Q. Why did the farmer make the pigs do paperwork? A. Because it was grunt work!   PainfulPuns.com - Animal Puns, Farm Humor, Clucking Funny Jokes!

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Q. Which sport was invented by pigs? A. Mud Wrestling!
Q. Which magazine do the three little pigs read? A. Porks Illustrated!
Q. What do pigs call the creatoin of the universe A. The Pig Bang!
Q. What do you call a pig that's wrong? A. Mistaken Bacon!


Pig Humor, Pork Puns, Hilarious Hogs, Swine LOLs
Muck around in sloppy hog humor, wildly boaring jokes, swine laughter and oink-ful puns.

Pig Jokes, Hammy Humor, Porcine Puns
(Because Boaring Pig Jokes and City Sty-le Puns Are TOO Mainstream for the Three Little Pigs and Hogzilla!)
Warning: Hog Heaven Stinks, So Watch Where You Wallow! The smell isn't the most painful pig sty stench ahead.
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Did you hear about the pigs who put on a musical? They really like to ham it up!My Pig Had a Rash, So the Vet Gave Her Some Oinkment.Q. Which sporting event do hogs hold every four years? A. The Olympigs!

Q. What is a pig's favorite tragedy?
A. Hamlet.

Q. Which actor do thespian pigs try not to emulate?
A. Kevin Bacon.

Q. What happens when you put pigs in a Broadway musical?
A. They squeal the show!

Q. What do you call a pig with no legs?
A. A Groundhog!

Q. What did the farmer get when he crossed a pig and a gourd?
A. A Plumpkin.

If a baby pig is called a piglet, is a young bull called a bullet?

Q. Who is the greatest swine painter?
A. Pig-casso!

Q. Which brand do the trendiest pigs prefer?
A. Calvin Swine!

Q. Why was the pig baseball player unhappy in the minors?
A. He wanted to play in the Pig Leagues!

Q. Why was the pig benched during the football game? A. For playing dirty!Q. Where do pigs hook up? A. At the meet market!Q. What do you call a pig with a rash? A. Ham and Eczema!

Q. What is a pig's favorite karate move?
A. The pork chop!

Q. What do you say after a pig takes off at the airport?
A. Swine Flu!

Q. What did the entrepreneur pigs name their laundromat?
A. The Hogwash!

Q. How do pigs greet their loved ones?
A. With hogs and kisses.

Q. What happened after the pig pen broke?
A. They had to use a pencil.

Q. Which sport was created by pigs?
A. Mud wrestling.

Q. Why do many piglets do badly in school?
A. Because they're slow loiners!

Q. How did the farmer know a goat was stealing the eggs?
A. The pig squealed on him!

Q. What do you call the pig that won the big lottery?
A. Filthy rich.

Q. What do pigs like on their Chinese food?
A. Sooey sauce.

Q. Which magazine does the big bad wolf read? A. Porks Illustrated!Q. What do you call a pig that likes to take off her clothes? A. Bacon Strips!Q. What do you call a pig thief? A. A Hamburglar!

Q. What was the working title of The Three Little Pigs?
A. Pig Tails.

Q. Why isn't there a pig superhero?
A. It's too hard for a pig to change clothes in a phone booth, plus there aren't any phone booths anymore.

Q. Where do flying pigs go?
A. To Hogwarts.

Q. What is a great Halloween costume for a pig?
A. Frankenswine!

Q. Where do pigs get together?
A. At the meet market.

Q. Why wouldn't the sow allow her piglets to play with toads?
A. She was afraid they'd get hog warts.

Q. What do you call a pig with three eyes?

Q. What happens if you cross a pig and a politican?
A. Nothing. There are some things even a pig won't mess with.

Q. Why was the pig's daytime talkshow canceled?
A. Because he was a big boar.

Q. What do pig sailors yell when they stop the ship? A. Oinkers Aweigh!Q. How do you stop Hogzilla from charging? A. Take his credit card away!Q. What do you get if you play tug of war with a pig? A. Pulled Pork!

Q. What kind of motor vehicle do pigs drive?
A. Pig-up trucks!

Q. Why did the farmer have his pigs do menial labor?
A. Because that's grunt work.

Q. Why did the sow kick the boar out of bed?
A. Because he always hogged the covers.

Q. Why did the hog cross the road?
A. Just because he was boared.

Q. What do good little piglets do after school?
A. Their ham work.

Q. What do you get if you cross a talking pig and a talking frog?
A. A Sesame Street spinoff.

Q. What did the pig scream when he got hurt?
A. Call me a ham-bulance!

Q. What do you get if you cross a pig and a drunken centipede?
A. Enough pickled pigs feet to feed a crowd!

Q. Why don't men get mad cow disease?
A. Because men are swine.

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