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Q. How did the hipster burn his tongue eating pizza? A. He ate it before it was cool!
Chimp Chef Asks: Which kind of pizza do potheads prefer? A. Stone-Baked!
Pot of salsa says: You might be from Colorado if you know the names of all the hot peppers and can eat them without hurting yourself!
Chimp Chef Asks: What is a stoner chef's specialty? A. Baked Ziti!

What is a spaceman's favorite treat? A Mars Bar!
Food Pick-Up Line: Do you work at Little Caesars? 'Cause you're hot and I'm ready!


Tasty Colorado Humor, Edibles Jokes, Snack Puns
You'll just eat up edibles puns, high country munchies humor, and tasty Colorado cuisine jokes.

Colorado Munchies Jokes & Yummy Edibles Humor
('Cause Cooking Up High Country Laughs Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Humor Hungry Folks in Colorado!)
Warning: Snack at Your Own Risk! Mucho munchies humor, spicy edibles jokes, and high-calorie puns ahead.
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| Colorado Nightlife Jokes | Colorado Bigfoot Jokes | Denver Dog Jokes | Colorado Music Jokes |

You might be from Colorado if you highly recomment the Rocky Mountain Oysters to your visiting in-laws!Ape chef says: You might be from Colorado if you fire up the grill after shoveling a foot of snow off the deck!You might be from Colorado if you know the names of all the hot peppers and can eat them without hurting yourself!

Q. Why did the Colorado beef herd return to the cannabis field?
A. It was a classic case of the pot calling the cattle back. Plus, the steaks have never been higher!

Q. What did the waiter at the Colorado burger joint say to the horse that stopped in for a bite?
A. Sorry, I can't take your order. That's not my stable.

Q. What is a spicy Colorado taco's favorite Leonardo DiCapro movie?
A. Catch Me If You Cayenne.

Q. What did the Colorado eye doctor say when questioned about his jokes?
A. My puns are corneas taco shells!

Red Hot Colorado Cookout Lovers Humor: Brought a new grill home last night. She's a real gas and she's really hot, especially after you turn her on!

Q. What is a Colorado steak pun?
A. A medium where anything well done is rare!

Colorado BBQ Pick-Up Line: You're my grill and I'm your broil.

Customer: Bring me a burrito.
Waiter at Denver's Club 404: Yes sir, with pleasure!
Customer: NO, with cheese!

Pick Up a Hottie in Colorado Line: Hey girl, is your name Scoville? 'Cause you are the hottest gal-apeno I've ever met!

Q. How do Colorado chefs deal with cold weather?
A. They just turn up the SHU (Scoville Heat Units) in tonight's chile verde!

Q. What did the Colorado chef say when asked about his hot jokes?
A. My puns are corny as taco shells!

Q. Why can't you trust a Taco House burrito?
A. Because it might spill the beans.

Q. Why do Colorado burrito jokes keep getting dumber and dumber?
A. Because queso-taco-encha-ritos are making them up now!

Q. What do Coloradans call a tortilla chip that works out?
A. A Macho Nacho.

Chimp chef says: After Colorado legalized marijuana, there were a few hours of peace followed by a statewide food shortage!You might be from Colorado if you eat ice cream during the winter!Junkfood Says: Brothers who steal each toher's snacks have a nibbling rivalry!

Pothead: Will my pizza be long?
Waiter: No sir, it will be round.

There really aren't many good munchie puns about Italian food other than a fusilli remarks.

Q. Which flavor of barbeque sauce is the favorite of Colorado locksmiths?
A. Mesquite.

Pothead point to ponder: If we're not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the refrigerator?

Pothead: This food tastes kind of funny.
Waiter: Then why aren't you laughing?

Q. Why do Goldfish crackers smile in Colorado?
A. Because they're baked.

One Colorado pot plant to another: Are you hungry?
Second pot plant: Sure, I could use a light snack.

Customer: Waiter, this salad is frozen solid!
Waiter at The Little Diner in Vail: Yes ma'am, that's because the chef used iceberg lettuce.

Patient: Doc, I think I'm a Taco Bell.
Denver Shrink: Take two bean burritos. If that doesn't clear the mental block, give me a ring.

Q. How do you know you're getting close to a snack food factory?
A. Because of all the chips and dips in the road.

Q. Why didn't the recipe for vodka-flavored brats catch on at the LoDo hipster eatery?
A. Because it was the Absolut Wurst!

Q. Why should you always bring a bag of tortilla chips to a Colorado party?
A. In queso emergency.

Q. What did Bigfoot order at the Squatch Cafe near Boulder, Colorado?
A. Succotash with Sassafrass tea.

You might be from Colrado if homemade salsa is the base of your food pyramid!You might be from Colorado if you plan all your dinner dates at dog-friendly restaurants!You might from Colorado if you will not touch Rocky Mountain Oysters, not even with a ten foot pole!

Q. What do you call it when a pothead inadvertantly eats all the chips?
A. A Snaccident.

Q. How do green chile chefs live their lives?
A. They season the day.

Customer: Waiter, there's a fly in the salsa.
Waiter at Chipotle: Oh, don't worry. The spider in your taco will get him.

Waiter Serving Chowder: It looks like rain today.
Colorado Weatherman: Yes, but it smells like soup!

Colorado Winter Munchies Point to Ponder: If it's chili inside, should you turnip the heat?

Q. What is a Denver dog's favorite Tex-Mex treat?
A. Puppitos! (pumpkin seeds)

Colorado Tourist: Why don't you have doggie bags here?
Waiter at Cherry Cricket: Sir, that would be cruelty to animals.

Q. What do you get if you cross a dog and a cow?
A. Hound Beef!

Q. Are there many Cannivores in Denver?
A. Yes, medible ents and cannafoodies are quite common in the Mile High city.

Q. What does a Colorado cannibal call a stoner?
A. Pot Roast.

Did you hear about the guy who died eating Rocky Mountain Oysters? The bull must have dragged him a mile! Yes, the bull was really quite testy.

Colorado Tourist: My lunch is talking to me.
Dude Ranch Waiter: Yes sir, that's why I don't recommend the tongue sandwich.

Q. What happened to the lost Colorado beef shipment?
A. Nobody's herd!

Did you hear about the guy who couldn't login to a website using his new password: beefstew? The site error said: Password isn't stroganoff.

Q. What do you call a small donkey?
A. A burrito.

Junk Food Asks: What do you call food that's crunchy and noisy to eat? Audio Victuals!You might be from Denver if going to Casa Bonita meant you got to drive down W Colfax!Q. What is fast, loud, and crunchy? A. A Rocket Chip!

Q. What do Colorado dogs eat while watching movies?
A. Pup-corn!

Q. What does a Central City gambler like to snack on?
A. Poker chips and salsa.

Q. Who's haunting the KFC across the street from Littleton cemetery?
A. Some comedian spoofing Colonel Sanders said it was a poultry-geist.

Q. Who is haunting the KFC near Littleton Cemetery?
A. Locals know it's actually cannibal Alferd Packer because he just doesn't have a taste for chicken meat.

Q. How do you make a peanut at Coors Field laugh?
A. Crack it up!

Q. What is a pretzel's favorite dance at Club Vinyl in Denver?
A. The Twist.

Did you hear about the guy in Denver who choked on a pretzel? He was very salty.

Q. Which Colorado craft beer makes a tasty and retro nutritious breakfast?
A. Malt-O-Meal.

Q. Which craft beer is a Denver basketball fan's favorite at noon?
A. Nugget Hoppy Meal.

Old divers at Casa Bonita Restaurant never die; they just belly flop.

Q. What is a Colorado aerospace engineer's favorite sandwich?
A. Launch meat.

Q. Which Colorado-style Tex-Mex food is really small?
A. An inch-ilada.

Q. What do Denverites get if they eat onions on their beans?
A. Tear Gas!

Colorado taco chefs earn a meager celery, cumin home beat. They just want to read the pepper and spend some thyme by their shell.

Q. What does a depressed tortilla say?
A. I don't wanna taco bout it.

Chimp Chef Asks: What do stoners put on their spaghetti? A. Legalized Marinara!Bull asks: Did you hear about the guy who died eating Rocky Mountain Oysters? The bull dragged him more than a mile!Q. What kind of candy is never on time? A. Choco-late!

It was a big pizza from Fat Sully's on E Colfax, but I did eat olive it!

Colorado Bite of the Day: I like my jokes just like my pizza: from Cosmo's Pizza and extra cheesy!

Denver Dining Tip of the Day: Pizza jokes are all about the delivery!

Colorado Pothead Point to Ponder: Why are Goldfish the only snacks that smile back?

Q. How can you tell you've had too much coffee and cannabis edibles while vacationing in Colorado?
A. You have the ability to ski uphill!

Q. Why did the LoDo hipster add laxatives and cannabis oil to his coffee?
A. Just for some shits and grins.

Q. Why are cold coffee and smokin' marijuana such a popular wake up and bake up ritual in Colorado?
A. 'Cause that's the reason ice mocha lot of weed.

Today's Bull Sh*t Point to Ponder: Is an argument between two Denver vegans still called a beef?

Q. What are tourists served at the Colorado dude ranch before the main course?
A. Horse d'oeuvres.

Q. How can you tell if Colorado grass-fed steaks have a high I.Q.?
A. They loin fast.

Q. What does a cannibal call a knight in armor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival?
A. Canned food.

Q. Why shouldn't you ever put avocados in your eyes when you're in a Colorado restaurant?
A. So you don't get guac-oma.

LGM Alien Point to Ponder: Do Little Green Men prefer Hatch chile from New Mexico, or Colorado's Pueblo chiles?

High Country Cuisine Point to Ponder: Do LGM in Four Corners, Colorado prefer chile Mesa Verde?

Q. Which kitchen gadget does an ancient alien chef in Colorado use to bring back herb from the future?
A. A thyme machine.

Did you hear about the Denver pothead who ate a clock? It was very time consuming.

Sweet Colorado Cuisine Laugh of the Day: "It's time for a snack," he snickered.

Q. What do you call the guy who misplaced the gooey treats on the Colorado camping trip?
A. A s'more loser!

Q. How do Denver area STEM students spell CANDY with only two letters?
A. C and Y.

Colorado Stoner Munchies Pick-Up Line: Hey there Smokey, wanna eat cookie dough together sometime?

Q. What happens if you eat too much candy in Colorado?
A. It makes you thick to your stomach!

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