Monster Chef Asks: What do you call a chef who won't try dishes made by other chefs? A. Full of himself! - Edible Puns, Funny Food, Chef Humor, Java Jokes!

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Chimp Chef Asks: Did you hear about the Italian chef injured in a pizza accident? Now, he cannoli do so much!
Alien Chef Says: Zoz! It's Tasty Tuesday!
Why can't chefs play baseball? Because they always get caught trying to steal the basil!


Chef Puns, Funny Cooking Jokes, Kitchen Humor
Eat up tasty chef jokes, flaming funny cooking puns, and delectable kitchen humor.

Cooking Humor, Chef Jokes, Culinary Puns
(Because Comedy Cooking Techniques Could Never Be Mainstream Enough For Funny TV Chefs or Zany Cooks!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Culinary puns and gastric jokes may cause humor pangs or comedy cravings.
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Gorilla Chef Asks: Did you hear about the mean sadistic chef? He bestas the eggs and whips the cream!Q. Why do chefs worry about an herb shortage? A. Because of the end of thyme!Gorilla Chef Asks: Why did the chef have to stop cooking? He ran out of thyme!

Q. What is it called when a chef maliciously spills hot broth with dumplings on an obnoxious customer?
A. A Wonton Soup Attack.

Foodie Point to Ponder: Did you know that the cannibal hitman prefers take-out food?

The diners were fully sated, not realizing the wurst was yet to come!

Q. What does the host of a TV cooking competition say to begin the food fighting?
A. Lettuce Begin!

That Italian chef is really annoying. He's making a pesto himself.

Q. What did the crusty old chef say to chew out the new guy?
A. You used so much thyme Dr. Who arrived in the TARDIS to save us all!

Did you hear about the lawyer who loves to cook? Of course, now he's a sue chef!

Customer: Waiter, what is this?
Waiter: It's bean soup.
Canadian Customer: I don't care what it's been. What is it now?

Gastronomy Point to Ponder: Is a short order cook just a flash in the pan?

Q. What do you call a guy who owns a successful kitchen appliance store? A. A refrigerator magnate!Q. How many pastry chefs does it take to make pie? A. 3.14, but it only takes one cow!Q. Which Tom Cruise film was about cooking A. A few good menus!

Q. How did the Italian chef get lost?
A. He drove right pasta the turnoff.

Fine Cuisine Fact of the Day: To a chef, WTF means Where's The Food?

The father who worked as a baker, was a great bread winner!

Did you hear about the janitor at the fast food restaurant? He worked under the table.

Pastry Chef Pick-Up Line: Hey baby, I only have pies for you!

Q. What did the chef say when he discovered he didn't have the right utensil to cut through the thick meat?
A. Knife's too short.

Q. How difficult is the cowboy chef's smokin' recipe for making beef jerky?
A. It's cut and dry.

Q. What is a dark chef's favorite dystopian movie?
A. The Hunger Games.

The angry chef felt very sheepish after he lambasted the mutton. At least he didn't serve it with haggis.

Q. What did the chef dish up for lunch at the comedian workshop?
A. Hamburger puns.

Q. Why does a chef give his lady pastry on Valentine's Day? A. He cannoli love her!Food Pun: Every morning, I think I'll make pancakes, but I keep Waffling.One day, you're the best thing since sliced bread. The next, you're toast!

Love At First Bite: The happy chef couple met at cooking class. It got really hot when boil meets grill!

Q. Why couldn't the chef get into the Italian restaurant?
A. He had gnocchi.

Learning how to bake a cake is easy. It's just mind over batter.

The compensation the Italian chef got was a pretty penne.

Q. How many pastry chefs does it take to make a pie?
A. 3.14.

Did you hear about the baker who always put too much flour in his bread?
A. He was a gluten for punishment!

Q. What did the baker say when a psychic told him the spirit of an old Italian chef is haunting his house?
A. I'm not worried because I cannoli do so much.

Q. What did the head chef say to chew out the new guy?
A. This steak is so undercooked that it's starting to eat the salad!

Q. What does a bakery employee have to do when cutting bread ahead of time?
A. He needs to use pre-slice measurements.

Customer: Waiter, this soup is spoiled.
Waiter: Who told you that?
Customer: A little swallow.

Chef Pun: Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes!Q. Why doesn't Sant let the elvs cook? A. the steaks are too high!Chef's girlfriend was grate in many ways, but she had a temper that boiled, was half-baked, and was extremely kneady.

Q. Why did the seasoned chef retire?
A. He ran out of thyme.

The dessert chef was really smart. He graduated Pie Baker Kappa!

Q. What is a baker's favorite musical instrument?
A. Drums, because they already have the breadsticks.

Did you hear about the clever chef who only had half the flour he needed? He decided to just make short bread.

The gingerbread man thought he couldn't be caught – until he met his baker.

Q. What do you see when the Pillsbury Doughboy bends over?
A. Dough-Nuts.

Q. What do you call a short-order cook in a busy restaurant?
A. A Pressure Cooker!

Q. Why was the baker reprimanded?
A. He kept pinching the salt.

Q. What does a baker give his lady love on special occasions?
A. Flours!

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