A. He was picking pockets.

Q. Wher do cows enjoy spending some time on a Saturday afternoon/
A. At the Moo-dern Art Moo-seum.

Q. Where do roofing contractors go to relax on Saturday night?
A. The Shingle's Bar!

Big lazy dog says: Happy Sat All Day!Q. What do chicken families do on Saturday afternoons? A. They go on peck-nics!Bassethound Dog says: It's Another Ruff Saturday Night!

Q. Why was the Golden Retriever up on the couch all day?
A. 'Cause she heard today is Sit-Here-Day.

Q. Why did Blonde bring a ladder to the bar on Saturday night?
A. Because the drinks were on the house.

Q. What is the most depressing day of the week for lonely spinsters?
A. Sad-Her-Day.

A topless bar tried to have a Saturday Polka night, but all the accordianists kept getting hurt.

Our house has an open door policy on Saturdays. Bring beer, and we'll open the door.

Q. Why was the party dog listening to Panic At The Disco?
A. 'Cause It's Saturday Night!

Mellow yellow lab says: It's Saturday night, and I'm just chillin'!Rattlesnake says: Happy Rattler Day!Well-Mannered Dog Says: Happy Sitter Day!

Q. Why is the dog so happy today?
A. 'Cause it's Saturday! Or Friiday, or FunDay, or ...

Q. Why did the blonde wear her Thank God It's Friday T-shirt on Sunday?
A. Because she found religion on Saturday night.

Q. Where do snakes like to go on Saturday afternoos?
A. Visit the Hiss-tory Museum.

Q. Waht do Lego figures do when they want to have a little fun in the neighborhood?
A. They have a block party on Saturday.

Q. Why was the dog just perched in one spot all afternbon?
A. 'Cause it was Sit-Today afternoon.

A guy was browsing at the liquor store on Saturday, so the clerk asked, "Do you need help?" The bachelor replied, "Yes, but I'm here to get whiskey instead."

Bassethound says: Happy Mutter Day!Plump pink pig says: Happy Fatter Day!Mouse says: Happy Ratter Day!

Q. When do big hungry dogs always drool the most
A. Slobber-Day.

Q. What happened when the guy got hit in the head with a beer bottle on Saturday night?
A. It didn't break the skin, but it did leave a nasty brews.

Q. Why was the lonely carpenter sad on Saturday night?
A. He didn't get lathed.

Q. Which day of the week tends to infuriate a lot of people?
A. Madder Day.

Q. What is the perfect suburban summer Saturday morning?
A. When the sky is blue, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, birds are singing and your neighbor's lawn mower is broken.

Q. When are naughty kids most apt to act up?
A. On Bratty-Day.

Irish Setter Says: Happy Setter Day!Monarch butterfly says: Happy Butters Day!Smiling Snake Says: Happy Slithers Day!

Q. What is a tennis player's favorite day of the week?
A. Set-Here-Day

Q. What did the guy enjoy after a successful Saturday night poker game?
A. He celebrated with won dollar bills.

Q. When do you have to clean the bugs off your windshield the most often?
A. Splatter-Day

Q. Which day of the week is the best for ridding you indoor space of houseflies?
A. Swatter-Day.

Q. When do people tend to use the most shanpoo?
A. On Lathers-Day.

Q. Why did the college freshman blow chunks all over the house on Saturday night?
A. Because he wasn't party trained.

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