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Q. What is a crow contractor's favorite tool? A. a Caw-lk gun!
Q. What do crows drink to stay awake? A. Caw-fe!

Q. Do crafty crows enjoy knitting? A. No, they prefer to crochet!
Q. What are common ravens afraid of? a. Scarecrows!


Raven Jokes, American Crow Puns, Corvus LOLs
Caw along with ravenous bird puns, crow-mantic grins, caw-feinated humor and crow's feet jokes.

Crow Jokes, Caw Puns, Big Black Bird Humor
(Because Caw-mon Sense Jokes and Cawsual Relationship Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for Edgar Allan Crow!)
Warning: Proceed Cautiously! Marauding crow jokes, caw wash LOLs, crow knee grins and just be caws puns ahead.
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Q. Which television humor channel do crows prefer? A. Caw-medy Central!
Q. what is a crow's favorite spring blooming flower? A. The Crocus!
Q. Why do common ravens like roosters so much? A. Because they crow!

Q. What do you call a crow standing in a corn field telling jokes?
A. Caw-median.

Q. What do they call the anonymous crow that tells funny jokes?
A. The Unknown Cawmic

Q. Why do crows tell really dumb jokes?
A. Just be-caws!

Q. What do you get if you cross a raven with an acorn?
A. A Crow-k tree.

Q. What do you get if you cross a raven with a foul-mouthed snapdragon?
A. A crow-cuss plant.

Q. Why were all the crows screaching when the corn field caught on fire?
A. It was caws for alarm!

Q. What did the bald eagle say to taunt the old molting raven?
A. Hey, crow-m dome.

Q. What is a love bird's favorite song lyric?
A. Isn't It Crow Mantic.

Q. Why don't crows have any problem understanding what space aliens are saying?
A. Because they all speak the Cawsmic language.

Q. Where do crows go for a drink? A. The Crow Bar!
Q. Which browser do tech savvy crows prefer? A. Google Crow-m!
Did you hear about the germophobic raven? It always avoided microwbes!

Q. Which cocktail did the thirsty crow order at the bar?
A. A Caws-mopolitan.

Q. Which caw-feinated soft drink do big black birds like to sip on in a corn field?
A. Crow-ca Cola.

Q. What do you call a big bird bath just for traveling crows?
A. A caw wash.

Q. What do you get if you cross an English occultist with a prophetic raven?
A. Aleister Crowley.

Q. Which steely gray element is the favorite of ravens?
A. Crow-mium.

Q. Why don't crows make stupid mistakes?
A. They're born with caw-mon sense.

Q. Why did the big black bird go to see a doctor?
A. 'Caws he felt really crow-my.

Q. What do mother Corvus birds call it when their babies suddenly get bigger?
A. A crowth spurt.

Q. How do you get an insane crow locked up?
A. You have him caw-mitted.

Q. Which kind of bird sticks to sweaters? A. A Vel-Crow!
Q. Which kitchen gadget is a raven chef's favorite? A. A microw-wave oven!
Q. When did paleolithic crows first encounter humans? A. During the crow-magnon period!

Q. What do you get if you cross a crow with Super Glue?
A. A caw-stick compound.

Q. Why did crows enjoy Carl Sagan's PBS series so much?
A. Because he talked about the cawsmos billions and billions of times.

Q. What do you get if you cross a crow with a camouflaged lizard?
A. A caw-meleon.

Q. How do you describe the appetite of a hungry crow in a corn field?
A. Ravenous.

Q. What do you get if you cross a Colorado crow with King Soopers?
A. Kroger.

Q. What do Colorado crows like for dessert in August?
A. Palisade Peach caw-bler.

Q. What do you get if you cross a raven with Bigfoot?
A. Crow Magnon Man.

Q. Where are successful peace talks conducted between crows and corn farmers?
A. On caw man ground.

Q. How can you tell a birdwatcher likes ravens and other members of the corvus family?
A. 'Caws when they smile, they get crow's feet.

Q.. How did a bird break into a house? a. With a crow bar!
Q. What do birds in the corvidae family stand on? A. Crow's feet!
Q. What is the most popular video game among crows? A. Caw Of Duty!

Q. What do you call the leader of the flock of marauding crows?
A. Branch manager.

Q. Who were the thieving crows avoiding while they were on the lam?
A. The caw-ps.

Q. What was the crow sales rep at the birdseed company looking for?
A. New cawstomers.

Q. Who is every raven's favorite macabre writer?
A. Edgar Allan Crow.

Q. Why do crows give so much to charity?
A. They like to contribute to a good caws.

Q. Why are ravens and big black birds in the corvid family so popular among other avians?
A. Because of their crow knees.

Q. What are horny ravens seeking in the spring?
A. A little crow-mance.

Q. What do commitment-phobic crows seek at online dating sites?
A. A caws-ual relationship.

Q. Which Shakespeare tragedy do star-crossed ravens lovers relate to?
A. Crow-meo and Juliet.

Q. Why do ravens make great realtors? A. because they know a lot about escrows!
Q. Why did a raven make such a great programmer? a. He got a c++ in Crow!
Q. Why do ravens like pirates more than parrots do? A. Because their ships have crows nests!

Q. What do crows like to do to protest oppressive Western music bans?
A. Rock the Cawsbah.

Q. What do ravens call their closest pals and companions?
A. Crownies.

Q. Why were noisy crows hanging out on the road above the river embankment?
A. 'Cause it was a caws-way.

Q. How did the loud and flashy crow attract a mate?
A. He cawed her eyes.

Q. Why wouldn't the raven in Tibet join the band of maruding crows?
A. Because that's bad cawma.

Q. Which publication is the favorite of chic lady crows?
A. Caws-mopolitan Magazine.

Q. Where do crows like to go for a relaxing Caribbean vacation?
A. Cawsta Rica.

Q. Who is the favorite vocalist of ravens that fty over a winding road everyday?
A. Sheryl Crow.

Q. Why didn't the crow or the raven laugh at the last joke?
A. It was too caw-mplicated.

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