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Q. How many Sontarans does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. Sontarans are not afaid of the dark!
Q. Why did the Sontaran cross the road? A. It was a tactical move to confuse the chicken!
Did you hear that Sigma, The Master, and The Abzorbaloff are making a movie? It's called, "The Odd, The Bad, and The Ugly!"


Cyberman Jokes, Doctor Humor, Cyber Scout Puns
Fear gold cybernetic humor, funny Parallel Earth puns, and delete deadly alien cyborg jokes.

Cybermen Jokes and Dark Doctor Who Humor
(Because Upgrade Jokes and Deletion Puns Couldn't Be More Mainstream Than Death Rays and Cyber-bombs!)
TARDIS Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Bad Cybermen jokes lurk in space and in cyberspace puns ahead.
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Q. Why did the Doctor surf the Net? A. He was looking for the Cyberman!Q. Wht is the best way to see a Cyberman? A. On television!Q. What did a Cyberman searh for online? A. Dalek symbols!

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Hey honey, you're so perfect, even a Cyberman couldn't upgrade you.

Q. Why are there so few good Doctor Who puns?
A. Because Cybermen keep deleting the jokes with good timing.

Q. What does a Whovian say when he's got a chance to snuff out a Cyberman?
A. It's my golden moment!

Q. Why are there so few good Cyberman jokes?
A. Because the Cybermen don't think they're funny at all and delete them.

Q. Why do Cybermen detest autocorreect?
A. Because they prefer deleting mistakes themself.

Q. Who has the power to delete a Cyberman?
A. The parallel universe Cyber Controller.

A Cyber Doctor Who Point to Ponder: When Cybermen have sex, do they say, "Input, input, input?"

Q. What is a Cyberman's favorite computer key?
A. Delete!

Q. What do Cybermen keep as pets?
A. Metallic silverfish called cyber mats. And, never goldfish!

Q. Where does a Cyberman leave his spaceship? A. At a parking meteor!Q. What do you call a man online who talks dirty without emotion? A. A Cyberman!Are you a Cyberman? Because I can't get you out of my mind!

Q. How many cybermen does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Light bulbs are inelegant. They will be upgraded.

Q. Why do Cybermen delete time-traveling Brits?
A. Because they detest Who-manity.

Doctor Who HookUp Line: Hey baby, every time I regenerate, my member gets bigger!

Q. How do Cybermen deal with spam email and the senders?
A. Control-Alt-Delete.

Q. What did the cyborg say to the dead robot?
A. Rust in peace.

Q. Is Doctor Who suitable viewing for children?
A. It must be, because kids in 1963 grew up without being exterminated by Daleks or deleted by Cybermen.

Q. Why do Cybermen have handles on their heads?
A. So that they can carry out their dastardly deeds of deletion.

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Hey sugar, a Cyberman couldn't delete you from my heart.

Q. How are the Grinch and Cybermen alike?
A. They both desire to delete Christmas from Whoville.

Q. What do software developers say to Cyberman and everybody else? A. Upgrade, or you will be deleted!Q. Why did the Cyberman cross the road? A. To upgrade the person on the other side!Q. Why don't Cybermen have many Facebook friends? A. They delete them all!

Q. How can you insult a Cyberman before he deletes you?
A. Say: "Your mother wears army boots."

Q. How can you get rid of a Cyberman for good?
A. Blast him with his own gun.

Q. How might a Whoman delete a Cyberman?
A. Take the golden opportunity to choke them financially.

Whovian Point to Delete: Isn't it ironic that all the mandatory software upgrades made Cybermen wealthy, yet they cannot suck up gold?

Q. What might a chemist Whovian say to scare a Cyberman away?
A. AU!

Q. How does Cupid deal with a Cyberman on Valentine's Day?
A. He just shoots him with a golden arrow.

Q. Why don't Cybermen have many Twitter followers? A. They de-tweet them all!Q. What is the best way to negotiate with a Cyberman? A. From a long way away!Are you from Skaro? Because you're Dalek-table!

Q. What do Cybermen call 18-year-olds using dating apps?
A. Tinder Tots!

A frazzled guy goes to his doctor and says, "I have an addiction to Twitter."
Doctor Who replies, "Sorry, I'm not following."

Doctor Who Point to Ponder: Does a pregnant Cyberman say "processing" for nine months?

Q. When did a cyborg man try to get even?
A. In the novel, Revenge of The Cybermen.

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Hey there big guy, are you a Cyberman? Because I might want you to take me out tonight!

Doctor Who Pick-Up Line: Did you destroy Gallifrey? 'Cause you're Dalek-tible!

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