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Q. What do aliens serve food on? A Flying Saucers!
Q. Why does a Mars rock taste better than an Earth rock? A. It's a little meteor!
Q. What do yu call a Jedi who loves tacos? A. Obi-Juan Kenobi!
What did an astronaut see in his skillet? Unidentified frying objects!
Q. Where does Oui-Gon keep his jam? A. In a Jar-Jar!
Q. Where does Jabba prefer to eat? A. Pizza Hutt!


Science Fiction Food Jokes & Tasty Space Puns
Sample spaced out burrito humor, sci-fi bites, flying high steaks puns and Dark Side burger jokes.

Sci-Fi Cooking Jokes and Thyme Lord Humor
(Because Even Space Aliens Know Sandwiches Are NOT TOO Mainstream in Earth's Ignoramus Sammich Belt!)
Warning: Proceed to Dinner Time at Your Own Risk! Sage alien chefs know how to calculate the end of thyme!
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Q. How is Doctor Who like a kitchen? A. It's had more than one Baker working for it!Q. What Jedi can you eat? A. Obi Wan Cannoli!Q. Why do chefs worry about an herb shortage? A. Because of the end of thyme!

Q. What do you call a Gallifrey competent in the culinary arts?
A. A Thyme Lord.

Q. What brings the Brigadier and his men together in the afternoon?
A. U.N.I.T. Tea.

Q. What is Doctor Who's favorite quick and toasty breakfast food?
A. Pop-Tardis.

Q. What did the astronaut order at the Tex-Mex restaurant in the Oort Cloud?
A. A quasar-dilla.

Q. Why do little space men always turn green when they land on Earth?
A. Turbulence, and Burritos!

Q. What did the green space alien say when he was discovered in the restaurant's walk-in freezer?
A. I cum in peas.

Q. Why did Han Solo complain to the waiter about the Rootleaf Stew he was served?
A. Not only was it chewie, but it was on the dark side.

Q. What do astronauts eat dinner on?
A. Satellite dishes.

Q. What was the warning on the Enterprise when the food replicator only produced moldy sandwich loaves?
A. Bread Alert!

Q. What did the Enterprise replicator say to Captain Kirk when he ordered coffee?
A. Beam me up, biscotti!

Q. Why do they only serve Stoli in a Jedi bar?
A. Only a Sith deals in Absolut.

Q. Why do vegans hate astronomy?
A. Near Earth Objects are a bit too meteor for them!

Q. What happens when Anakin Skywalker grills you a burger? A. It's a little on the dark side!Q. What is a Whovian's favorite kind of pasta? A. Bowties!Q. What did Darth Vader say when he visited a vegan restaurant? A. I find your lack of steak disturbing!

Q. Which dressing does Luke drizzle on his fresh green salads?
A. Skywalker Ranch.

Q. What does Luke Skywalker use to cook up healthy stir-fry meals?
A. An eWok.

Q. What did Luke say when an old Jedi master ran off with his last pastry?
A. Hey, you Owe Me One Cannoli!

Q. Why did the alien move from the Milky Way to the Soymilky Way galaxy?
A. 'Cause he was galactose intolerant.

Paul McGann walked into a bar. The waiter asked if he'd like anything to eat. He replied, "No thanks, I've already eight."

Q. What happens when a Dalek eats too many bean burritos?
A. Emergency Temporal Shit!

Spaceman: I'm hungry.
Second Spaceman: So am I. It must be launch time?

Two Martians walked into a bar on the moon, but they left after a few minutes because there just wasn't any atmosphere.

Q. Why did Darth Vader throw steaks at Luke Skywalker?
A. So he could meat his destiny!

Q. Why does Darth Vader like to eat blackberry pie while watching Film Noir?
A. It's sweetly on the dark side.

Star Wars Jitter of the Day: I like my coffee how I like my Death Star – huge, on the dark side, and strong enough to destroy planets.

Q. Where does an alien aboard a USO go to drown his sorrows?
A. The space bar.

Q. What does a Dalek say at Starbucks? A. Percolate!Two time lords walked into a bar... You'd think they would have seen it?Q. What do you call a potato that has turned to the Dark Side? A. Vader Tots!

Q. What do little green men like to put in their hot chocolate?
A. Martian-mallows.

Star Wars Stormtrooper: What should we do with this coffee?
Palpatine: Brew it.

Q. How do you know you're a true Trekkie?
A. You bring Klingon side dishes to pot luck gatherings.

Roll of duct tape walks into the bar on the space station. Bartender asks, "What can I get you?" Duct tape says, "I'll just stick to my usual."

Q. Which kind of beer do Star Trek TOS and TNG fans prefer?
A. Dos Trekkies.

Doctor McCoy: Do you serve crabs here?
Enterprise Mess Officer: Yes sir. Please have a seat.

Q. Which beer does Chewbacca enjoy when he's anywhere near Wisconsin?
A. Milwookiee's Best!

Q. What is the beer limit while watching Star Wars?
A. Only one Peroni.

Q. What did a sweet potato say to Luke Skywalker?
A. I yam your father.

Q. How does Darth Vader like his toast?
A. On the Dark Side.

Q. What is the name of the new sci-fi theme all-you-can-eat Star Wars themed restaurant?
A. Bo Buffet.

Q. How do you know you're a true Trekker?
A. You fully appreciate the effects of synthehol, and you've tried to replicate some along with your home brewing.

ET Chef Asks: What did the time traveler do when he was still hungry? A. He went back four seconds!Q. What does the Doctor eat with spaghetti? A. Dalek bread!Q. Where does an alien go for a few drinks? A. The Space Bar!

LGM Alien Point to Ponder: Do Little Green Men prefer Hatch chiles from New Mexico, or Colorado's Pueblo chiles?

Alien Point to Ponder: Do Little Green Men in Roswell prefer chile verde?

Alien Point to Ponder: Do Little Green Men in Four Corners, Colorado prefer chile Mesa Verde?

Q. Why did the space alien go to the doctor after eating Hatch chiles on his visit to Roswell?
A. 'Cause he was feelin' a little green.

Q. What do you call a spaced alien in Idaho?
A. Baked Potato.

Mr. Spock: What is the formula for PI?
Chekov: Err, apple or cherry, sir?

Q. What's really fast, loud, and crunchy?
A. An alien rocket chip!

Q. What was the winning Dalek Bake-Off recipe?
A. Eggs, Stir, Min, Eight.

Q. What does a Dalek egg timer say after three minutes?
A. Eggs Terminate.

Q. Why do Daleks eat apples?
A. Because an apple a day keeps The Doctor away!

Q. How do little green men consume weed in Colorado?
A. The convenience store won't sell them Bic lighters, so they only zap up edibles.

Q. Why does a moon rock taste better than an earth rock?
A. Because it's just a little meteor!

Q. What do interstellar time traveling aliens eat launch on?
A. Flying Saucers!

Q. Which Star Wars character always got sick after imbibing at the Space Bar?
A. Barf Vader.

Q. What attracted David H. Childress to Ancient Astronaut Theory?
A. Several koynds of UFOs are shaped like pies and cookies.

Q. What is a spaced alien's favorite recurring dream?
A. Getting so high that he could eat a star.

Q. What time do spaced aliens walk into a tavern?
A. At Launch Time!

Q. What do you call a space alien who never touches alcohol?
A. High and Dry.

Q. Which fluffy white sweet treat do little green men like to snack on?
A. Martian-mallows.

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