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Alien Chef Says: Zoz! It's Tasty Tuesday!
Happy Munch Day!
Q. What happened after the kangaroo drank coffee? A. He was all hopped up!
Q. What did the hamburger say to a picle? A. You're dill-icious!
Q. Where are the best tacos served? A. In the Gulp of Mexico!


Fast Food Puns, Grilled Humor, Lunch Burps
Drive thru to fast food jokes, funny lunch humor, meaty laughs and well-done hamburger puns.

Fast Food Jokes, Lunch Laughs, Hamburger Puns
(Because Bunny Burger Puns and Sandwich Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream During a Typical Lunch Hour!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Gobbling down fast food jokes on the go may cause happy meals and gas.
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Q Where do the Borg eat fast food? A. At their local Borger King!Q. What is a pirate's favorite restaurant? A Arrrby's!Q. What is a vampire's favorite fast food? A. A person with really high blood pressure!

Did you hear about the hamburger that was murdered? First it was rolled, then it was smothered in onions.

Q. Why did the new gourmet burger restaurant owner invite the warehouse staff to lunch?
A. He heard they have good pallets.

Q. Why was the food truck parked on the side of the road?
A. To curb hunger.

Q. Waiter, is it possible to make a hamburger do the hula?
A. Yes, order a burger and a shake!

Beefy BBQ Point to Ponder: Why isn't there a chain of Elvis Presley steak houses? The slogan would be: For people who love meat tender.

Q. Which side dish do chemists like to order for lunch?
A. Anion rings.

Q. Do they serve hamburgers in Transylvania?
A. Only very rarely.

Q. Do hamburgers make good vampires?
A. No, because they often end up in ghoulash situations!

Q. Where does the ruler of the land of thieves like to eat lunch?
A. Burglar King.

Q. Why don't Americans eat snails? A. Because they like fast food!Q. What is fast, loud, and crunchy? A. A Rocket Chip!Q. Why did McDonald's run out of McNuggets? A. A farmer counted his chickens before they were hatched!

Q. How far can a hamburger go in school?
A. It can go to cowledge where it can get 450 degrees.

Q. Which two hamburgers are royalty?
A. Sir Loin and Burger King.

Q. How does the man in the moon eat his hamburgers?
A. On satellite dishes.

Q. What does an astronaut request on his fast food sandwich?
A. Launch meat.

Q. In which school subjects might the teacher say, "Well Done, Hamburgers?"
A. Meatyeval History and Meat-thematics.

Q. How does a hamburger acquire good tastes?
A. With a little seasoning.

Q. Where does the one-legged waitress work? A. At IHOP!Q. Which style of food do pirates enjoy most? A. Barrrbeque!Q. What does a locksmith like to eat for brunch? A. Quiche!

Q. How can you tell that a hamburger enjoys classical music?
A. It frequents the Meatropolitan Opera House and Cownegie Hall!

Q. What do cats call mice on skateboards?
A. Meals on Wheels!

To this day, the kid that used to bully me at school takes my lunch money. On the plus side, he makes great hamburgers.

Q. Is it proper to eat a hamburger with your fingers?
A. No, fingers should be eaten separately!

Q. How can you tell if hamburgers have a high I.Q.?
A. They loin fast.

Boutique Burger Trivia: Back in the 1960s, there was a very colorful eatery called the Psycho-Deli!

Q. Why did a rooster go to KFC? A. He wanted to visit his relatives!Q. Where does Jabba prefer to eat? A. Pizza Hutt!Q. Why did the horny rooster go to KFC? A. He heard there's chicken meet up there!

Q. How do we know hamburgers love young people?
A. They're pro-teen!

Fast Burger Joint Pick-Up Line: Hey Patty, did you see what's new on the menu? Me-N-U!

Q. How do gossipy hamburgers spend their time?
A. They chew the fat.

Q. When can a hamburger marry a hot dog?
A. After they have a very frank relationship.

Q. What did they do with the hamburger who thought is was a rooster?
A. Cook-a-doodle-do.

Q. Why did Tom gobble his burger so fast?
A. He wanted to eat as much as possible before he lose his appetite.

Q. Where did the Psychiastrist eat lunch? A. Kentucky Freud ChickenTornado and Hotdogs Say: Happy Wind's Day, Chicago!Q. Why did a rooster go to KFC? A. He wanted to see a chicken strip!

When two egotists meet for a fast food lunch, it's an I for an I.

Q. What is it called when you cut up a long hero sandwich into several pieces?
A. A sub-division.

Due to inclement weather, the sandwich shop wrapped up early Windsday night!

Q. What did the hamburger say when told that most people like frankfurters better?
A. Hot Dog!

Q. How did the jury find the hamburger?
A. Grill-ty as Charred!

I wanted to take home the leftovers from the burger BBQ, but somebody else foiled my plans.

Q. What is a locksmith's favorite barbeque sauce? A. Mesquite!Q. What did the French chef give his love on valentine's Day? A. A Hug and a Quiche!Q. Why do chefs worry about an herb shortage? A. Because of the end of thyme!

Q. What do you get if you cross a cheetah and a hamburger?
A. Fast Food!

Q. Where do cowboy burger cooks feel right at home?
A. On the range.

Q. Are hamburgers male or female?
A. Male, because they are boygers, not grillgers.

Q. What spoiled the Labor Day backyard burger barbecue?
A. When the mosquitoes next door dropped by for a bite.

Q. What did the crusty old chef say to chew out the new guy?
A. You used so much thyme Dr. Who arrived in the TARDIS to save us all!

Q. What did the tech guy call a drive-in burger joint server?
A. A car hop.

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