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Gorilla Chef Joke: Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta way!
Q. Why did the finicy vegan chef quit? A. they cut his celery!
Chef Pun: Got a job at a bakery because I kneaded dough.


Funny Chef Puns, Kitchen Humor, Culinary Jokes
Bite into funny chef jokes, crusty cooking jokes, thyme-less kitchen laughs and saucy puns.

Tasty Cooking Humor, Chef Jokes, Kitchen Puns
(Because Cheesy Cook Puns and Raw Chef's Humor Could Never Be TOO Mainstream For Freelance Diner Critics!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Medium rare jokes and raw humor may cause a hunger for meatier puns.
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Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? His wife is still mourning. Cheese still not over it!Top Bakers Trade Bread Recipes on a Knead To Know Basis.A new chef bought the old greasy spoon restaurnat but the current menu is an acquired taste!

Did you hear about the chef who was a-maize-ing at making corny jokes? His puns were very cheesy.

A chef can take some great cheese and make a melt, but a fabulous chef can take some cheese and make something grate!

Q. Which cheese is made backward?
A. Edam!

Q. What do you see when the Pillsbury Doughboy bends over?
A. Dough-Nuts.

Cooking Tidbit: Did you know that the Greek god, Pan, loved cooking utensils?

Chef Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, you remind me of my spice cabinet because you've got a fine grind goin' on!

Q. What did the head chef say to chew out the new guy?
A. This fish is so raw that it's still trying to find Nemo.

The angry chef felt very sheepish after he lambasted the mutton. At least he didn't serve it with haggis.

Every oven in the greasy spoon restaurant was broken, so the diners got a raw deal.

Ape Chef Says: Smoking will kill you and bacon will kill you, but smoking bacon will cure it!Et Chef Asks: What do you call a kitchen gadget used to add herbs? A. A fennel funnel!Gorilla Chef Asks: Where can you expect to find a stirring message? A. In a recipe!

The chef's cooking was so good that even the smoke alarm cheers him on!

Did you hear about the fish chef? He has a lox on his plate...

Q. What does a manly man consider a seven-course meal?
A. A six-pack in one hand and a hot dog in the other.

Q. What is a salad chef's favorite novel?
A. War and Peas.

Q. What did the cow chef call the first draft of his beefy new cookbook?
A. A menuscript.

Q. What do you call restrooms in a seafood restaurant?
A. Buoys and Gulls Rooms.

We would make more chef puns, but that wouldn't be very knife.

Cooking Pun of the Day: Chefs are pretty cleaver!

A guy wanted to take home the leftovers from the chef's big BBQ feast, but somebody else foiled his plans.

Q. What did the French chef give his love on valentine's Day? A. A Hug and a Quiche!Lawyer-Turned-Cook. A.K.A. Sue ChefDid you hear about the Italian chef who died? His legacy is a pizza history

Q. What do bakers call very soft loaves of bread?
A. Tender ryes.

Did you hear about the Cajun restaurant that makes all their hot sauce on one day? The chef rouxed the day!

I don't really like hanging out at the mall pancake house. That place really gives me the crepes.

Q. Where do lawyers meet for lunch?
A. At the food court.

Q. What was the epileptic chef's house specialty?
A. Seizure Salad.

Did you hear about the Chinese restaurant that was vandalized? It was an act of wonton destruction!

Q. What happened to the Italian chef who tried to bribe the judge with polenta?
A. He was held in corntempt.

Q. What did the psychic say to her Italian chef customer?
A. A penne for your thoughts.

Culinary Wisdom of the Day: Never trust a skinny chef!

Q. What show do pastry chefs watch on HBO? A. Game of Scones: All Men Must Die!Crusty, ill-tempered baker was a scone's throw from becoming toast.Q. Why did the pastry chef hire a pitcher? A. Because he knew how to handle the batter!

Q. What does the host of the TV chef cooking competition say to begin the challenge?
A. Lettuce Begin!

The poetic head chef had a very strict policy: No bitchin' in his kitchen!

Q. How much did the crabby food critic tip the waiter?
A. Two cents.

Ouch! Punny bakery sounds like a sweet spot for a fun snack.

Q. Which kind of artisan bread does a bard baker create?
A. Poet-rye.

Baking? There's muffin to it!

Q. What does a baker do at night?
A. He tells bread time stories.

Q. Why did the chef get tossed out of the baseball league?
A. He was always trying to steal basils.

Chef Pick-Up Line: If you're lost, just look and you'll find me thyme after thyme.

Q. How do Colorado chefs deal with cold weather?
A. They just turn up the SHU (Scoville Heat Units) in tonight's chile verde!

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