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Q. Which day of the week warms the heart of a snake? A. Sunday!
Big cat with kitten says: Happy Son Day!
Bulldog Says: Sundays Make Me Feel Warm!
Black Widow Spider Says: Happy SpunDay!


Sunny Jokes, Sunday Funday Puns, SonDay Humor
Wrap up the weekend with cool Sunday puns, sun burned humor, and funny sunny side up jokes.

Sunday Jokes, Cool SunDaze Humor, Weekend Puns
(Because Hot Sunday Jokes and Cold SpunDay Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream On Mourn-Day Morning!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Sunday-loving jokes, wonderful weekend humor, and Fun Day puns ahead.
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T-Rex says: Dinsaurs do not like Sundays or other cosmic days!Dog wearing wig and sunglasses says: Blondes Love Sundays!Alaskan Maamute Dog Says: I'm Too Cool To Be a Fan of Sunday!

Q. Which day of the week do Star Trek red shirts prefer?
A. Stun Day.

Q. What do you call a conversation with the sun on a cloudless Sunday?
A. Enlightening.

Q. Which day of the week just can't get here fast enough?
A. Soon Day.

Q. Why did the blonde think it was Sunday?
A. Duh, because the sun is out!

Q. Which are the hottest days during the summer?
A. Sundays.

Q. Why do hipsters always dig Sundays so much?
A. 'Cause Sunday's not cool yet.

Fox Says: So It's Sunday? Zero Fox Given!Upsidedown Bat Says: No, Bats Do Not Like Sunday!Sweet Littlw Blue Bird Says: Budgies Think Sundays Are Tweet!

Q. Which weekend day do promiscuous people eagerly await?
A. Slut Day.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hi there hottie, is your name Sol? 'Cause you really could be my mate!

Q. When do NFL football players make the most mistakes?
A. On Sin Days.

Q. What do raindrops get if they go to a Sunday afternoon event that is canceled due to weather?
A. A sun check.

Q. How can you tell the sky isn't happy on a clear Sunday afternoon?
A. It's blue!

Q. Which day of the week is cleaner than all the rest?
A. Suds Day.

Parrots like Sundays, or at least that's what they say!Q. Do Canada geese chill on Sundays? A. No, they honk seven days a week!Q. Why do chickens hate Sundays? A Sunny side up!

Q. Which day of the week never gets here, hard as you may wish for it?
A. Some Day.

Q. What is a politician's favorite day of the week?
A. Spin Day.

Q. Which weekend day is the fave of the guy with the greenest lawn on the block?
A. Sod Day.

Q. When are twisters and tornadoes the most active?
A. Spin Days.

Q. How do all great Sunday afternoon cookouts begin?
A. With a meat and greet.

Q. What is a female pig's favorite day of the week
A. Sow Day.

Q. What do you call a cat that digs in sand on the weekend? A. Sunday Claws!Flying Bat Says: It's Sunday! Batter Believe It!Big bull says to little bull: No Bull! It's Son Day!

Q. Which day of the week is the most popular among the dregs of the earth?
A. Scum Day.

Sunday Point to Ponder: If Sunday is a girl, why is her name Sol?

Q. If moms have Mother's Day and dads have Father's Day, what is a single guy's holiday?
A. Palm Sunday.

Q. Which day of the week is the favorite of math teachers?
A. Sum Day.

Q. Which day of the week are calves really into?
A. Shin Day.

Q. Why did the Sun smile on Sunday?
A. It saw the back side of the moon.

Tarantula Says: Happy SpunDay!Fish says: You'd think sunfish would like Sundays, but they don't!Sleepy dog with bugs says: The Sunday feeling is so flea-ting!

Q. On which day of the week do the most hornet attacks happen?
A. Stung Day.

Q. When do stationary bike riders finally get to rest?
A. After Spun Day.

Sunday School Teacher: Why is it important to be quiet in church?
Student: Because so many people are sleeping.

Q. When is the best time to go to the beach?
A. On Sand Day.

Q. What do you call a cold and rainy summer Sunday?
A. Sog Day.

Q. Why is beer better than religion?
A. Because beer doesn't care if you sleep in late on Sunday morning.

Q. How can you tell a happy motorcyclist was out riding all afternoon on Sunday?
A. You can see the bugs in his teeth.

Q. What spoiled the Sunday evening barbecue?
A. When the mosquitoes next door dropped by for a bite.

Q. What did the preacher, who sells Avon on the side, say at Sunday services?
A. Let us spray.

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