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Q. Which Earth day did aliens fin first? A. Sunday!
Q. Which days of the week are teh strongest? A. Saturday & Snday. The rest are week days!
Enjoy Sunday because it'll be Monday soon!


Sunday Funnies, Fun Day Humor, Punday Jokes
Begin the week with sweet sundae humor, sunny puns, lazy laughs and Sunday morning jokes.

Sunday Puns, Sol Day Jokes, Sundae Humor
(Because Punny Fun Day Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When You're Looking Forward to Sunday!)
Warning: Rest and Relax with Caution! Sabbath humor, Sonntag jokes, and sweet Sundae puns ahead.
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Happy Bun Day!Sun Says: Thank God It's Sunday!Beer Bottle Says: Happy Sunday!

Yum, it's Fun in the Bun Sunday and that's not the wurst part of the week!

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hi there hottie, is your name Sol? 'Cause you really could be my mate!

Sunday Point to Ponder: Is Sunday God's favorite day of the week?

Sunday Point to Ponder: Does God feel bummed out when it's 11:59 PM on Sunday night?

Q. Why is Sunday happy?
A. Because of all the sunny puns, and beer!

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Star? 'Cause you really light up my life!

Happy Sunflower Says: Happy Sunday!The ghost of Sunday haunts you to know it was fun!Tiger Says: Caturday was going so well until I realized it was Sunday?

Q. Why is Sunday always so happy?
A. Because Sol always looks on the bright side of things.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hi hottie, is your name Domingo? 'Cause I'd like to begin my week with you!

Q. How is a weekend just like a rainbow?
A. You can see them from a distance, but when you get close they begin to disappear.

Q. Which weekend day is best for resting, lazing around, and taking it easy?
A. Sunday.

Sunday Point to Ponder: Does your cat really give a rat's ass about whatever day of the week it is?

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, is your name Zondag? 'Cause you'z got this dog's attention!

Smiling Sun Rays Say: Happy Sol Day!Happy Pundae!Steak Says: Happy Done Day!

Sunday Good News, Bad News: Sunday is the last day of the weekend.

Q. Which day of the week is the best to do some soul searching?
A. Sol Day.

Pundae: Now we know why Sundays are so sweet!

Q. Which day of the week is the sweetest and gives you brain freeze?
A. Sundae Pun Day.

Warning: Going to sleep on Sunday night will cause another tired Monday morning.

Q. How do you know your weekend is nearly over?
A. When it's Done-Day.

Hulk Says: Saturday was going so well until I realized it was Sunday!We need a day between Sunday & Monday. Let's call it Punday!Wine Glass Says: Happy Sunday!

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, you're hot and it's Sunday, so let's have some fun before the weekend is over.

Q. How can you tell it's Sunday morning?
A. Your right eye is glued shut and your left eye won't stop twitching!

Q. What is the funniest day of the week?
A. Punday Sunday.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Sonntag? 'Cause you are IT!

Q. What makes Sunday so much fun?
A. Wine.

Sunday Pick-Up Line: Hi there hottie, is your name Sabbath? 'Cause you are holy hot!

Sunflower Says: Happy One Day!Joggers Say: Happy Run Day!Posterized Sunflower Says: Happy Sunday!

Q. Why is Sunday Number One?
A. Because it's not the wurst day of the week.

Sunday Words of Wisdom: No matter how far you run on Sunday, you can't stay far enough ahead of Monday...

Q. What did the damsel in distress say on Saturday night while waiting to be rescued?
A. Sunday my prince will come.

Q. Why do we get such a warm feeling on Sundays?
A. Because the surface of the sun is about 10,000 Fahrenheit.

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