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Q. Why did the cow jump over the moon? A. Because the farmer had cold hands!

Did you hear about the bones recently found on the moon? It seems the cow did not make it.
Why did the cow go into the spaceship? She wanted to see the Moooooon!

Q. Why did ET toss beef on the asteroid? A. To make it a little meteor!


Farm Animals in Space Jokes and Flying Pig Puns
Blast off with jumpy cows-moo-naut puns, space sheep humor, and ass-tronaut jokes.

Animal Astronaut Jokes, Cow Over the Moon Puns
('Cause Cosmic Cow Jokes and Galactic Ass Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for SETI or Allen Array Telescopes!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Jumping cow jokes, ass-teroid humor, cows-mic grins and pig bang puns ahead.
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Q. What do you call a donkey that throws nuts to the moon? A. An ass-throw-nut!
What did the alien say when he landed at a stud farm? Take me to your breeder!
Q. How did the cow get to Mars? A. It flew through udder space!

Q. What does NASA call a space traveling animal using a porta-potty?
A. An Astrono-Manure.

Q. Which noctournal beast of burden studies the night sky?
A. The ass-tronomer.

Q. What do you call NASA donkey engineers when they're loud and rowdy?
A. Raucous scientists.

Q. What do you call a teenage donkey space explorer that talks smack?
A. A S-ass-tronaut!

Q. Where do ass-tronauts and cowsmo-nauts go to study?
A. The University!

Q. Which planetary body is full of cows?
A. The MOOn!

Q. How did the cow get to the moo-on?
A. She launched into udder space!

Q. How can you be sure that there are cows in heaven?
A. Well, heaven is a place of udder delight.

Q. Which dance do all cow astronauts know?
A. The Mooonwalk!

Q. What does UFO stand for to astronaut cows?
A. Udder Failure Oops!

Q. How can cows actually get to the moon?
A. By using heli-cow-pters or bull-oons.

Q. How do cow astronauts talk to mission control?
A. They cow-municate.

Q. Why did the cow astronaut give up his dream of going to Mars?
A. Because there's no longer any Opportunity there.

Q. What do you call it when a cow satellite observes Mars?
A. A spaced out steak out.

Q. Why is space flight so enticing for cows?
A. They love udder space!

Q. Why did the cow go to the dark side of the moon?
A. Because she's into emo now.

Q. What do you get if you cross a lamb and a rocket? A. Space Sheep!
Q. What do pigs call the creatoin of the universe A. The Pig Bang!
NASA just put a bunch of Holsteins into low earth orbit. Missioin name: The Herd Shot 'Round the World

Q. How do you get a baby sheep astronaut to sleep?
A. You rock it!

Q. Why did the rebellious kid goat want to be an astronaut?
A. 'Cause his parents told him the sky is the limit!

Q. What do sheep astronauts use to keep his feet woolly warm?
A. A Space Heater!

Q. Why do space sheeps have a hard time relating to other ovines?
A. They're not very down to Earth.

Q. Why aren't there any dog astronauts in space?
A. Because dogs hate vacuums!

Q. What do sloppy pig astronauts do if they're dirty?
A. Take a meteor shower.

Q. Why did the pig astronaut wear a bulletproof vest?
A. To protect himself from shooting stars.

Q. Why didn't the Dog Star laugh at the last joke?
A. Because it was too Sirius.

Q. What did the rooster say to a hot chick astronaut?
A. Back that NASA up!

Q. Where does NASA launch maize into space?
A. At Cape Corn-averal.

Q. Why did the cow jump over the moon?
A. She thought skydiving sounded like moo-valous fun.

Q. What happened after the cow had lunch on the moon?
A. She burped because it was full.

Q. What do you call a donkey on steroids? A. An ass-teroid!
Q. Where do thirsty cow astronauts stop to get a drink? A. The Milky Way!
Why did the cow go to outer space? To visit the Milky Way!

Q. Why can't animal astronauts stay in a long-term relationship?
A. Because they always need their space.

Q. What happens to bratty teenage ass-tronauts who misbehave?
A. They are grounded!

Q. What does NASA call it when an ass-tornaut is seeing a cowsmo-naut from another planet?
A. An inter-spacial relationship.

Q. How do braying ass-tronaut poets write their poetry?
A. In Uni-verses.

Q. What do you call a donkey space explorer that needs to poop?
A. An Astrono-Manure.

Q. How do Martians describe a cow with an assistant?
A. Moo-ving up in the world.

Q. What do you call a cow that's no longer cleared for space flight?
A. Ground Beef.

Q. What sort of moo-sic do cows in space listen to?
A. Neptunes.

Q. What are Russian space Holsteins called?
A. Cows-moo-nauts.

Q. What do you call a cow that perfectly blends into her new surroundings on Mars?
A. Camooflaged.

Q. Why couldn't the space cow book a room on the moon?
A. Because it was full.

Q. Who studies the galaxy for Holstein space mission targets?
A. A cows-molgist.

Q. What do cow astronaut contractors use when building on the lunar surface?
A. Moon beams.

Q. Why did the E.T. alien throw cow mutilation bits at an asteroid?
A. He wanted a little meaty-or.

Q. What do you say to a cow that jumps in front of your flying car?
A. Moo-ve over.

Which heavenly body is full of cows? A. the moo-n!
Q. What would happen if pigs cuold fly? A. The price of bacon would skyrocket!
Cow Says: My other vehicle was assimilated by the Borg!

Q. Why did the cow astronaut go on a hiatus?
A. 'Cause he was all spaced out.

Q. Which ceature hitched a ride to the moon on the unsuspecting cowsmo-naut?
A. A luna tick.

Q. What is an astronaut cow's favorite day of the week?
A. Moonday!

It's only natural to believe that the cow jumped over the mooon on her way to the Milky Way!

Q. What sound does it make when a cow breaks the sound barrier?
A. Cow Boom!

Q. Which animal was the first in space?
A. The cow that jumped over the moon.

Q. What do cow astronauts like to read?
A. Comet Books.

Q. How diddle the cow get to the mooon?
A. She jumped into udder space.

Q. What's the difference between animal astronauts and cosmonauts?
A. Astronauts take it slow and easy, but cosmonauts are always rushin'.

Q. Where does an overweight pig space explorer go to get back in shape?
A. Planet Fitness.

Q. Why did the pig astronaut take a broom into space?
A. To clean up the stardust.

Q. Which kind of edible plant travels well through outer space?
A. A Coco-Naut!

Q. Why did the moon cross the night sky after the cow landed?
A. To get to the udder side!

Q. Why did a blonde send her cow to dark side of the moon?
A. She wanted dark chocolate milk.

Q. Which side of the moon do demonic cows cows prefer to visit?
A. The Dark Side!

Q. Why did the cosmo-naut suddenly stop what he was doing?
A. Because she just spaced out!

Q. How do NASA scientists identify dead cowsmo-nauts?
A. They hunt through the orbit-uaries.

Q. Which television series is the favorite of ass-tronauts, cowsmo-nauts, and the gods?
A. Ancient Aliens.

Q. What do you call a grumpy cow on her way to Luna?
A. Moody!

Q. Where did the cow named Alice go go on her wedding night?
A. To the moon.

The first animal in space was not a monkey. Everybody knows the cow already jumped over the moon!

Q. Why did the another cow go to the dark side of the moon?
A. Because she went Goth.

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