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Q. What do you get if you combine Robin and Vita-Mix? A. Robin, the Bloy Blender!
Ginger snaps cookie dough is gross! Batman: Kapow! Never dis cookie Batter!
Q. What powers Batman? A. Bat-teries!
Q. Why did Batman go into the men's room? A. H guano do his duty!
Q.Why can't Batman play chess with the white pieces? A. He alwyas has to be the Dark Knight!


Gotham City Puns: Batman and Robin Jokes
Ring the Batphone for bat-tastic Batman jokes, Batmobile puns, and batty Gotham City humor.

Batman Jokes, Batmobile Puns, Batcave Humor
(Because Holy Batman! Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When You're Trying to Signal the Caped Crusader!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Bat Risk! Bat-terrifc Dark Knight laughs ahead. Same bat time, same bat channel.
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Q. What does Batman put into his cocktails? A. Just ice!Q. Who is Batman's favorite rapper? A. Lil Wayne!Batman asks: What does Batgirl wear to bed? A. Her Dark Knight Gown!

Q. How does Batman take his coffee?
A. Black as the Knight.

Q. What does Batman drink in the afternoon?
A. Gotham Ci-Tea.

Q. Which blues song does the Dark Knight listen to in the Batmobile?
A. Spidey's Curse by Black Lips.

Q. What keeps Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson going?
A. Bat-teries.

Q. What is Gotham City's favorite tune?
A. Batman & Robin by Snoop Dogg.

Q. What is Commissioner Gordon's favorite song?
A. Gotham City by R. Kelly.

Q. Which song do Batman and Robin listen to while in hot pursuit in the Batmobile?
Gotham Burns by We Are Wolf.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Yes girl, he is the Boy Wonder, but I'm betting you like men.

Ya gotta wonder if Commissioner Gordon approves of this hanky panky?

Q. What happens when Batman sees Catwoman?
A. The Dark Knight rises.

Q. Which song played on the Batmobile radio in 1968?
A. Johnny Thunder by The Kinks.

Q. Which Batman film is still bitter sweet viewing for Denverites?
A. The Dark Knight Rises.

Q. Why was Dick Grayson called Robin? A. Calling him Early Bird sounded silly!Q. Where does Batman go potty? A. In the bat room!Q. When is Joker not plotting a murder? A. When he's out riding the Harley!

Q. Which death metal song does Robin listen to while tooling in the Batmobile?
A. Crimefighter by BSxBC.

Q. Where do Batman's goldfish live?
A. In a bat tub.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Robin? 'Cause I want you to slide down my Batpole.

Gotham City Factoid: Batman never uses guns, but his motorcycle does.

Does Batman really guano know what Robin's been doing in the Batroom for the past hour? Isn't that Alfred's domain?

Q. How did Batman nearly contract AIDS?
A. From playing around with Poison-HIVy.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Bane? 'Cause you are making my Dark Knight rise.

Q. How did Batman get a rash?
A. From playing around with Poison Ivy.

Q. Why was Batman so serious?
A. Because he isn't the Joker.

Q. What song do Batman and Robin listen to while on a zen ride in the Batmobile?
A. Gotham by Kobra and the Lotus.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, how about I park it in your Batcave?

Q. What does the Batmobile run on in the 21st Century ?
A. Batteries.

Q. What do you call it when Batman skips church? A. Christian Bale!Q. What did Alfred say when young Bruce Wayne got into trouble? A. You're a bat boy!Q. What did Bruce Wayne's mom hang by his crib? A. A Bat Mobile!

Q. How did Bruce Wayne get so rich?
A. He'd been robbin' folks blind for bat years.

Q. Which metal tune plays on the Batmobile radio?
A. Batman by Voivod.

Q. Why did the spoiled brat want to be Batman when or if he grows up?
A. Not for the gadgets or the money, but because he hated his parents.

Batman Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, wanna check out the Batmobile?

Q. Why would Batman's lady want to name their son "Gotham?"
If he cries in the night, she could just say, "Batman, Gotham needs you."

Q. What did Batman say to Alfred after he got out of the hospital?
A. Welcome bat!

Q. What is Batman's favorite fruit?
A. Ba-na-na-na-na-nannas!

Batman Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, how about I hide in your Batcave for a while?

Q. What do Batman and Robin talk about in the Batmobile?
A. How much they hate the song Jinglebells because Robin did NOT lay an egg and Batman doesn't smell!

Q. How many miles per gallon does the Batmobile get?
A. Seriously? Rocket fuel has been on the metric system since 1964!

Q. Why can't Batman play chess as the white side?
A. Because he always has to be the dark knight.

Batman says: Take that! Green Bay! SLAP! Go Broncos!Q. Why did all the photos at Batmans's party come out dark? A. FBI censored!Q. Why is Batman so serious? A. I'm not the Joker!

Did you hear about the new Bat signal? No? Neither did last year's Denver Broncos... But, Commissoner, it's a new season and Denver isn't cheesy this year. Go Broncos!

Did you see Batman's son at the Colorado Rockies' game today? Yeah, it said Bat Boy right on the back of his jersey.

Q. What did the spoiled smartass brat say when his mom told him even superheroes have to listen to their parents?
A. Batman doesn't.

Q. Why did Batman climb a tree?
He was looking for teenage Robin's love nest (and Playbird Magazine).

Q. Which Gotham City character is the most Curious?
A. Catwoman.

Q. How does the Commisioner refer to Batman's insurance policies?
A. Dark Knight Returns.

Gotham City Crime Fighting Point to Ponder: How do they signal Batman during a daytime emergency?

Q. Why did Batman fold and walk out of the poker game?
A. 'Cause they kept saying the Joker was wild.

Q. Who would alternate universe Batman be if he wasn't rich?
A. He'd be Robbin'?

Q. What do you get after a rock slide on I70 near Georgetown, Co comes down on Batman and Robin?
A. Flatman and Ribbon.

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