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OMG! It's Sunday!
Gorilla asks: Why did the banana go to a hair stylist? A. It had split ends!
You look so sweet that you're giving me a cavity!
Ice Cream Sundae Says: Happy Sunday!


Ice Cream Jokes, Cone Puns, Double Scoop Humor
Get the scoop on coney puns, banana split humor, ala mode laughs and ice cream truck jokes.

Sundae Jokes, Ice Cream Puns, Lickable Laughs
(Because Frozen Puns, Icee Humor, and Ice Cream Jokes Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream If You're Anti Social!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Brain freeze jokes, Good Humor man laughs, and coney ice cream puns ahead.
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Q. Which ice cream flavor is a vampire's favorite? A. Vein-illa!Q. Why was the ice cream social canceled? A. The banan split with the cream!Q. What kind of dessert does a ghoul like? A. Ice scream!

Q. What does Dracula like for dessert?
A. Leeches and ice scream.

Q. What does a chef call a dessert pastry topped by fresh lawn clippings?
A. Pie ala mowed!

Q. What is an electrician's favorite flavor of ice cream?
A. Shock-a-lot!

Sign in a dairy store:
You can't beat our milk, but you can lick our ice cream.

Q. Why did the Good Humor man's ice cream truck break down?
A. Because of the rocky road.

Q. How do hot air balloonists eat their ice cream?
A. In floats.

Q. What do you call a person who can sit on ice cream and tell you what flavor it is?
A. A smart ass!

Q. What do you call a guy who's abandoned his No Cone Diet?
A. A Desserter!

Customer: What is this fly doing on my ice cream sundae?
Waiter: Sir, I believe it's skiing.

Q. Why do we eat ice cream, cake, cookies and sweets when we're stressed?
A. Because Stressed spelled backward is Desserts!

Q. What do Ben and Jerry get from an Alaskan cow?
A. Ice Cream.

Q. Where do milkshakes come from?
A. Nervous cows.

Q. What do you call a Stormtrooper in an ice cream truck? A. A Snow Clone!Happy Sunday!Q. How do aliens eat ice cream? A. In Floats!

Q. What does Dracula like for dessert?
A. Leeches and scream.

Q. Which dessert do pirates avoid on Friday the 13th?
A. Aye Scream.

Q. What dessert should you always avoid on Friday the 13th?
A. Ice Scream!

Q. Why did the colorblind guy fail as a Good Humor man?
A. He didn't have good cones.

Q. Why did the guy quit his job at the ice cream parlor?
A. He didn't like working on sundaes.

Q. What do ghosts like for dessert?
A. I Scream!

Q. Where do you learn to make ice cream desserts?
A. At sundae school.

Q. What does a soda jerk call it when cutomers order extra ice cream toppings?
A. Sundae Supplements.

Q. What do you call haunted frozen yogurt?
A. Paranormal Activia.

Q. What did the ice cream say to the newspaper?
A. Give me the scoop!

Q. Why do the ice cream shop employees know so much about new frozen treats?
A. Because they get the inside scoop.

Q. What is it called when somebody breaks in and steals all 31 flavors of ice cream?
A. A Baskins Robbery.

Q. What did the vampire have for dessert? A. Whine and I Scream! You might be from Colorado if you eat ice cream during the winter!Banana Humor: Which day of the week do bananas like least? A. Sundae!

Q. What is a wailing banshee's favorite dessert?
A. Pie ala moan.

Q. Which frozen treat does a hag snack on at the beach?
A. An ice cream sand-witch.

Q. What do dieting dropouts in Texas say?
A. Remember the Ala Mode!

Q. Which kind of ice cream is the favorite of race horses?
A. Sure-bet.

Q. Which kind of ice cream do dude ranch horses eat up?
A. Sure-bit.

Q. What happens when you eat too much ice cream?
A. It makes you thick to your stomach!

Q. What is a monkey's favorite kind of ice cream?
A. Chocolate chimp!

Q. Why couldn't the teddy bear finish his yummy ice cream dessert?
A. Because he was stuffed.

Q. Which frozen treat do weasels like best?
A. POPsicles.

Banana Joke: Why couldn't the whipped cream find the banana? A. Because it split!Never catch snowflakes with your tongue until all the birds have gone south!Happy Pundae!

Q. What is an eye doctor's favorite dessert to enjoy with his after dinner coffee?
A. Pie with eyes cream.

Q. What did the ice cream say to the fork?
A. So, you wanna a piece of me? Serisously?

Q. How does the actress Reese eat her ice cream?
A. Witherspoon.

Q. Why did the lady snowman delete Tinder?
A. She was getting too many sno-cone pics.

Q. What do you get from dairy farms in Alaska?
A. Ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream doesn't make the world go round, but it makes the ride sweet!

Pundae: Now we know why Sundays are so sweet!

Q. Where does the Good Humor man go to drink at happy hour?
A. The ice cream bar.

Q. Which day of the week is the sweetest and gives you brain freeze?
A. Sundae Pun Day.

Q. What did the banana do when he saw a monkey? A. The banana split!Enjoy Your Sundae!Q. What did chocolate syrup say to ice cream on Valentine's Day? A. I'm Sweet On You!

Q. What is a dispute between newly divorced Baskin Robbins employees called?
A. A custardy battle.

Q. How do astronauts and cosmonauts eat their ice cream?
A. In floats.

Q. Why did the blonde put frozen custard on her corneas?
A. Because it was eyes cream. Duh!

Q. What is a lifeguard's favorite frozen treat?
A. Ice cream floats!

Sunday Smile of the Day: I haven't been this excited about Sundae, since last Sunday!

Q. Where do Baskin Robbins apprentices learn how to make all 31 flavors of ice cream?
A. Sundae school.

Q. What is a Texan's favorite dessert?
A. Pie Alamo-ed.

Q. Which frozen treat might you find at the sub shop or deli?
A. An ice cream sandwich.

Q. Which frozen treat does a pirate order at a convenience store?
A. An Aye Sea.

Customer: What is the name of the dessert with espresso over ice cream?
Italian Restaurant Waiter: Affogato.
Customer: Yeah, I can't think of its name, either...

When it comes to making cold dessert jokes, PainfulPuns takes the scoop on ice cream cake.

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