Should you ever question your cheese? No, only when it's up to no gouda.   Painful Puns - Cheesy Puns, Sharp Humor, Aged Cheese Jokes!

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Cheesehead Hulk says: Hey Green Bay, why all the orange chees? Halloween was yesterday! Go Broncos!
Q. What kind of cheese likes to shoot hoops? A. Swish cheese!
Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, why gnot hook up with me? I'll show  you a real gouda time!
Which cheese protects a medieval castle? Moat-Zerella


Cheesy Jokes, Sharp Puns, Blood Curdling Laughs
Nibble on cheesy one-liners, muenster-sized puns, whey funny jokes and mousy cheese memes.

Cheese Humor, Stinking Funny Jokes, Cheesy Puns
(Because Cheesy Puns, Grate Humor, and Cheddar Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream in Wisconsin!)
Warning: For Mature Audiences! Cheesy jokes, humor de brie, and stinking funny cheese puns ahead.
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Q. What is a crappy chef's favorite thing to do? A Cut the cheese!Did you hear about the two cheese trucks that ran into each other? De brie was everywhere!Sweet dreams are made of cheese1 Who am I to dis a brie?

However, a fabulous chef can take some stinky cheese and make something grate!

Q. Why didn't the Italian chef tell pizza jokes?
A. Because he knows they're just too cheesy for his taste.

Cheesy Anti Pick-Up Line: You are what you eat, so I must be pizza.

Q. Why did Mozzarella refuse to be sliced?
A. It had grater plans for its future!

Q. Which music genre appeals to wine and cheese lovers?
A. R 'N Brie.

Q. Why don't cheesemongers care about their finances?
A. Because the best things in life are Brie!

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, it's un-brie-lievable that I'm not your hot date tonight.

Aren't you glad the cheese stands alone? It's easier to find that way!

Q. When should you go on the North Beach Cheese Diet?
A. Only when you need to cheddar few pounds to fit into the igloo!

Q. When do you have to keep an eye on your cheese?
A. When you suspect it's up to no Gouda!

Q. Why didn't the physicist like the cheese of the day?
A. Because today's Quark had a strange flavor.

Q. What is a ghoul's favorite cheese? A. Monster-Ella!Somebody threw cheese at me... That Stinks!Q. What is small, gray, suck blood, and eats cheese? A. A Mouse-quito!

Q. What do cheesy monsters dance to on Halloween?
A. The Muenster Mash.

Q. What did the cheese say to the fiendish ghoul?
A. Go away. I'm lac-ghost intolerant!

Q. Why does the mushroom always get invited to the cheesy pizza parties?
A. Because he's such a fungi.

Q. What do you get when you cross a goblin and cheesy joke?
A. Muenster cheese.

Q. Why did he quit his job at the Swiss cheese factory?
A. He got tired of the hole thing.

Q. Which kind of cheese was melted around medieval castles?
A. Moat-zarella.

Cheesy Factoid of the Day: The early bird does get the worm, but the mouse who slept in gets the cheese...

Q. Which kind of cheese do beavers like the best?
A. Edam.

Q. How are mosquitoes just like cheesy puns?
A. Both are very annoying and the worst ones really bite!

Q. Which is the cheesiest day of the week? A. Faux Day!Cheesehead Hulk asks: What stinks worse, muenster or horse crap? Go Broncos!Q. What's the cheesiest locksmith pick-up line? A. You cheddar know you're the key to my heart!

Cheesy Point to Ponder: If you are what you eat, are you pizza?

Q. When shouldn't you trust what your inner cheese is telling you?
A. When it's just too gouda to be true.

Cheesy Come-On: Hey miss, why just eat your curds and whey, when you could have your way with me?

Cheesy Point to Ponder: What does cheese say when it has its picture taken?

Denver Broncos Cheesy Fact of the Day: Yes, horses do eat cheese and other dairy products! Go Denver!

Q. Which kind of cheese do the 76ers store in their lockeroom?
A. Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Q. When do Wisconsin Cheeseheads hate jokes about Swiss cheese?
A. Only when there are lots of holes in the Green Bay Packers' defense.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, wanna see if my cheese log is a muenster?

Cheesy Chat Up Line: Hey girl, I won't cut out while you're on the dance floor 'cause I have grater plans for you.

I like my jokes just like my pizza: extra cheesy! Pizza jokes are key to an effective cheesy pick-up line!

Cheesy locksmith come-ons seem normal, but that's Brie-cause everybody else is safe crackers.

Cheesy Hookup Line: Hey Colby, let's hit the town tonight and listen to some R 'N Brie.

Ancient Aliens Big Hair Guys says: Both aliens and Broncos eat cheese!Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? His wife is still mourning. Cheese still not over it!Ancient Aliens guys says: Cheeseheads? Aliens! Go Broncos!

Q. What do Mile High tailgaters say when offered nacho cheese by out-of-town Broncos fans?
A. Any friend of yours is a pal-o-mino!

Q. Why couldn't Gouda play with all the other cheeses?
A. Because he wasn't Coolea 'nuff for them.

My friend is so vegan, that he won't even have his photograph taken just in case he has to say: "Cheese."

Cheesy Anti Pick-Up Line: I like to party, and by party I mean stay in and order pizza.

Cheesy Point to Ponder: The history of cheese is full of holes, but it is still interesting in its own whey.

Cheesy Hookup Line: Hey girl, if you were pizza crust and I was mozzarella, I'd melt all over you even before hitting 450.

BTW, we only tell cheesy jokes on days that end with Y.

Q. How do you know your cheese is a die-hard Denver Broncos' fan?
A. It's orange and bleu.

Q. What do Cheesehead fans say when the Green Bay Packers are doing really well?
A. Whey to Go!

Cheesy Anti Pick Up Line: I like to party, and by party I mean stay in and order pizza.

Old Wisconsin dairy farmers never die, but they do cut the cheese.

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