Q. what kind of animal jumps when it walks and sits when it stands? A. A Kangaroo!   PainfulPuns.com - Animal Puns, Wildlie Humor, Beary Funny Jokes!

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Q. What is a kangaroo's favorite year? A. Leap Year!
q. What is a kangaroo's favorite kind of candy? A. Lolli-hops!


Roo Jokes, Kangaroo Puns, Jack Humor, Jill LOLs
Hop along with kanga prude puns, mob humor, clang-a-roo grins and jumpy down unda jokes.

Kangaroo Jokes, Joey Puns, Flyer LOLs, Buck Humor
(Because Jill Doe Jokes and Jacked Up Roo Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When You're Jumpng for Joey!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Marsupial jokes, kanga roux LOLs, outback court humor, and kanga brew puns ahead.
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Q. How does a kangaroo win a gold medal?  A. In the Long Jump!
q. Why did the kangaroo hesitate? A. He didn't want to jump to a conclusion!
Q. What is a kangaroo's favorite season? A. Spring!

Q. What do Aussie wildlife biologists call the mating ritual of roos?
A. Kanga woo.

Q. What do you get if you cross a flyer roo with a Wedge-tailed eagle?
A. A dead kanga flew.

Q. What do Aussies call roo regrets?
A. Kanga rues.

Q. What do flyer kangaroos do when they're happy?
A. They jump for joey.

Q. What do you call the buck roo that just moved in nextdoor?
A. Kanga new.

Q. Why was the roo's artwork featurred at the museum?
A. 'Cause Kanga drew.

Q. What's the name of the hoppiest craft beer cooked up down unda?
A. Kanga Brew.

Q. What do Jacks and Jills enjoy at a wild outback party?
A. Kanga booze.

Q. What do you get if you cross a roo with a frat boy?
A. Kanga Nu.

Q. What do you call a tired athletic kangaroo? a. Out of Bounds!
q. What do you get if you cross a kangaroo and a cow? A. a Kanga-Moo!
q. Where do kangaroos like to eat breakfast a. at IHOP!

Q. Which kind of marsupial carries a six-shooter?
A. The bang-a-roo.

Q. What do Aussies call a roo that never exaggerates or lies?
A. Kanga true.

Q. How do you make a kanga stew?
A. Keep a roo waiting...

Q. What do you get if you cross a roo with a wildebeest?
A. A kanga-gnu.

Q. What do you get when you cross a roo with a skunk?
A. Kanga pew.

Q. What do you get if you cross an alley cat with a roo?
A. Kanga mew.

Q. Which down unda animal was a dooir-to-door salesman?
A. Rang A. Roo.

Q. Which ingrdient makes the Aussie chef's gamey Roo Stew palatable?
A. Kanga roux.

Q. What do Australians call a cussing roo?
A. Dang-a-roo.

q. What did the train conductor say to the kangaroo? A. Hop one!
Did you hear about the kangaroo who drowned? He jumped off the deep end!
Q. What game do drunk kangaroos like to play? A. Hop-Scotch!

Q. What does a roo say when he wants to be included as well?
A. Kanga, too!

Q. Who is the leader of all the courts on the south side of Canberra?
A. King O. Roos.

Q. What keeps a troop of roos cemented together in their court?
A. Kanga Glue.

Q. How do you describe a sad Aussie marsupial?
A. Kanga blue.

Q. What cute kangaroo nickname is actually sort of gross?
A. Cud-dles.

Q. How do you hang a roo?
A. With a kanga noose.

Q. What do Aussies call a marsupial hopping around in an orange grove?
A. Tang-aroo.

Q. What does a Jack call a Jill that just won't let go after mating season?
A. Cling-a-roo.

Q. What can you make with chopped roo meat?
A. Kanga Suey. EW!

Q. Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building? A. Yes, buildings ca't jump!
Q. What do you get if you cross a turtle, giraffe, and a kangaroo? A. A turtleneck jumper!
Q. What do you call a talking kangaroo? A. a quantum leap!

Q. What do Aussies call the top of a roo's head?
A. The kanga roof.

Q. What do boomers call a flyer that's prim and proper?
A. Kanga prude.

Q. What do you get if you cross a wallaby with a bell?
A. A clang-a-roo.

Q. What do you get when you cross a vampire with a kangaroo?
A. Count Fang O. Roo.

Q. What do you get if you cross a roo with a witch?
A. Kanga shrew.

Q. How many roos does it take to change a light bulb?
A. A kanga few.

Q. What is a kangaroo's favorite Christmas carol?
A. Joey to the World.

Q. Where are roos seated for Sunday morning services?
A. In the kanga pew.

Q. How do you measure how much a baby joey has grown?
A. With a kanga ruler.

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