Green alien says: Space aliens are Broncos fans because Denver is a mile cloer to home! - Puns, Jokes, Word Play, Groaners, Ouch!

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Gorilla asks: How do you recognize a Denver Bronco in a dpartment store? A. He's the one trying to slam the revolving door!
Zombie asks: Ho do you keep a Denver Bronco out of your yard? A. Put up goal posts! Go Broncos!
Ancient Aliens Big Hair Guy says: In alien speak @#$%^&*! means Go Broncos!
Go Dwnver! It's time for a Win-ny!
Q. How are the Denver Broncos like my meighbors? A. They can't pick up a single yard! Go Broncos!
Port-o-potties say: Go Denver! And we mean go!
Batman says: Broncos stand united! Go Denver! Ouch!


Denver Broncos Jokes, NFL Humor, Game Puns
Turnover some Mile High humor, upsetting football puns, and lots of Denver horsing around.

Mile High Football Humor and Bronco Fan Jokes
(Because Winning Broncos OR Winning Bronco Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream in Denver and Colorado!)
Warning! Caution: Watch Where Ya Walk! Bucking funny Bronco jokes, horsey humor, and pun road apples ahead.
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Ancient Aliens guys says: Cheeseheads? Aliens! Go Broncos!Orange Habanero Peppers say: Go Broncos! Denver is so hot!Zombie asks: What's the difference between a Broncos' fan and a baby? A. The baby will stop whining after a while! Go Broncos!

Q. What do you get if you cross the Broncos defense with a pastry chef and the Invisible Man?
A. Turnovers like you've never seen before!

Q. What do the cops say when they arrive during your Denver Broncos party?
A. Dish is the Police!

Q. Which Denver Bronco wears the biggest helmet?
A. The one with the biggest head.

Denver Broncos Pick-Up Line: I'm gonna ask you out now, so we don't get a delay of game penalty!

Q. What does a Colorado cattlemen wear to a Broncos game?
A. A Jersey.

If Denver's NFL football stadium doesn't have a name, does it really even need one? After all, DIA is just referred to as "the Denver airport."

Q. What is the insider name of the medical facility at the Broncos training camp at Dove Valley?
A. The Horsepital!

Q. What sickness can a Denverite get from riding a wild horse?
A. Bronco-hitis!

Q. Why wouldn't the skeleton go to a Broncos game?
A. Because he had no body to go with.

Q. How many Broncos fans dos it take to change a light bulb? A. None. They'rw happy living in Seattle's shadow!Old Most Interesting Man in the Word says: I put a Denver Broncos jersey on my airplane. Now it can't touch down!Batman says: Take that! Green Bay! SLAP! Go Broncos!

Q. What does a Broncos fan say after winning a bet about Seattle's last game?
A. Pony Up!

Q. What does it mean if you find a horseshoe along Broncos Pkwy on the way to Dove Valley HQ?
A. It means some unfortunate kicker is running around barefoot.

Q. What do you call a Denver Bronco in the Super Bowl?
A. A referee.

Denver Broncos Pick-Up Line: Are you an eligible receiver... of my phone number?

Did you notice after Colorado legalized marijuana, the name of the Broncos stadium is what, again?

Q. Why did they stop doing the WAVE at the Denver Broncos Stadium?
A. Too many blonde fans were drowning.

Q. Which Broncos puns do pigs dig most?
A. The corniest ones!

Q. What does an optimist Broncos fan hope for when the team tails?
A. The mane event!

Q. What is the difference between a Broncos fan and a crybaby?
A. The baby will stop whining before next week's game.

Q. How do you become a superhero during a Denver Broncos game?
A. Rescue a guy named Jim Beam who's been trapped inside a bottle!

Q. Where do you go in Denver if there's a tornado? A. The field at Mile High. They never get touchdowns there...Zombie asks: What do Denver Broncos and the post office have in common? A. Neither delivers on Sunday! Go Broncos!Port-o-potties say: Go Denver! Steelers ain't gonna steal this game!

Q. Why do the Denver Broncos have two mascots, Thunder and Miles?
A. To distract the fans from any horsing around during the game.

Q. What do Denver Bronco fans say about Painful Puns that feature equines?
A. Neigh!

Did you notice after Colorado legalized marijuana, nobody knows the name of the Broncos stadium?

Q. Why do chickens like these Denver Broncos jokes?
A. Because they're so clucking funny!

Q. What's the quickest way to send a birthday gift to a fellow Broncos fan?
A. Pony Express.

Q. What did the mom say to her toddler during the late Broncos game?
A. Sorry, it's pasture bedtime.

Q. What do you call a Broncos fan who's gone all around the world?
A. A Globe Trotter.

Q. Why are these Denver Broncos jokes getting dumber and dumber?
A. Because the new influx of Coloradans are making them up now!

Q. Why do gymnasts make great NFL kickers?
A. They know how to split the uprights.

Old Most Interesting Man in the World: A Denver Broncos fan doesn't eat pastries, but when he does, it's usually a turnover!Hot peppers say: G O Denver! OMG! Broncos are hot!Port-a-potties say: Gians are wee. GO Broncos!

Brew Pub Fact of the Day: Denver Broncos do make passes at girls with empty glasses.

Q. Why do Colorado locksmiths enjoy Denver Broncos puns so much?
A. Because the jokes are so f-key-ing funny!

Q. What do you call an official at a Broncos game who is wearing Venetian blinds?
A. A Zebra!

Q. What is next year's grand prize in the Colorado Time Travel Lottery?
A. A trip to the past when you'd be correct if you called it Mile High Stadium or Mile High Field. GO Broncos!

Q. What did the Broncos fan say after his team won the Super Bowl?
A. Dang you, alarm clock! Just let me dream!

Q. Why will the Denver Donkeys win every football game next year?
A. Because they have a twenty-mule team.

Q. What do you call the mating ground of Denver Broncos players on the make?
A. Loveland Pass, Colorado.

Q. How do you describe the lifelong Bronco's fan who always climbed to the upper seats of Denver's NFL stadium on her birthday?
A. Getting up there in years.

Q. When is the most urgent time for a Denver Broncos fan to Go?
A. At half time.

Q. Why shouldn't you loan money to a football coach?
A. Because sometimes you get a half back, other times a quarter back.

Q. What do Denver fans see before they hear Thunder, the Broncos mascot?
A. A lightning colt.

Q. What do Denver Broncos team medics call briefly applying a heating pad to an ache?
A. A two-minute warming.

Horse asks: Did you hear that Mile High Field needed new sod? It's sad when you can't evne get your grass to root for you! Go Broncos!Zombie says: Go Broncos!Chimp asks: Why to the Seattle Seahawks want to change their name to Seattle Tampons? A. Because they're only good for one period and don't have a second string! Go Broncos!

Q. What did the waiter say to the down-in-the-mouth Broncos fan at the sports bar?
A. Hay, sorry big fella, I can't take your order. That's not my stable.

Q. What do a crummy football team and a possum have in common?
A. Both play dead and get killed on the road.

Colorado Patient: I think I'm turning into a Denver Broncos fan.
Shrink: How long have you felt that way?
Coloradan: Ever since I moved here...

Q. Why do some Denver Broncos players scuba dive during the off season?
A. 'Cause really they like to go deep.

Q. How are a crummy football team and a zombie different?
A. One is the walking dead and the other gets killed on the road.

Did you hear about the Denver Broncos fan who died in a pie eating contest? The bull kicked him in the head.

Q. What's the difference between Broncos fans and mosquitoes?
A. Mosquitoes are only annoying six months of the year.

Broncos Fact of the Day: Playing NFL football is 90% mental. The other half is physical, and the other half has to do with the thin air a mile high.

An ex Bronco walks into a bar and asked the bartender if he's hiring. Bartender said, "No, why don't you try the circus?" The horse replied, "Why would the circus need a bartender?"

Q. Why did the janitor call DPD to Mile High Field during the Broncos game?
A. Somebody was selling Rocky Mountain Oysters in the stands, and he didn't want to clean up all the vomit after the balls dropped.

Q. Why don't skeletons play on the Denver Broncos team?
A. They are big-boned enough, but they only have enough heart to play for the Denver Nuggets.

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