ET Chef Asks: How are UFOs and White Castle alike? A. Both are unidentified frying objects! - Painful Puns, Punny Funs, Groaners, Ouch!

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Why don't aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny!
Q. What do you give a cranky alien? A. Some Space!
Q. Why did ET toss beef on the asteroid? A. To make it a little meteor!
Q. How did the little green man from outer space feel when he visited earth? A Alone and Alienated!


Space Alien Humor, ET Jokes, Martian Puns
Explore galactic astronaut humor, alien cosmonaut puns, and funny spaceman jokes.

Green Alien Jokes and Extraterrestrial Humor
(Because Spacemen Jokes and Green E.T. Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream at Alpha Centauri or Alpha Centauri B)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Interstellar jokes, meteoric laughter, and spaced man puns ahead.
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What did the alien say when he landed at a stud farm? Take me to your breeder!Space Alien Says: Saturday was going so well until I realized it was Sunday!Q. Where does ET park his space ship? A. A Parking Meteor!

Q. What do you call an alien space explorer using a porta-potty?
A. An Astrono-Manure.

Q. What is it called when you're abducted by a Bigfoot from outer space?
A. An encounter of the furred kind.

Q. Why are Painful UFO Puns so funny?
A. Because they are out of this world!

Q. Where do Martians get their eggs?
A. From little green hens.

Unearthly Point to Ponder: Isn't it ironic that humans who were raised too Catholic as children turn to AA as adults? Ancient Aliens, that is.

Two green aliens were sitting at the Space Bar. One says, "Gjfk yuto z crpxit!" The other says, "Dude, go home. You're drunk!"

Q. What's the difference between a typical human male and E.T.?
A. E.T. phoned home!

Q. What did NORAD do when a UFO flew from Roswell to Colorado Springs in two seconds?
A. They listed it in the top secret Guiness Book of Out-Of-This-World Records.

Q. Where do space aliens like to go fishing?
A. In the Galax Sea!

Q. Why don't space men get hungry after being blasted into space?
A. Because they've just had a very big launch!

Q. What do you do when you see a space man? A. Park In It!How do you organize a galactic party? You Planet!Where do Martian drink beer? At a Mars Bar!

Q. Which kind of car did aliens like to drive when touring the USA during the 1990s?
A. E.T. Cruisers.

Q. Why can't lawyers ever find loopholes in contracts with alien spacecrafts?
A. Because they're always airtight.

Q. What do you get if you cross a college student and an alien?
A. A big brain from another univers-ity!

Q. How do spacemen pass the time while traveling long distances across the solar system?
A. You guessed it: They Plan-et!

Space Bar Laugh of the Day: Two astronauts walked into a bar, but the little green man behind them missed it.

Spacy Point to Ponder: What if aliens are responsible for Global Warming and they did it just to break the ice?

Q. Where do Martians leave their spaceships?
A. At the nearest parking meteor!

Q. What did Marvin the Martian put on his toast on Saturday mornings?
A. Space Jam.

Out of This World Point to Ponder: If Elon Musk discovered an alien, started dating her and then broke up, would she be his SpaceEX?

Q. What does pirate Santa say? A. Row Row Row!Alien Chef Says: Zoz! It's Tasty Tuesday!Q. What do you call a singing elf with sideburns? A. Elfis!

Q. What do you get if you pay for two aliens, but they give you four?
A. Extraterrestrials.

Q. What do you get if you cross an airplane and and a little green magician?
A. A Flying Sorcerer!

Q. Why did the alien suddenly stop what he was doing?
A. Because he just spaced out!

Q. What is the Man in the Moon's favorite chocolate treat?
A. A Mars Bar.

Q. What is the name of the I.C.E. facility in Dulce, NM?
A. Area 50 Juans.

Q. What kind of currency do aliens use?
A. Starbucks.

Q. What comes from outer space and moves really slowly?
A. Snail-iens.

Q. What did the moon say to the sun?
A. You are smokin' hot!

Q. What does NASA call a sick spaceman stranded at Area 51?
A. An Ailin' Alien!

ET Chef Says: I ordered 2000 pounds of Chinese soup. It was Won Ton.One-Star Martian Restaurant Review: Rocketing menu prices and little atmosphere!ET Chef Asks: What do you call a fake noodle? A. An impasta!

Q. Why does a moon rock taste better than an earth rock?
A. Because it's just a little meteor!

Q. What would happen in New Mexico if the prison system sent sex offenders to Area 51?
A. It would be Alien Vs Predator.

Q. What do you call it if you're seeing a girl from another planet?
A. An inter-spacial relationship.

Q. Why haven't Martians contacted us lately?
A. 'Cause they missed that Opportunity.

Q. How do alien poets learn to write their poetry?
A. In Uni-verses.

Q. Why don't aliens play golf in space?
A. Too many black holes.

Q. What do interstellar aliens eat launch on?
A. Flying Saucers!

Q. Why did the alien apply perfume before boarding the spacecraft from Earth?
A. Because the craft had Musk written all over it.

Q. Why did the moon burp?
A. Because it was full!

Q. How is E.T. different from some other aliens?
A. E.T. learned to speak English and wanted to go home.

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