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Spock: It is illogical to be lost in space. Smith: You can't do it, can ? You can't kill the man without becoming the monster!
Q. What did the vampire say after reading all these painful puns? A. They Suck!
Hulking Funny: What do you get if you pour cement on a burglar? A Hardened Criminal
What do you call someone who doesn't like the Dark Side? A. Darth Hater!
Q. What is a criminal's favorite day of the week? Free Day!
Batman's foe says: Batter's Up! Batman says: POW!
Did you hear the crew of the Enterprise is getting married? They've engaged the Borg!
Q. What do you call a Sith rock star? A. Darth Vedder!


Supervillain Jokes, Evil-Doer Puns, Villainous LOLs
Save yourself from super evil puns, dastardly laughter, supervillain humor and bad guy jokes!

Bad Guy Puns and Crime Fighter's Enemy Jokes
(Because Superheroes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream if Not for Nemesis Supervillains and the Bad Guys!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Peril! Super bad guy jokes, supervillain humor, and evil-doer puns dead ahead.
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Q. What do you call a potato that has turned to the Dark Side? A. Vader Tots!What is a villain's favorite part of the joke? Batmas answers: The Punch Line!Q. How many caped crusaders does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. They're not afraid of the dark!

Q. What song to Marvel-ous supervillains rock to?
A. Green Goblin Fight by Daniel Pemberton.

Q. Who would be the winner in a fight between Batman and Darth Vader?
A. Chuck Norris.

Q. Why does supervillain Darth Vader like Film Noir?
A. It's always on the dark side.

Darth Vader Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, come with me to the Dark Side, unless you prefer to do it with the lights on.

Q. Why is Two-Face one of the better supervillains?
A. Because he's not half bad.

Quote from Original TV Batman in the Batmobile: Salt and corrosion. The infamous old enemies of the crime fighter.

Q. What is the theme song in Batman's villain's dreams?
A. Joker Crashes the Party by Lorne Balfe.

Q. Which song goes on and on in supervillain Bane's head?
A. Say Goodbye to Batman by JT Music.

Q. Why did the comic book supervillain always smash up bathrooms decorated with ceramics?
A. Because he had a wreck tile dysfunction!

Q. What kind of soap does Nick Fury lather up with to clean up the supervillains?
A. Shield.

Supervillain vs Superhero Point to Ponder: Is Lex Luthor actually Thor in the alternate comics universe?

Q. What did the Sasquatch say about these Painful supervillain Puns.
A. I can't Yeti 'nough of them!

Q. Why did Batman get upset while playing cards? A. They kept saying the Joker is wild!Q. What's the difference between a lawyer and a vampire? A. A vampire only sucks blood at night!Q. When is Joker not plotting a murder? A. When he's out riding the Harley!

Q. What did Commissioner Gordon call it when the dastardly Joker blew up the Gothic City drainage system?
A. A sewer-side bombing!

Q. What is the Riddler's favorite song?
A. Chaos in Gotham by Lorne Balfe.

Q. Who did Batman take on after conquering the Riddler?
A. Sudoku Man!

Dr. Doom Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, wanna see what the real Ultimate Nullifier looks like?

Q. What is Doc Ock's favorite month of the year?
A. Ocktober!

Q. What does Doctor Otto Octavius drive to the bank?
A. An armored car.

Q. What kind of treat did Batman give the Joker on Halloween?
A. A Sucker Punch!

Q. Which song does the Riddler hum while he's hatching a supervillain plot?
A. Who's the Bat (Man) by Patrick Stump.

Q. How did the Joker fix his chattering teeth?
A. With Crazy Glue.

If Satan lost his hair, would there be Hell toupee?Q. How many Borgs does it take to change a light bulb? A. All of them!Q. Who's a vampire's favoirite super hero? A. Batman!

Q. Who is the sassiest supervillain on Pikes Peak?
A. Sass-quatch!

Q. Why do Bigfoots like to tell jokes?
A. Because they're killer comedians.

Q. How can you tell Sasquatch has a great sense of humor?
A. These supervillain jokes are really dumb, Yeti laughs anyway!

Q. What diet did Mr. Freeze go on?
A. The Meltdown Diet.

Black Widow Pick-Up Line: Hey dude, I think you'll find it shocking when you see just how flexible I can be.

Q. When does Poison Ivy change her underwear?
A. When they get soiled.

Q. Why doesn't Batman like to go on nature walks?
A. Because he detests Poison Ivy.

Q. How did Batman nearly contract AIDS?
A. From playing around with Poison-HIVy.

Loki Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, I bet I could penetrate your shield with my scepter.

Loki Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, I know a situation where you can come out on top.

Loki Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, my metal tongue is good for more than lying, Care to find out what?

Loki Pick-Up Line: Hey hottie, if I had a star for every time you've brightened my day, I'd have my Milky Way with you.

Q. What happens when Anakin Skywalker grills you a burger? A. It's a little on the dark side!Q. Why is Batman so serious? A. I'm not the Joker!Superman Says: If Monday had a face, I would punch it!

Q. Why did Darth Vader go to the music store?
A. To find the hidden rebel bass.

Q. When did Anakin Skywalker learn to be evil?
A. In the Sith Grade.

Darth Vader doesn't flush the toilet. He scares the sh*t out of it!

Q. What do you call an evil procrastinator?
A. Darth Later.

Borg Outtake: I am Darth Vader of Borg. You will be assimilated. It is your dessssstiny!

Q. Why was Batman always so serious?
A. Because he was not the Joker.

Q. Why did Batman fold and walk out of the poker game?
A. 'Cause they kept saying the Joker was wild.

Q. Who wrote the hot new supervillain tell-all book, Batman's Greatest Enemy?
A. Joe Kerr.

Q. Why did Bruce Wayne bow out of the poker game?
A. Because the dealer said the Joker was wild.

Lex Luthor Pick-Up Line: Bae, if you give me your phone number, I'll allow you to retain your individuality when my Doomsday device enslaves the rest of humanity.

Q. Where does Lex Luthor like to go hiking?
A. Mt. Baldy.

Q. Who was Superman's arch enemy back in prehistoric times?
A. T-Rex Luthor.

Q. What is Lex Luthor's least favorite tune?
A. Superman (It's Not Easy) by Five for Fighting.

Cheesy Pick-Up Line: I can't control myself around you, Brie. You turn me into a cheesy muenster!Q. What is red and blue and goes a million miles per hour? A. Superman in a blender!How do you get holy water? Boil the hell out of it

Q. Why did Catwoman decide not to pursue a date with Mr. Freeze?
A. He gave her the cold shoulder.

Q. What did Batman give Catwoman on Valentine's Day?
A. Eek! A Mouse!

Q. Which Gotham City supervillain is the most curious?
A. Catwoman.

Voldemort Pick-Up Line: So, you're going to bed, eh? I suppose you wouldn't mind if I Slytherin.

Q. Which supervillain would Superman never hire to repair the gopher holes in his lawn?
A. General Zod.

Q. Why is Superman afraid of ICE?
A. Because he's an alien and fears being deported!

Superman flew to the top of the Empire State Building to challenge King Kong to a fight, but Kong declined saying, "No time now. I have to catch a plane."

Q. Why was Captain Mexico deported?
A. They feared he wanted to take Captain America's job.

Super Villain Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, I'm betting you're a real beast in the bedroom.

Q. What do you call two supervillain characters drawn in the same frame?
A. Cel mates.

Warning: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to believe you're invincible. If you're not a superhero, you must be drunk!

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