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Q. Which Earth day did aliens fin first? A. Sunday!
Q. How are the Enterprise and toilet paper alike? A. Both circle Uranus wiping out Klings!
Alien says: The seven days of the Earth week: Monday...
How do astronomers organize a party? They Planet
NASA just put a bunch of Holsteins into low earth orbit. Missioin name: The Herd Shot 'Round the World
Did you hear about the new telescope company? Business is looking up!


Planetary Puns, Mars Jokes, Solar System Humor
Rover over curious Mars jokes, Saturn LOLs, Uranus humor, Neptune notes and Pluto-less puns.

Planet Jokes, Saturn Humor, Uranus Puns
('Cause Planetary Jokes, Ringing Puns from Saturn, and Red Martian Humor Couldn't TOO Mainstream on Earth!)
Warning: Launch at Your Own Risk! Planet Jupiter Jokes, Mercury grins, Neptunes and hot as Venus puns ahead.
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Q. Why does a Mars rock taste better than an Earth rock? A. It's a little meteor!What kind of music do planets enjoy singing along to? Neptunes!Q. What do planets like to read? A. Comet Books!

Q. Where do planets and their moons go to study the solar system?
A. The University!

Q. What did Earth say to the other planets?
A. You all have no life!

Did you hear that scientists have discovered a planet that's entirely populated by robots? Yeah, it's called Mars!

Planetary Point to Ponder: All the other planets are named after cool stuff like gods, so why is Earth named after dirty shit you find on the ground?

Q. Where do Martians get their eggs?
A. From little green hens.

Q. What did Neptune say to Saturn?
A. Is Uranus in between us?

Q. What do the moons around Neptune say during the winter?
A. We're freezing our axis off!

Crappy Planetary Point to Ponder: Why is Uranus considered a planet, and not a black hole?

Q. Which planet smells worse than Uranus?
A. Poopiter!

Little Green Man Point to Ponder: Could aliens that probe humans actually be pro bono proctologists from another planet, say Uranus for example?

Q. Why is Saturn such a catchy name for a planet?
A. 'Cause it has a real ring to it!

Q. Why is Saturn so rich?
A. Because it has so many rings!

Q. What did Saturn tell its largest moon when it started getting too far away?
A. Titan up!

Planetary Point to Ponder: If Earth is the third planet from the sun, then isn't every nation here a third-world country?

Q. What is it called if you get your rover stuck in a rut on Mars?
A. A fourth-world problem.

Where do Martian drink beer? At a Mars Bar!How do you throw a party for an alien? You have to planet!One-Star Martian Restaurant Review: Rocketing menu prices and little atmosphere!

Q. Where do Martians leave their spaceships?
A. At the nearest parking meteor!

Q. Why haven't Martians contacted us?
A. Because they missed the Opportunity.

Q. Which Brady Bunch kid was seriouusly into science fiction?
A. Martian, Martian, Martian.

Q. What do you call it if you're trying to slingshot around Jupiter but end up crashing into one of its moons instead?
A. Europa creek with no paddle.

Q. Which currency is accepted at the Mars Bar?
A. Starbucks.

Today's Con-Sol-ing Thought: Living on Earth might be expensive, but at least you get a free trip around the sun every year.

Q. Why is Earth the best planet?
A. 'Cause the mere rotation makes your day!

Q. Why don't many aliens party at the Mars Bar?
A. They're not feeling much of an atmosphere there.

Q. What do little green men like to put in their hot chocolate?
A. Martian-mallows.

Q. What do you call it if you're seeing a girl from another planet?
A. An inter-spacial relationship.

Q. Why is Venus named after the Roman goddess of beauty?
A. Because it's the hottest planet in the solar system!

Q. How do NASA scientists identify dead planets?
A. They hunt through the orbit-uaries.

Q. Why did the astronaut give up his dream of going to Mars?
A. Because there's no longer any Opportunity there.

Q. Which classic sci-fi TV sitcom do aliens from the fourth rock from the sun binge watch?
A. My Favorite Martian.

Q. Why was Jupiter banned from competing in the planetary boxing match?
A. Because it took asteroids.

Q. What happened when the astronaut took off his helmet at the secret Mars base?
A. The view was breathtaking.

What do you get if you cross an alien and a kangaroo? A. A Mars-Upial!Q. Which famous movie diretor was native to a planet close to Earth? A. Martian Scorsese!Space Creature Asks: What do you get if you cross an alien and a kangaroo? A. A Mars-Upial!

Q. Why are there no cats on Mars?
A. 'Cause Curiosity killed them all!

Q. What do you call a Martian who frequents golf courses?
A. A little green bogey man.

Q. Why did Mickey Mouse go into space on a planetary mission?
A. To find Pluto.

Planetary Point to Ponder: Since Jupiter has 64 known moons, is there an enormous werewolf problem there?

Q. Why are Saturn and Neptune considered the butt cheeks of the solar system?
A. 'Cause Uranus is between them.

Q. After the Martians made a movie about Earth, why did they come back for more Earthlings?
A. They needed some extra terrestrials.

Q. Which kind of space aliens hide out in the Florida Everglades?
A. Marsh-ins.

Q. What is Saturn's favorite movie?
A. Lord of the Rings.

Q. Which planetary body has the most loose change in our solar system?
A. Luna keeps changing quarters.

Out of This World Point to Ponder: If Elon Musk made love to a woman while on his rocket to Mars, would you call that space sex on SpaceX?

Q. What does Mars smell like?
A. Nothing really, but it does have a bit of an Elon Musk to it.

Alien PC Point to Ponder: If humans make jokes about Martians, is that considered spacist?

Silly Solar System Point to Ponder: If boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, then do girls go to Venus for more penis?

Worst Alien Pick-Up Line Ever: Hi, I'm a space explorer and my next mission is to visit Uranus.

Did you see Venus and Jupiter this morning? It's great when the strip club opens early!

What do you get if you cross an alien and a kangaroo? A. A Mars-Upial!How do you organize a galactic party? You Planet!What is a spaceman's favorite treat? A Mars Bar!

Did you hear that Elon Musk has a plan to design electronic grass for Mars. Yeah, he's calling it E-Lawn.

Q. What do you call a Martian surfing the Internet in your garden?
A. Your brother-in-lawn!

Out of This World Point to Ponder: If entities from Earth are called earthlings and inhabitants of Mars are called Martians, are natives of Uranus called assholes?

Earth: Why has Venus been so distant lately?
Mars: She's been under a lot of pressure and has really bad gas.

Q. Which kind of space alien hides out in a bog?
A. A Marsh-ian.

Hot Thought of the Day: It's one of billions in our galaxy, but to Earthlings, our sun is the superstar.

Q. How do spacemen pass the time while traveling long distances across the solar system?
A. You guessed it: They Plan-et!

Mars: I'm wet.
NASA: I'm coming!

Q. How are Martians and girls alike to a sci-fi nerd?
A. Neither have tried to contact him.

Q. Why is Earth the most dangerous planet?
A. Because 100% of humans die there.

Q. Why can't astronomers find humor in the movement of stars and planets?
A. 'Cause the real jokes are in the comets!

Q. Why did Venus have to get an air conditioner?
A. Because Mercury moved in.

Q. What does Marvin the Martian put on his toast?
A. Space Jam.

Q. What is the fastest liquid on the planet?
A. Milk, 'cause it's pasteurized before you even see it!

Q. Where will Muslims go to pray when they visit Mars?
A. Elon Mosque.

Q. What at do you get if you crash a Honda Accord into a Saturn Ion?
A. An Accordion.

Q. What do they call money on Superman's home planet?
A. Kryptocurrency.

Hot Fact of the Day: If you think Earth's center could reach 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, you'd be core-ect.

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