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Q. What do Daleks do with illegal aliens? A. Expatriate!
Q. Why don't Cybermen have many Facebook friends? A. They delete them all!
If the Doctor uses a sonci screw driver, does Jack use a sonic mimosa?


Doctor Who Jokes, Time Travel Humor, Silence...
Travel to timely TARDIS humor, regenerative puns, Whoniverse humor and The Doctor jokes.

Whovian Humor, Doctor Jokes, Time Lord Puns
(Because Timely Puns and Cult Sci-Fi Series Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for Time Travelers or Whovians!)
TARDIS Warning: Proceed Through Time Cautiously! Shape-shifting Zygon puns ahead, but which ones are they?
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Did you hear that Sigma, The Master, and The Abzorbaloff are making a movie? It's called, "The Odd, The Bad, and The Ugly!"What do we want? Time travel. When do we want it? irrelevant!You might be a time lord if you're the only person at your family reunion!

Q. What do you get if you cross Dizzee Rascal and Doctor Who?
A. The first of the Grime Lords!

Q. Where did the Time Lord end up after being convicted of stealing a police call box?
A. The W-hoosegow.

Q. What do you call somebody who dances inside the TARDIS?
A. A W-hoofer.

Q. What do Time Lords use to smoke weed?
A. A W-hookah.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Doctor Who?
You said it!

Q. What do Dalek farmers do?
A. Germinate!

Q. What is it called when hillbillies binge watch Doctor Who?
A. A Whootenanny.

Q. Which video on demand service do fans of The Doctor prefer?
A. Who-lu.

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Hey big guy, is that a sonic screw driver in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Q. What is a Whovian's favorite kind of pasta? A. Bowties!Whovians don't change light bulbs! They wait for the bulb to regnerate!Q. Why didn't the face of Boe go to the party? A. Because he had no body to go with!

Paul McGann walked into a bar. The waiter asked if he'd like anything to eat. He replied, "No thanks, I've already eight."

Q. What What did the Dalek say to the omelet?
A. Eggsterminate!

Q. Which dance does Doctor Who do whenever he time travels to Hawaii?
A. The Who-la.

Q. How do Daleks tell each other apart?
A. Thay. Jast. Caan.

Q. Why do young Dr. Seuss fans grow up to be Time Lord fans?
A. Because they already know about Whoville.

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, you know what they say about time lords with long scarves.

Q. Why didn't the Dalek apply for a position at the job fair?
A. Because there wasn't any temporal shift work available.

Q. Why is there no party like a Time Lord party?
A. Because a Time Lord party is not bound by typical temporal parameters and thus never stops!

Q. Why do modern fashion conscious Daleks wear makeup?
A. To hide their Skaros.

Q. Why does a Time Lord catch an NBA game when visiting the USA?
A. For some W-hoops action.

Cow Tells Dr Who Joke: So, Silence Walks Into...Q. Why did the Sontaran cross the road? A. It was a tactical move to confuse the chicken!Q. How many Doctors does it take to hange a light bulb? A. Two. One to change it and to say, "You redecorated and I don't like it!"

Q. What do you call a Silence after you see one?
Q. What do you call a Silence after you see one?
Q. What do you call a Silence after you see one?
(Not a typo above – It IS the joke)

Q. Why did the time-traveling chicken cross the road?
A. To find out what all the jokes were about.

Q. Why didn't the quantum chicken have to cross the road?
A. She was already on both sides.

Q. Why couldn't the Doctor play baseball?
A. Because the ball was a wibbley-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff.

Two Silence walk into a bar... I forget the rest of the joke... Nobody can remember the punch line...

They're not that terrifying if you just let Zygons be Zygons!Q. How can you tell a Slitheen is an alien? A. It only has one "I"!Q. How many Sontarans does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. Sontarans are not afaid of the dark!

Q. What do you call equine versions of Doctor Who?
A. Doctor Hooves!

Q. What is a serial-killer Dalek's bloody fave TV series in 2006?
A. D-Exter-Minate.

Q. What do you call a British time traveling hair stylist?
A. Doctor Do.

Q. Why do Judoor officers go around in threes?
A. One reads, one writes, and one keeps an eye on those two dangerous intellectuals.

Q. How does a Dalek keep its skin soft?
A. It EXfoliates!

Q. What is the name of a British time traveling ghost?
A. Doctor Boo.

Q. What is the Gallifrey version of the short bus?

Q. What time is it when a Dalek runs over your foot?
A. Time to call The Doctor!

Q. What do you call a British time traveling proctologist?
A. Doctor Poo.

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