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Q. Which Earth day did aliens fin first? A. Sunday!
What do you call an alien stereo system in a futuristic film? A Sci-Fi Hi-Fi!
Et Chef Asks: What do you call it when you're served leftover rolls? A. Recycle buns!


Space Alien Jokes, Spaceman Humor, E.T. Puns
Explore UFO humor, funny green alien jokes, galactic laughs and universally painful puns.

Green Alien Puns, ET Jokes, Extraterrestrial Humor
(Because Punny Little Green Men Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Gray Aliens or Giorgio Tsoukalos!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Peril! Spaced out aliens, little green men jokes, and spacey puns ahead, man!
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How do you throw a party for an alien? You have to planet!What did the alien say to the gas pump? Please take your finger out of your nose!Q. What did the alien say when he ran out of room in the UFO? A. I'm all spaced out!

Q. Why don't many aliens party at the Mars Bar?
A. They're not feeling much of an atmosphere there.

Q. Where do aliens go for an out of this world martini?
A. The space bar.

Space Alien Point to Ponder: If you happened to overhear an alien telling a joke, would you laugh, or run like hell?

Q. Who wrote the definitive guide about crashed aliens in the American Southwest?
A. Roz Well.

Q. Post Roswell, why are there only 18 letters in the alphabet?
A. 'Cause ET took off in a UFO and then the CIA chased after them all!

Q. What do you call a space robot that always takes the longest route?
A. R2 Detour.

Earthling Point That Extraterrestrials Ponder: Isn't it ironic that Ancient Aliens is only 10 years old?

Q. Why do ETs in Colorado enjoy Painful pot Puns?
A. 'Cause they're both green, short, and blunt.

Q. What does a spaced alien call it when he's having fun flying high?
A. Enjointment!

Q. What do you give a cranky alien? A. Some Space!What do you call an overweight alien? An extra cholesterol!Q. Why do chefs worry about an herb shortage? A. Because of the end of thyme!

Q. What do you call an alien starship that drips water?
A. A Crying Saucer!

Q. Why are there so few funny UFO jokes out there?
A. Because they're over our heads!

Little Green Man Pick-Up Line: Earth babe, is your dad an alien? 'Cause you're out of this world!

Q. What time do astronauts eat?
A. At Launch Time!

Mars Bars. That explains why there are rare obese aliens visiting Earth and the Milky Way galaxy!

Q. Where did lost aliens end up in the disco era?
A. Studio 54.

Q. What do you get if you cross an alien and a hot drink?
A. Gravi-Tea.

Q. What do green aliens have that gray aliens put on their toast?
A. Space Jam.

Q. Where do busty blonde aliens go?
A. Areola 51. Duh!

Q. Where does an alien go for a few drinks? A. The Space Bar!What do you get if you cross an alien and a kangaroo? A. A Mars-Upial!Q. What should you do when you see a green alien? A. Wait until it's ripe!

Q. Why do gnomes like little green man jokes?
A. Because they have nothing to do with leprechauns.

Q. What has three balls and flies through outer space?
A. E.T. The Extra Testicle.

Spaceman: I'm hungry.
Second Spaceman: So am I. It must be launch time?

Q. What do covert space aliens use to construct secret bases on the far side of Luna?
A. Moon beams.

Q. What do you call it when a humans are abducted by alien Teddy bears?
A. Close encounter of the furred kind.

Q. Why did Mickey Mouse go into space on a planetary mission?
A. To find Pluto.

Q. What do they call a sick extraterrestrial at space dock?
A. An Ailin' Alien!

Q. What is long, slimy, and always phones home when vacationing away from its USO?
A. E.T. the Extra Tourist Eel.

Q. Why don't aliens in UFOs ever abduct clowns?
A. Because they smell funny.

What do aliens put on their toast? Space Jam!How do spacemen add more protien to their diet? They make it meteor. What did an astronaut see in his skillet? Unidentified frying objects!

Q. What do you call an insane green space man?
A. An Astro-Nut!

Q. What does a well-dressed alien wear to a posh Men in Black party?
A. A space suit.

Q. What do interstellar aliens eat launch on?
A. Flying Saucers!

Q. Why do aliens avoid having sex in public view?
A. They prefer to come in peace.

Q. What do you call a fruit that goes into space?
A. A Coco-Naut!

Q. What happens when a Dalek eats too many bean burritos?
A. Emergency Temporal Shit!

Q. What do hungry space aliens think U.F.O. stands for?
A. Undercooked Fried Onions.

Q. What do aliens serve their food on?
A. Flying saucers.

Q. Which non-fiction galactic television series do space aliens binge watch aboard UFOs?
A. Ancient Aliens. No joke!

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